5 budget meals for the Old New Year

5 budget meals for the Old New Year

After the New Year holidays, when many have spent the entire budget on gifts, outfits, Christmas trees and festive feasts, there is little money left. The salary is not coming soon, so you need to save. But there is a holiday no less beloved by our fellow citizens ahead - the old New Year. You also want to set a delicious table for him, celebrate with your family, or even invite guests. This means that you need to prepare at least five budget meals. They look festive, and their cost is low, which will allow them to hold out until the next paycheck.

Sliced ​​plates

The best snack option that you won't spend a lot of money on. Perhaps, since the New Year, you still have sausage, jerky, cheese. Arrange all this in meat and cheese plates.

Decorate the top with herbs, olives, vegetables that you haven't eaten during the holidays.

Vegetable and fruit cuts will also come in handy. If you wish, buy more inexpensive products for these plates: boiled sausage, hunting sausages, apples, tangerines, carrots, cucumbers.

Julienne with chicken

An inexpensive, quick and hearty dish - julienne. It can be cooked in portions in cocotte makers, and served directly from the oven, but even when cooled down, julienne is very tasty. You can choose any fat content, but the higher the percentage, the tastier it will be.

Ingredients for 4 servings:

  • 300 gr. chicken fillet;
  • 200 gr. raw mushrooms;
  • 1 onion;
  • 400 ml cream;
  • 300 gr. hard cheese;
  • frying oil;
  • salt and pepper to taste.


  1. Cut the onion into half rings and fry a little in a pan.
  2. Chop the fillet into small cubes or strips and place on the onion. Cook for 10 minutes.
  3. Cut the champignons into slices and place them on the bottom of the cocotte maker.
  4. On top of the mushrooms - chicken and onions. Season with salt and pepper.
  5. Pour 100 ml of cream into each cocotte maker.
  6. Grate the cheese and sprinkle the future julienne on top.
  7. Send to an oven preheated to 180 degrees for 20 minutes.

The vinaigrette

Everyone has loved this salad since childhood. On holidays, we often undeservedly forget about it, and the old New Year is an occasion to remember the recipe for vinaigrette. Especially if after Olivier you still have a jar of peas, and you have prepared sauerkraut and pickled cucumbers for the winter. It is better to bake vegetables in the oven in foil than to boil them. When boiling, the taste and color go into the water, and if baked, the vegetables will remain bright and elastic.


  • 2 pcs. beets and carrots;
  • 4 things. potatoes;
  • 1 onion;
  • 2 pickles;
  • 300 gr. sauerkraut;
  • a can of green peas;
  • vegetable oil for dressing;
  • salt and pepper to taste.


  1. Bake, peel and dice potatoes, carrots and beets.
  2. Chop the onion thinly into half rings.
  3. Cut the cucumbers into cubes and mix everything in a salad bowl.
  4. Add sauerkraut, peas, oil. Season with salt and pepper.
  5. Stir well again and serve.

Herring salad with celery

A bit unusual appetizer, but it is good because it is quite satisfying, low-calorie, with an inexpensive composition and interesting taste. If seasoned with mayonnaise, you get a heavier version of the salad. For a dietary one, add sour cream or thick natural yogurt. Then you can also season with lemon juice.


  • 200 gr. peeled salted herring;
  • 4 stalks of celery;
  • 1 large green apple;
  • 1 small onion;
  • mayonnaise, sour cream or yogurt for dressing;
  • salt and pepper to taste.


  1. Cut the herring into small pieces.
  2. Chop the celery and apple into thin strips, the onion in half rings.
  3. Combine everything in a salad bowl, salt, pepper and season.

Baked chicken

You can bake the whole bird in the oven, or you can divide it into parts and cook in slices. Set aside the rest of the back in the broth.

To bake a whole chicken, rub it with poultry spices, salt, garlic and place in a preheated oven until golden brown. For a more interesting flavor, place an apple or peeled tangerine inside the chicken.

If you plan to cook the dish in pieces, place them on a baking sheet, season a little. Peeled potatoes can be placed in empty spaces. When the dish is ready, the potatoes will soak in the juice from the chicken and become flavorful and juicy.

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Budget menu for the New Year for 1900 rubles

Budget menu for the New Year with a budget of 1900 rubles. For 8-10 people and 8 dishes. Is it real? Quite!

Looking at the holiday menus offered by some culinary magazines and websites, I am concerned about the question: “In our country, does everyone have an oil well in their garage? Or a bedside table with an inexhaustible supply of gold by the bed? Or is the meaning of the holiday - to spend all the money on caviar and truffles, and then all January to sit on pasta, what does it have to do with our own production? "

I live in reality, not in a fairy tale. I have little money, and there are a lot of relatives who want to visit for the New Year holidays. Yes, I want to meet them with joy, to feed them hearty and tasty. But at the same time, I have no desire to show off and prove with the language of delicacies that my life is a success.

