Sowing calendar for 7.02 - gardeners and gardeners

Sowing calendar for 7.02 - gardeners and gardeners

February 2021

February 7, Sunday, 25-26th lunar day. The waning moon is in Sagittarius


Sow and plant plants for abundant greenery and seeds, but not for high yields.

It is best to plant decorative flowering and fast-growing medicinal plants, especially those that form a long, curly and upward stem.

Plant cuttings and seedlings for rooting.

Weed and loosen the soil in the beds, thin out and huddle seedlings.

Remove diseased plants, root growth, and unnecessary strawberry whiskers.

Treat the plantings with a fungicidal or insecticidal solution.

Apply organic fertilizer to the soil.

Clean up your greenhouse.


Sow and Plant in Sagittarius:

  • peas, beans and soy;
  • garlic, onion, batun and leek;
  • radishes, carrots and chard.

Sow fennel and thyme, plant asparagus, lemon balm and celery.

From domestic plants, it is possible to plant indoor grapes, bamboo palms and large-flowered eucharis.

Not recommended

Avoid watering or pruning.

When caring for plants, be careful: during this period, they suffer mechanical damage very painfully.


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Growing features

Favorable days for planting cucumbers in the greenhouse help, but do not determine the quality of the future harvest. They take the initiative in their own hands. The first rule is to choose varieties suitable for growing in the Moscow region:

  • "Cupid F1" - the weight of the fetus reaches 100 g
  • "Zozulya F1" is a hybrid variety with long-term fruiting
  • "Claudia F1" - a hybrid with a bunch type of fruiting, not prone to overgrowth
  • "Courage F1" is a versatile hybrid that is distinguished by high productivity and undemanding care.

The second rule is that the seed is processed. The seeds are first dipped in a saturated saline solution. After 2 hours, check the container. Dispose of seeds that remain on the surface. The seed, which sinks to the bottom, is placed in a medium-saturated solution of potassium permanganate.

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