Prefabricated barbecues

Prefabricated barbecues

What's this

The prefabricated barbecue is a brick barbecue that is sold directly from the shop and requires only the assembly phase to be used. Compared to a classic barbecue, the brick one is immovable so it is necessary to find a space inside the garden where it can be placed. The structure of a prefabricated barbecue it is quite impressive, it is preferable to install it in an area of ​​the garden rather close to the dining area, so that the presence of smoke does not bother.


The prefabricated barbecue is presented in the shop already assembled, in order to give the customer the opportunity to check what the space actually occupied by the structure will be. It must be placed on a flat surface and firmly fixed to the ground. It is advisable to find a space in the garden where there are not many plants both to avoid the formation of dirt inside the brazier compartment during the winter period but above all to avoid the risk, if high flames occur, of having damage. The bricks used for the prefabricated barbecue are refractory, that is, designed and made specifically to withstand rather high temperatures. Generally it consists of a base that can also contain a compartment in which the wood can be placed, an upper part where there is a slightly wider brazier, and supports on which to place the grill. The prefabricated barbecue can be lit with both wood and charcoal. Above this structure there is a flue that serves for the dispersion of smoke. It is preferable that the brazier is closed by a small door to prevent it from getting dirty very easily. Both the wood and the charcoal must be removed from the brazier only when they are completely extinguished. This described so far represents a classic model of prefabricated barbecue. Alternatively, you can also choose more complete models such as the one that has the oven in addition to the grill. A small oven is placed on the side, in this way in the garden you have not only a practical grill but the possibility of being able to cook different dishes in the oven. The more complete the prefabricated barbecue, the greater its size. Those who have a garden prefer to buy a complete barbecue so that they have everything they need close at hand. The structure of the prefabricated barbecue is made with materials that are rather resistant to winter weather and therefore is absolutely not afraid of rain or frost. It is sold in pieces to be assembled easily, it can also be placed on the wall, the important thing is to always take the measurements of the space in which it must be installed before buying it.

How to choose it

The prefabricated barbecue is a very popular garden structure because, in addition to offering the possibility of cooking, it becomes a real piece of furniture. For this reason, over time more and more complete models have been developed to guarantee the customer to have all the comforts in the open space to have lunch with friends. The choice of the prefabricated barbecue must be linked both to the space available and to the needs of the customer. They are usually sold in the medium size, where the grill is large enough to cook a lot of food. The choice must also be linked to the quality of the materials. Inevitably, after several years the same barbecue will need some maintenance, but the structure guarantees an unlimited duration over time.

Where to buy

The prefabricated barbecue can be purchased at DIY stores, garden stores, shopping centers, outdoor furniture stores. The shops that deal specifically with the garden will certainly have a greater choice and will certainly also offer the customer more innovative models than the smaller shops that will be able to dedicate a smaller exhibition space than the larger ones. Also on the internet it is possible to compare different models of barbecues and this allows you to choose and buy it directly from your home. The e-commerce sites that deal with the sale of prefabricated barbecues offer every kind of guarantee and the customer will have to personally arrange the assembly. By referring to the e-mail on the site, you can also request further information.

Prefabricated barbecues: Prefabricated barbecues

Prefabricated barbecues are built in masonry barbecues that, once purchased, only go into the assembly phase.

The main feature is that once installed the brick barbecue cannot be moved to the garden. In fact, it is also installed on the ground and then mounted in the final position it must occupy.

Normally masonry barbecues are built with refractory bricks, a particular type of bricks built entirely of clay that for this reason resist high temperatures and thermal shocks.

Refractory bricks are so resistant above all because they are worked with clay and with large percentages of alumina and silica.

How to make a barbecue in the garden

Building barbecue in the garden. Obviously it will be necessary to have a little familiarity in mixing the concrete and take care not to dirty the whole garden or the flooring with concrete so as not to have to find a mess on the ground that is difficult to clean up. It might be more convenient to have a bricklayer intervene but it would be more expensive and certainly less rewarding.

Let's see how to achieve a barbecue with few tools and materials that can be easily recovered without large economic investments.
First you need to have a basement sufficiently stable floor.
If you are building the barbecue on a pre-existing screed there are no problems, otherwise it is necessary to make a small excavation to excavate the ground and build the base from scratch. However, one can also simply compact the soil and still obtain a sufficiently stable foundation. If you have gods available stones the excavation can be filled with these, thus creating a sack foundation crowned with beaten earth or a thin layer of concrete.

Once you have a solid foundation, you have to stack the bricks interspersed with some cement mortar, being careful to choose the alternate design which is more stable.
The simplest operational solution to implement is to create two parallel walls is a background, being careful during installation to intertwine the corner bricks of two successive rows (this configuration of the masonry is much more stable). The horizontal shelf can be made with the metal grid. The masonry can then be finely decorated with plaster on which stones or tiles can be patiently set.

If you wanted more satisfaction from your work, you could risk inserting a intermediate rigid floor. For this operation you need to be not exactly a beginner, it is not very complicated but you need to know how to evaluate the distances between the supports in relation to the type of bricks you are using. It may be much easier to interpose a precast concrete shelf (4-5 cm slab) interrupting the masonry, which can then be continued immediately after the slab up to the desired height of the hob. In this way, two shelves will be created, one at the base (where to stack the wood and coal) and one halfway up where to put the firewood when roasting.

