Parasite of spruce

Parasite of spruce

Question: Spruce parasite

Hello everyone! I am cutting down a spruce as it is dead. Cutting the branches, I realized that these and the trunk are completely pierced by more or less large holes. Can you explain to me who they are made from? I think they are the cause of the death of the plant as it is completely covered with it! Since in the garden next to this dead plant I have other 4 identical ones, I would like to avoid the same fate for the latter, so I would also like to know which remedies I have to apply. Thanks so much!


Answer: Spruce parasite

Dear Fabio, thank you for contacting us regarding this problem of your spruce. We begin the answer by telling her that the pests of the spruce are different and numerous and it is difficult from a brief description to establish which exactly is the pest that has attacked the plant in her garden. However, we can make assumptions and we can say first of all that the insect you are talking about is a xylophagous (insect that feeds on wood) and that this insect is not the primary cause of the plant's death. In fact, xylophages almost never cause the death of the plant, or rather they are not the real cause of the plant's death but rather a consequence of a state of stress and decay. The xylophages arrive on a plant already in a bad state and already close to death, which has already been parasitized by other insects which are the real cause of death.

To determine what kind of xylophage is on your fir we should look at the holes and above all see the insect. Having no images about it and not having seen the parasitized plant, we can tell her that another insect, to be precise a beetle, which causes great damage to the spruce is the Ips typographus, better known as the bark beetle of the spruce. This bark beetle attacks plants that are in stressful situations and irreparably causes their death. Signs of the presence of this insect are tunnels, small tunnels found under the bark and the flickering holes, small holes of a few millimeters that are also found on the bark of the trunk.

In any case, the best solution to eliminate a parasite and drastically reduce the risk of contagion of plants close to the diseased one remains the killing and total elimination of the infected material that must be burned on site, without making further movements that could be the cause propagation of the parasite.

Overview of the best species and decorative varieties of spruce for growing in the garden

Fir - "Queen" forests, leading the ranking of popularity among the masters of landscape art. This sacred tree, which serves as the site's enchantment and a powerful source of bioenergy, is prized not only for its unique healing properties, but also for its stunning decoration. Needle foliage of emerald, dark green and even shades of blue can transform plant compositions, giving a unique zest to the site's landscape design.

Spruce ointment

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  • The spruce is a tree belonging to the Pinaceae family and a very long-lived plant, which can live up to five centuries. In ancient times, the resin of the tree was mixed with wax to give it consistency and the farmers used it as an ointment for bruises and sprains
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  1. Spruce Picea abies conifers characteristics Christmas tree spruce cultivation multiplication transplanting repotting diseases parasites The spruce, Picea abies, also known by the name of Peccio, undisputed symbol of Christmas, is an evergreen plant grown in parks.
  2. Spruce: characteristics and uses. This is a tree that lives in the high mountains and its shape probably derives from adaptive processes with the aim of These large trees are widespread in the Alps but there are also Spruce forests in northern Europe and North America
  3. Spruce Essential Oil is a food flavoring: 2-3 drops are enough to flavor 100 g of food. With an intense and pleasant taste, Bergila Spruce Essential Oil is a controlled and certified organic product. We only collect wild raw materials from our own ..
  4. The spruce fears the typical parasites of conifers. Serious damage can be caused by the kermi lanigeri of conifers which quickly lead to a A common use of spruce is for ornamental purposes. But its industrial production is very widespread - as mentioned, especially in Northern Europe.

spruce. De la Wikționar, dicționarul liber. Jump to navigation Jump to search SPRUCE The spruce or spruce is an evergreen tree belonging to the Pinaceae family, very common in the Alps. It is a typical species of the middle and upper mountain horizon and of the lower subalpine one, finding optimal climatic conditions between the 1000 and 1800 m of altitude Body Self Tanners & Bronzers. 100% Original Red Balm white Tiger Ointment Thailand Painkiller Ointment itch Muscle Pain Relief Ungue. 0.0 (0 votes) Store: DuangDuang Store. US $ 1.88 fir and fir needles herbal tea - PeschoAnvi - Продолжительность: 7:06 Pescho Anvi Recommended for you spruce. ब्रिटिश अंग्रेजी: spruce NOUN. A spruce is a kind of evergreen tree. के आस-पास के शब्द. spruce

The Spruce, Trento, Italy. 371 likes 1 talking about this 51 were here. The Spruce - Appaloosa Breeding tames and recovery of difficult horses Preparation of performance horses and halters Equine psychology courses and clinics Horse boarding with box, paddock and pasture trekking The lack of fir red of quality after World War I meant the Lulworth's original lower shaft was made of steel rather than wood. Shortages in the supply of premium spruce after World War I meant that Lulworth's original lower-mast was made of steel instead of wood

Greetings to all the guitar-loving friends of Accordo! I am a new member, even though I have been following the site since 2006. I decided to gradually procure the pieces to have my own electric guitar built, and I began to inquire on the web about the choice of woods .. The spruce is a very widespread tree in Italy and of great symbolic value, so much so that be used as a Christmas ornament. Spruce not only has a solid appearance, it can also boast characteristics of sturdiness. The trunk is straight and can reach 60 meters in height and 2 meters in height .. Agritur Abete Rosso, Ton: See 20 traveler reviews, 32 candid photos, and great deals for Agritur Abete Rosso, ranked # 2 of 4 B & Bs / inns in Ton and rated 5 of Agritur Abete Rosso is an excellent choice for travelers visiting Ton, offering a quaint environment alongside many helpful amenities designed to ..

Fir-spruce ointment

  1. Spruce tesisindeki konaklamalarından sonra konuklar tarafından puanlandı. Spruce tesisinde ne zaman kalmak istiyorsunuz? 30 geceden fazla rezervasyonlar maalesef mümkün değildir. Müsaitliği kontrol etmek için lütfen tarihlerinizi girin
  2. Tłumaczenie słowa spruce - Słownik włosko-angielski. spruce [noun] a tree with leaves like needles that grows in northern regions. (Tłumaczenie spruce z Włosko-angielski słownik PASSWORD © 2014 K Dictionaries Ltd)
  3. SPRUCE (Picea abies). Resinous tree up to 45-50 m tall, it can be found at altitudes on average between 1,200 and 1,800 m Spruce. Leaves: needle-like, 1.5 - 2.5 cm long, inserted individually and arranged all around the branch. