Winter Aconite - Eranthis hiemalis: plant, maintain, multiply - Jaime-jar ..

Winter Aconite - Eranthis hiemalis: plant, maintain, multiply - Jaime-jar ..

Winter aconite (Eranthis hiemalis): the first winter bulbous plant

Winter aconites are the first bulbous plants to appear in January. They form beautiful and large yellow, white flowers ... The elongated leaves form a drooping collar, green or bronze, depending on the variety, sometimes giving it an air of opera dancers, the flower petals 2 to 3 cm bent towards the top and the collar forming the tutu… Yes, yes! It has several names: Winter Eranthe, Helleborine, Winter Hellebore or Winter Aconite.

Botanical name:

• Eranthis hiemalis.
• Eranthis tubergenii spp.

Plant type:

• Plant: Perennial
• Foliage: Persistent
• Type of plant: Hardy (-20 ° C)
• Family: Ranunculaceae - Ranunculaceae
• Harbor : Small upright flowers
• Exhibition: Sun to partial shade
• Plantation: Fall: September and October
Flowering : January to March
• Rooting: Bulbous plant / Tuberous plant
• Cultivation area: All over.
• Origin: It is found in France, Great Britain, in the south: Italy, Spain, Portugal and also in America
• Toxicity: The whole plant can cause skin reactions.

Special features of winter aconite:

• The plant is small. The flowers take pride of place between 5 and 10 cm from the ground. The foliage can appear after the flowers.

What advantages in the garden

• Add color to winter!
• Great hardiness
• 3 months of bloom from January to March to slide gently into the spring explosion.

What soil for winter aconite?

• Rich, well-drained, humus-bearing soil, can be clayey.
• Must stay cool, even in summer.

When to plant it?

• In autumn: September October, before the first great cold in November.

What exhibition?

• Winter aconite thrives in sun and partial shade.

How to plant the winter aconite?

In the ground:
• Use a bulb dibbler.
• Separate the small bulbs by 5 cm.
• Plant them at a maximum depth of 3 to 5 cm.
• Make sure that the soil is draining and humus.
• If necessary, do not hesitate to amend the soil to give it the right qualities.

Interview :

• Watering in summer if needed.

Multiplication of the winter aconite:

Aconite naturalizes very well. That is, it adopts most of the gardens in which it is grown. In fact she dwill develop its bulbous implantation, offering more flowers from year to year.

• In autumn, you can also practice stump division to plant elsewhere in the garden or share with your friends. In the case of division, it is not uncommon for flowering to not appear until the second year after planting.
• To practice this division, divide in 2 using a knife or a clean spade. All that remains is to replant the divided stumps.

Winter aconite reseeds naturally. But the establishment of this mode of propagation is less likely to be successful and flowering will not appear until the fourth year after sowing.

When to practice winter aconite multiplication?

• Division of tubers / bulbs in autumn.

Diseases and Parasites:

• No illness.

Flowering winter aconite:

• Flowering begins in the month of January and lasts 3 months.

Winter aconite varieties:

• Eranthis hyemalis “Orange Glow”: The flowers are "golden yellow" but not quite orange as the name suggests.
• Eranthis hyemalis “Cilicica”: 10 cm tall, the flowers are a beautiful pure yellow.
• Eranthis hyemalis “Noel Ayres”: Double-flowered winter aconite.

• Eranthis tubergenii “Hoog”: Winter aconite of much larger size and flowers, multiplying by development of the bulb.
• Eranthis tubergenii “Bowles”: larger (10 to 15 cm), the flowers golden yellow.
• Eranthis tubergenii “Glory”: with pure yellow flowers, light green frill foliage.
• Eranthis tubergenii “Guinea Gold” : 8 to 10 cm high, the flowers are a little larger (3 to 4 cm) dark yellow, flowering lasts longer.

Which plant does Oleander like?

Plant the winter acorn with hellebore, snowdrops, ferns

Plant them in the garden, or in a large pot:

ATa garden: In beds, in flowerbeds, at the foot of shrubs or in the undergrowth.
• Pot : in a winter planter.

Winter aconite quick sheet:


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