There is one more condition in the conditions of the problem. Relatives are also people of the older generation, who are accustomed to traditional dishes and cannot imagine the New Year without Olivier, herring under a fur coat and other Soviet delicacies. Therefore, I specially select a menu from the usual dishes, without frightening names and unexpected ingredients.

This is how I understand "satisfying, tasty, traditional and economical":

Budget menu

Thank God, the times when you had to scrape out the last trifle for an inferior bottle of kefir seem to have sunk into oblivion. But many still continue to eat as if poor days still here, they were so scared. This is what the mother was preparing when we had a complete crisis.

© Depositphotos

On the first

Since broths were not available, soups were often made with plain water. "Serpentine", as their mother called them. Peas or millet were used in the soup. Sometimes I managed to buy a briquette, and it turned out to be a very satisfying soup, even without meat. By the way, and now sometimes I buy briquetted pea soup, add a couple of potatoes and some smoked meat. And then with crackers. Delight!

© Depositphotos

The pickle was obtained either from pickled cucumbers or from sauerkraut plus pearl barley. If possible, add more vegetables. Sometimes borscht appeared on the table, which the mother cooked if she could get lard or bacon. From this hot borscht, satiety came almost instantly. There was also fish soup, which was made from one can of canned sardines, onions and potatoes. By the way, a good option now.

For the second

Probably, garlic potatoes fried in lard can terrify those who encourage healthy eating and monitors his figure. In fact, it was a real waste, so the potato was on the holidays. And so they beat the porridge. Mom got a bag of buckwheat somewhere and I, frankly, have not been very good at it since then. It just became across the throat. But there was also variety.

Some kind of millet or yachka. Mother prepared a lot of gravy (not always with meat, mostly some vegetables with Maggi cubes), then you just change the porridge, here's the variety. We also had cutlets. Only from oatmeal. Again, the cube is steamed with hot water, then this broth into flakes, they swell. Mom will put onions there, salt, cutlets, roll flour in a spoon - and in a frying pan. Okay, ate. Where to go?

And what about the compote?

Compote was, but rarely. And most often from dried fruits. Mother will literally throw a couple of plums, a couple of tablespoons of sugar, add some jam from the bins, the compote is ready. But I'd rather tell you about salads. The simplest ones you can think of: beets, cabbage, carrots. Just pour vegetable oil - and go. But there was also a hit - canned peas with onion. But then, as luck would have it, it happened that the peas were completely inedible. His mother is then in the soup.

© Depositphotos

And then there was pizza. It was a black bread sandwich fried in vegetable oil. Only the mother first made a spread of melted cheese, eggs and garlic, spread slices of bread and fried like this. By the way, now it is impossible to reproduce, the skill is lost. And then it was delicious! There were pancakes with sour milk, all sorts of simple pancakes, or even simple baked dough. I want to eat something.

Budget menu

You can remember a lot of things, they say, how interesting and tasty it was. But God forbid! Now kilogram of meat, fried in a pan, surprises few people. But then it was literally nonsense. Share your impressions, how was it with you? If, of course, you had to ever be in trouble.

Budget menu now it looks completely different, you definitely will not be lost from hunger! We sincerely believe that in your life it has never come to anything like this. See our article on how to cook buckwheat with cabbage. Thank you for staying with us!

Comment 41

horror just how literate

loshki and rush, that's all. no more. clearly about the person.

Russia loshka is literate, we're talking about the 90s. people like you have bad things today, but everything has changed. they just don’t remember and don’t know and don’t want to know.

Russia loshka is literate, we're talking about the 90s. just for people like you. Who, after the country was destroyed, and then collected by the fragments, and crawled a meter away from the abyss, now they do not know that it was so, or do not remember. And everything is bad for them today.

How can an adult woman today call a caring mother “mother” ten times over? Not just obscene, but disgusting to me, a stranger. You moan, and someone in the comments called your food (thanks to your mother's resourcefulness and creativity) - a restaurant! And you are "mother ... mother".

