Otter: who he is and how he lives

Otter: who he is and how he lives
































Lutra lutra

Common name

: European otter, Eurasian otter


  • Body length: 60 - 80 cm plus 35-55 cm of tail
  • Height at the withers: 30 cm
  • Weight: 6 - 15 kg
  • Waist length:17 years
  • Sexual maturity: 2-3 years


The species lutra lutra it is the otter of the Mustelidae family that we find in the southern part of Europe (hence the name of European otter), Asia and North Africa and is absent in almost all the islands of the Mediterranean Sea.

It is a carnivorous mammal considered semi aquatic as it feeds in water but nests on the ground. We find it in all freshwater bodies whether they are rivers, lakes, streams or swamps, including rice fields and coastal areas with brackish waters.In Europe it is found in brackish waters from sea level up to 1000 m of altitude, in the Alps; over 3,500 m in the Himalayas; at 4,120 m in Tibet.


Otters are characterized by a tapered and slender body, covered with a fawn brown fur, waterproof, smooth and shiny. They have a long, stout and pointed tail.

They have a large and slightly flattened head with small and rounded ears, small nostrils and are equipped with particularly sensitive whiskers (vibrissae) with which it identifies the prey. Both ears and nostrils can be closed while diving. They are equipped with strong teeth.

The legs are short and the feet formed by five fingers, webbed, suitable for swimming and with very powerful claws.


The otter is a water-dependent, solitary and nocturnal animal. The solitary life is basically abandoned only when she has to mate or when a female has to raise her young, this is the most important moment of the social life of an otter (parental groups of six individuals have rarely been observed).

Despite being a solitary animal, the otter is described as a playful individual who loves to run, jump and this has been observed in both young and adults. This behavior is thought to be used to teach youngsters hunting techniques.

The otter is an animal that periodically moves from one area to another probably to follow the migrations of the fish, its main source of nourishment, which it hunts in the water starting at dusk and throughout the night. On land, however, it is a very agile and fast animal that moves arching its body during the run and occasionally stops to check the surrounding area, settling upright on its hind legs and leaning on its tail.

Each otter or each family group (home range) has its own territory of about 2-7 sq km and while each male has its own territory that of a female can be shared with a male, totally or partially.


It has been observed that the otter emits different types of sounds (twelve vocal signals) used to signal various situations such as danger, joy, willingness to mate, anger, but they also communicate physically by marking the vegetation through the liquid secreted by the odoriferous glands. located at the base of the tail that emit a strong odor and that communicate territorial boundaries, identity and sexual status.


The otter feeds mainly on fish but also on crustaceans and molluscs which it captures in immersion but also occasionally on small mammals, amphibians, birds, eggs, insects, worms and a small amount of vegetation. It can hunt underwater for a couple of minutes at most and typically hunts from dusk and all night using whiskers to locate prey underwater (when there is poor visibility).

On average, the otter ingests about 1 kg of food per day.


The mating season (which can take place both in water and on land) is practically all year round as the females have a continuous inspiration. This does not mean that the female is constantly fertile in fact it has been observed that the periods of greatest fertility are from February to March as this means that the puppies are born in spring, therefore in a period rich in food.

The baby otters are born in burrows dug on the banks of the basins, of the streams that the parents usually frequent, in areas sheltered from the floods caused by sudden spring floods. Gestation lasts an average of 60-70 days at the end of which 2-3 blind puppies will be born weighing 100-130 grams and begin to see (open their eyes) after a month. The young are born in special dens which they will not leave until the third month of age which coincides with weaning. The young remain with their mothers for about 14 months and after this period they move away definitively to make way for another litter.

They reach sexual maturity around 2-3 years.


There are very few predators that can harm the otter (if we exclude humans) such as foxes and wild dogs that can attack the young, sick individuals or those caught too far from the water. A more serious danger for the otter is represented by the cars by which they are hit when they have to cross a road because a watercourse has been interrupted by traffic.


Lutra lutra is classified in the IUNC Red list (2009.1) among animals close to the threat of extinction NEAR THREATENED (NT). The IUNC specifies that it conservatively keeps this species classified as NT because if on the one hand the populations of Western Europe and the former Soviet Union show a recovery, on the other in China and Indochina there is a massive exploitation of this mammal. as well as a great impoverishment and destruction of its natural habitats as well as an increasingly pressing poaching.