The barbecue it is not just do-it-yourself, certainly a beautiful and large stone barbecue made to perfection always has its effect in the garden or on the terrace, especially if you use granite and other precious materials.

Building barbecues: prefab barbecues

For those who do not want to try their hand at DIY, the market offers many prefabricated solutions, with the most varied designs and materials and for all budgets.

You go by steel barbecue, very simple and efficient, foldable and can be boxed up to small after use stone structures or precast concrete, very beautiful also from an aesthetic-decorative point of view.

A brick barbecue is a barbecue for life, the ideal choice for those who like to organize outdoor parties at any time of the year.

Masonry barbecues are usually not portable barbecues, they are fixed. Before buying a brick barbecue, you need to consider some factors.

Since the fixed barbecue is one of the most expensive models that exist and therefore requires a significant initial investment, it is advisable to get to know its characteristics better before construction.

Barbecue with hood. They are barbecues equipped with a hood at the top. These types of barbecues channel the air better, which is very beneficial for achieving better combustion.

Furthermore, the presence of the hood helps the conduction and evacuation of the fumes exhaled during food preparation, preventing them from annoying the person who cooks. This type of barbecue is ideal for the garden.

The hood is usually very practical since it also provides an additional element of safety and helps to convey the annoying smoke emitted.

Another notable aspect of this type of barbecue is that it is much more beautiful and elegant from an aesthetic point of view and usually has better finishes. Accessories are generally made of stainless steel.

Barbecue without hood. The main advantage of this type of barbecue is that it allows you to have a better view of the food and is less bulky since there is no hood.

On the other hand, the main disadvantage is that the smoke generated during use could annoy the cook, depending on the direction of the wind.

Materials used in brick barbecues: there is another classification of this type of barbecue in relation to the type of material used in the production. For example, there are brick or concrete barbecues, ideal for the garden or terrace.

Using the same materials used for the barbecue, it is possible install modules or complementary pieces by creating traditional looking outdoor kitchens where you can prepare many types of delicious dishes. They can be charcoal, gas or electric barbecues.

Another material used in the construction of brick barbecues is the stone. This material is extraordinary from an aesthetic point of view and allows you to create strong and durable combinations and constructions.

The stone barbecue is one of the best choices today as it offers at the same time a robust installation and very original designs in which you can make better use of the available space. It is also possible to install an electric barbecue in a stone barbecue.

In the countries of South America, a very curious type of stone barbecue is used in which the barbecue is buried in the ground. This allows you to take advantage of the soil's capacity retain heat.

In recent years the barbecues in volcanic stone they appeared as a very interesting option. This type of stone can generate high temperatures in a short time, is not dirty and is usually very easy to use.

The downside is that this type of barbecue is usually not as cheap as the charcoal barbecue or gas barbecue. Prefab barbecues are a great choice when you don't want to make a sizable investment or don't have time to build your barbeque.

THE prefabricated barbecues they are very versatile and very easy to install. They do not need very large spaces and can even be placed in the backyard.

All barbecues, including the volcanic stone barbecue, are accompanied by an instruction manual that allows the user to place it in the place he deems most appropriate without having to resort to specialized labor.

Palazzetti outdoor cooking space prices

The catalog is able to satisfy the most varied needs also in terms of budget, ranging from items under 1000 euros to even more than 5000 euros for ultra-complete modular compositions.

Materials and maintenance Palazzetti barbecues and ovens

Being intended for the external environment, the Palazzetti systems are made with materials resistant to atmospheric agents and also easy to clean: for example the sink is in stainless steel while the supporting structure is in concrete.

Several modules to choose and assemble, all therefore distinguished by functionality, versatility and essential design.

Palazzetti collections outdoor cooking space and modularity

Based on your tastes, needs and budget, you can create your own cooking space with the following elements:

  • wood oven,
  • barbecue,
  • gas plate,
  • sink,
  • corner containers to be positioned freely.

The most interesting aspect of many items in the Palazzetti catalog is that they can be mounted without masonry work so it does not require the intervention of professionals precisely because the modules must be fitted together.


Line VZ barbecues are high quality products in which aesthetics are combined with functionality and practicality. The refractory barbecues, available in two types, both wood and charcoal, are made with top quality cements and with innovative mixtures such as marble chips. These materials guarantee the highest efficiency, thermal and mechanical resistance.


The refractory concrete barbecues are equipped with a galvanized metal protection counter-hood, which serves to protect the hood from the heat of the fumes deriving from combustion.

Composition elements:

3) Vertical base element
4) Work plan
5) Fire planes
6) Back hearth
7-8) Hearth shoulder
9) Under hood
10) Hood
11) Chimney
12) Chimney support
13) Chimney pot

Composition elements:

1-2) Basic element
3) Work surface
4) Fire shelves
5) Back hearth
6-7) Hearth shoulders
8) Front valetta
9-10) Support
11) Cover panel

A range of over 40 models supplemented by variants, accessories, complements, additional side tables.
Ideal elements to complete and make the barbecue more functional as a whole and in its functionality.

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