In the 90s, at the beginning, I was a teenager and we lived well, despite the fact that dad was left without work for some time, parents always had the opportunity to get something somewhere, meat was always available, despite
the fact that even according to coupons, food could only be snatched in queues I remember such a funny moment when guests from Moscow arrived, and my mother apologized to them that there was no sugar for tea, but there were candy kara - godfather, and they were stunned, in Moscow You couldn't get such sweets, but in our provinces, please. And then I ran away from home and got such a paradise in a hut ... My God, what did we eat ... What will people give ... Boiled beets, some kind of cereal, pancakes on the water and "frame", one herring for the New Year ... When my parents took me away back to myself, I could not get used to the fact that you can take butter and spread it on bread just like that and as much as you want ... My parents resettled me, but every day I could come to them for dinner, otherwise they gave me 10 rubles a week - apples, milk, buns, tea - I had enough. In the beginning of 2000, my parents also supported me with a small child - once a week they bought me some products in the market - meat, cottage cheese, vegetables, allocated money for bread and milk, the same apples and cheap cookies, they brought buckwheat, potatoes, pasta. Now my life has collapsed again. If you have a part-time job, or help from people - food and medicine for 4 cats and a communal apartment, then medicine for yourself, well ... Compote of dried fruits, pasta with cheese, buckwheat with milk, instead of butter - spread, special chic - boiled potatoes, fresh cucumber and a slice herring. I'm not very meat, just to cook soup. Lentil soup. Boiled beets and carrots with sunflower oil. Unfortunately, I can't eat apples now) Bananas and pears at a discount, if possible. If possible, I freeze berries, tomatoes, greens. Honestly, I’m terribly suffering for high-quality cheese, coffee and homemade eggs and dairy products ...

I still eat like that, about 1,500 a month. Without meat. Vegetables (potatoes, onions, garlic, carrots, cabbage, frozen preparations from vegetables that friends push me from their garden every autumn (greens, peppers, pumpkin, beets), Canned vegetables (also from friends (cucumbers, zucchini, tkemali, tomatoes) etc.), eggs, cereals (buckwheat, barley, oatmeal, millet), dried fruits and kernels from these dried fruits, peas, tea leaves and vegetable oil. And also dried and frozen herbs and fruits (nettle, rose hips, lavender Cherry plum and apples from the forest. I just had to tighten my belt 2 years ago, I can't get a job in any way, I interrupt with small orders via the Internet, but the income goes to pay for communal services and feed the old cat. that I am on an expedition somewhere in Antarctica or on Mars and make up a diet from what is at hand.

I remember well potatoes + sauerkraut or potatoes + mushrooms every day. And the author has a restaurant

What to cook for the Old New Year: 5 tips

By mid-January, usually in Ukraine, holidays and long weekends are already over, and once this time was the height of Christmas time.

In the old days, fasting ended at this time, and the New Year was the perfect occasion for a generous table. What kind of dishes did our ancestors cook?


First of all, kutya was prepared (as you know, it can be made from various cereals). They did it on New Year's Eve - on the Generous Evening. That is, January 13th. Accordingly, the kutia was generous. Unlike the rich one, which was prepared for the Holy Evening, the generous kutya was seasoned with butter, cream or milk.

Meat delicacies

On New Year's Eve (the day that was dedicated to the Monks Melanka and Basil - ed.), Many meat dishes were prepared. Because Vasily was popularly considered the patron saint of pigs, why pork dishes were obligatory on the festive table: boiled pork, cutlets, chops, krucheniki, roast, homemade sausage.

Delicious dough

The traditional Ukrainian New Year's table was also rich in a variety of dumplings with various fillings (meat, cottage cheese, poppy seeds), pancakes (which are a symbol of the sun and prosperity), rolls, pies.

The girls baked ritual buns made of sour dough - balabukhi, according to which they wondered for the betrothed. By the way, they brought water to the dough from the well in the mouth, and the guys at this time tried to make the girls laugh so that they would swallow or release the water. Ready buns were laid out on a bench and a hungry dog ​​was launched, whose balabukha she grabbed first, that girl would be the first to marry.

Dumplings with surprise

Dumplings with "surprises" were served to the table: various unusual "fillings" were added to each dumpling, each of which had its own symbolic meaning.

  • flour is for torment,
  • beans - for children,
  • a button - for a new thing,
  • sugar - to a good life,
  • salt - to a difficult life,
  • pepper - to surprises,
  • rope - to the road,
  • a penny - for money.


They finished the meal with an uzvar. And we have already told you how to cook it. Dried fruits, from which uzvar was cooked, as a symbol of fertility, were distributed to children and youth so that they grow up and be healthy.

Old New Year: history and food ideas for the festive table

After the New Year and Christmas, an equally colorful and tasty holiday with a centuries-old history awaits us - the old New Year.

Why is the old New Year celebrated?

This is a tribute to the memory of the pagan Slavs and the old calendar. The holiday appeared with us after the change in chronology: on December 31, there is a celebration according to the Gregorian calendar (almost the whole world lives on it now), and on January 13-14 - according to the Julian calendar. The difference between old and new style is 13 days.

History of the holiday

In 1700, Peter I issued a decree according to which the New Year should be celebrated as in Europe, from December 31 to January 1. The innovation caused a lot of criticism from believers, because December 31 was in the midst of Great Lent. At this time, you need to think about the soul, and not arrange magnificent feasts. The situation was resolved by the Soviet government, which in the 20th century approved an additional holiday: those who fast on December 31 can enjoy hearty dishes on January 13.