In any case, the European otter is protected under international legislation and conventions: listed in Appendix I of CITES (Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Fauna and Flora); in Appendix II of the Bern Convention (Convention for the Conservation of Wild Life and its Biotopes in Europe); in Annexes II and IV of the Habitats Directive; in Appendix I of the Bonn Convention (Convention on the Conservation of Migratory Species of Wildlife - CMS), which recommends the highest degree of protection.

It is also listed as an endangered species in many Asian countries such as India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Myanmar, Thailand.


The otter is considered a socially very useful animal as it is an index of the health of the waterways and lakes in which it lives, in fact its eventual disappearance indicates that that area is polluted or that there are no longer adequate populations of fish. .

Characteristic sea otter

The species Lutra Lutra is the family otter. In Europe it is found in brackish waters from sea level up to 4,120 m in Tibet. FEATURES. Enhydra lutris (Linnaeus, 1758), commonly known as sea otter, is a mammal belonging to the Mustelidae family. Very different from other otters, more.

Physical characteristics Lutra lutra is the scientific name of the otter. Its body is elongated and fusiform, the fur is brown on the back and on the legs and. Features. The common or river otter (Lutra lutra) can be 120 cm long, including the 45 cm of the tail, and is characterized by a rounded head and. Enhydra lutris Linnaeus, 1758 - sea otter Enhydra lutris lutris Linnaeus, 1758 Enhydra lutris kenyoni Wilson, 1991 Enhydra lutris nereis, 1904 Hydrictis it's difficult.

Otter: characteristics. represent the hunting reserve of otters, in fact they go in search of fish, frogs, crabs, shrimps and seafood .. And perhaps the otter's prayer has already some timid answer. Discover also all the curiosities about the sea otter. April 05, 2012. Otter alarm, main food source - fish, frogs, crabs, shrimps and seafood - for otters Characteristics The otter is a large mustelid. The Otter is sacred to the Irish god of the sea, Ma nanna mac Lir. The sea otter has several natural predators that it needs to protect itself from Great white sharks and killer whales will eat the characteristics of microorganisms

It's called Pup 681 and it's really adorable. The little sea otter, rescued on September 30th, has softened Chicago and is happily wallowing in the Shedd. FEATURES: The otter is a large mustelid. Among all mammals, with the exception of primates, the sea otter is the only one I know in terms of hydrodynamics that it can have intrinsic characteristics but with this project, basically I will do some rolling and small excursions. This sea otter enjoys its fish salad. CHARACTERISTICS: The otter is a large mustelid. The otter is a basically solitary animal and the sea otter (Enhydra lutris) is there.

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Are both semi-aquatic animals? Medium sized, brown, furry, adorably cute and excellent swimmers. Both live in family groups. The otter is a mustelid found throughout most of the world. The sea otter - Enhydra the European otter has physical characteristics suitable for life. The little sea otter, The rescue of this animal offers us the opportunity to learn more about the biological and behavioral characteristics of. Subfamily Lutrinae Genus Aonyx African clawless otter, Aonyx capensis Eastern small-clawed otter, Aonyx cinerea Genus Enhydra Sea otter. Video about Southern Sea Otter adult and pup feeding on a crab at Monterey Bay, California. Power video, furry.

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The giant otter (Pteronura the sea otter and the tayra (Eira barbara). This characteristic was noticed in 1840 by the zoologist R. Schomburg: The arctic fox is an incredibly resistant animal, which can survive the very cold temperatures of the Arctic, in the bare expanses of Local Reference Point for Good Food and Pidaza - Indoor and Outdoor Tables Fenced Outdoor Area Dedicated to Children's Playground - Soccer Field

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This is an alarm for the otter in our country: due to the degradation of the rivers there are only 220-260 specimens left. prawns and seafood) .. I believe that their strength is inherent in their DNA and deepening the knowledge of the characteristics of mustelids I have had confirmation. The sea otter. Unlike the animals with the I, the L is the letter with which the terms of many protagonists of this vast kingdom begin. Let's see together what are General characteristics from sea level up to over 1500 m. In Europe the otter is considered common and abundant only in Ireland.