What date and what time is the old New Year celebrated?

The celebration takes place by analogy with the already familiar New Year - at midnight from 13 to 14 January.

January 13 is called a lavish evening. At this time, people are having fun, singing carols, visiting each other, congratulating relatives and friends.

When is the old New Year celebrated in Russia in 2021?

The dates of the celebration in Russia remain unchanged: the celebration takes place on the night of January 13-14. In 2021, these numbers fall on Monday and Tuesday: the beginning of the week - the beginning of the story (old-style, of course).

Traditional menu for the old New Year

Our ancestors celebrated the resetting of history according to the old calendar as magnificently as we celebrate New Year's Eve. The tables of the Slavs were bursting with a variety of treats, but there were dishes that not a single table could do without:

  • Kutia is wheat porridge. Honey, poppy seeds, dried fruits were added to it. They even wondered about porridge! If a cast iron burst in the stove or the contents have spilled, wait for a bad year, and if the porridge comes out ruddy and beautiful, the year will be happy and calm. Today kutya is more often prepared from rice.
  • Broth is a drink made with honey and dried fruits. A great and healthy alternative to lemonade!
  • Baked suckling pig. Nowadays, few people cook a whole pig, but if you want to keep the tradition, decorate the table with a pork dish - boiled pork, chops with prunes or rolls.
  • Dumplings with a surprise. The catch was that the hostess put a symbolic surprise in several dumplings: raisins, peppers, bay leaves. But the filling could be inedible - for example, a thread, a button, and even a coin. Each item found had its own interpretation: a thread promised a long journey, a coin - money, raisins - love, bay leaves - good luck.

It is associated with the celebration and several signs. So, there should be more or less 13 dishes on the table (bread, sauces are also considered). People believed that the number 13 symbolized bad luck. And, for example, in order to attract a rich harvest, our ancestors baked a whole pig.

What to cook for the old New Year 2021?

Let's start with deli meats. If you want to pay tribute to tradition, pay attention to pork dishes: roast in tomato sauce, boiled pork, aspic, chops, steaks and original pork accordion with tomatoes - this is a simple homemade food, hearty and incredibly tasty.

Beef lovers will love the traditional roll or beef with bone. Looking for something exotic? Try your hand at cooking fajitos, carpaccio, tartare or tataki.

A dietary turkey in the hands of a skilled housewife will easily turn into appetizing zrazy, spicy steaks and fragrant schnitzels in coconut breading. Chicken is not losing popularity either: Offer guests wine-marinated pastroma, pot roasts and even Mexican tacos.

Let's move on to the side dishes. If you are tired of the usual potatoes, cook curry carrots, a side dish of chickpeas and rice, lentils, beets, Brussels sprouts.

How to choose original hot dishes? Pay attention to the ham and cheese cobbler - a meal that resembles a pie or an unusual pizza. You can surprise guests with stuffed carp, meat medallions with pineapple, baked veal tenderloin. Do you like classics? On our portal you will find dozens of simple and affordable recipes for preparing a main course.

Do you think there are no other New Year's salads besides Olivier and herring under a fur coat? You will be surprised how many there are! The festive table will be decorated with a salad of beets, garlic and nuts, a dish with oranges and crab sticks, a salad with olives and red beans. By the way, you can serve light and healthy options without mayonnaise.

A real holiday will not be complete without desserts. The New Year's feast will be sweetened by bouchet cakes, ginger crème brulee, tangerines in chocolate. Children and adults will love the bright jelly in grapefruit, the most delicate panna cotta. Don't forget about the numerous cakes! Among them there are dishes that do not require baking: "Count Ruins", "Milk Girl", "Winter's Tale". For those who, even on New Year's Eve, monitor the correctness of nutrition, we offer a healthy dessert - apples stuffed with cottage cheese with cranberry syrup.

Drinks will become an exquisite addition to your culinary masterpieces. Store alcohol can be easily replaced with flavored punch, currant liqueur, or cherry liqueur. The soft drink menu is also not far behind. Want to surprise your guests? Serve a pear, orange and celery smoothie, basil lemonade, or vitamin ginger and carrot drink. If you are going for a walk, do not forget to take with you a warming mulled wine with grape juice or cocoa.


It is impossible to imagine more than one feast without drinks. For most, New Year is associated with sparkling champagne, but there are those who cannot imagine this holiday without brandy or vodka. Well, everyone has the right to choose according to their taste, stopping at one thing or mixing cocktails from different drinks. But in the use of alcohol, it is necessary to observe moderation, since the symbol of 2021 does not like drunk people.

Homemade baileys recipe is here.

Do not forget about the soft drinks on the New Year's menu made from fruits and vegetables. It can be juices, fruit drinks, compotes or cocktails. And there must be water on the table, because only it can really remove thirst.

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