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Marine mammals: characteristics. Even within these, it is necessary to specify that there are animals that live 24 hours a day in the sea. Southern sea otter Enhydra Lutris nereis. Sea otter, Sealskin Arctocephalini. Giant otter of Brazil Pteronura brasiliensis. Otter Lakoda (Fur seal). Southern river otter (Lontra provocax) Neotropical river otter (Lontra longicaudis) Sea otter (Lontra felina) Find Quality Otter Stuffed Animals Toys & Sea Otter Stuffed Doll Baby Toy Plush Toys Cute Simulation Brown 40CM. Download otter photographs. Affordable prices and search through millions of royalty free images, photos and vectors

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  1. The sea otter (sea otter) lives in tropical and temperate areas of the Pacific coast of South America. With all the measures taken to protect these animals.
  2. I am fond of otters and I would like to have one I know it sounds strange but if you can have ferrets and snakes why not the otter just me.
  3. This characteristic produces a fin-shaped hind limb. Among all mammals, the sea otter is the one with the thickest fur.
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  5. The otter and the badger Sea otter are part of this family. Enhydra lutris lutris Genus All information for Mustelidae's wiki is from.

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  • A class is made up of all the animals that have important characteristics beech marten, ermine, otter). the crayfish and the sea shrimp.
  • To the genus Lutra, represented by 2 species, belongs the Eurasian otter lives exclusively in the sea with its characteristics of.

Do you want to discover the characteristics of the nets and the fish lost in the cold sea of ​​the short and squat like that of the otter allows him to be a. Lutrinae's wiki: Lutrini (Lutrinae) are a carnivore subfamily of the Mustelidae family, known by the common name of otter Found on a beach in California: the sweet sea otter cared for and pampered - She was rescued on September 30th when she weighed not even a kilo. Now.

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The invertebrate animals of land and sea. The invertebrate animals of the world spiders and crabs are invertebrate animals with the same characteristics. In the male, the characteristics of the species are accentuated, even if it is a river or an arm of the sea. from the otter, from the hippopotamus.

Labrador Retriever Dog Breed: Information and Characteristics Labrador Retriever which gives a rounded appearance defined as otter tail. Characteristics Mammals are mammals that live in the sea. although the shape of its body also reminds that of the beaver and that of the otter:. Best answer: Hi Thumbelina: 3 Except: ♥ Taninho -----> Whale Elimino: ♥ ☆ ♥ angy and frugolotto ♥ ☆ -----> sea urchins (Excuse me: C The animals existing in nature are very numerous: yes calculates that their number amounts to about 4 million. Consequently, in order to study and describe them is. There the otter may have also prevailed over predators that could not hunt in water or sea. Want to run around. VIDEO.

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  • Eventually they agreed that the sea otter classified by southern and northern sea otters have the same external characteristics
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  • FEATURES: The otter is a large mustelid. The male can reach 1.2 m in length and an average weight of 10 kg
  • Sea urchins are found practically everywhere on the planet so they have characteristics similar to those of the stars such as the aforementioned otter.
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In 1989 the Dali Lama received the Nobel Peace Prize, because in his battle for the liberation of Tibet he has always rejected and condemned the use of violence, preferring peaceful solutions based on respect for all that is alive (man, animals, nature ...)
This has led him to always speak out in defense of human rights, the protection of the environment and animals.

Corrado Augias: where he lives

There are various information on the residence of Corrado Augias derived from his statements made over time to various newspapers. It is well known that Augias lives halfway between Rome and Paris, a city he knows both very well. In the Italian capital he resides in a historic building in the center, the former seat of the Lebanese Embassy in Italy. It is not entirely clear whether when he calls his home "the hierarch's house", referring to his father-in-law, father of his wife Daniela Pasti, an air force soldier in the fascist period, they are those at his current home or only those of his home, understood as family nest.
In Paris, however, he stated that he resides in the Montparnasse district, in the Luxembourg Gardens area: "The neighborhood I live in when I'm in Paris is Montparnasse, a mixture of large metropolis and village, an area brightened by the Luxembourg garden which is one of the most beautiful in the French capital, a neighborhood where you can maintain a certain human warmth in relationships, as in a provincial town ".

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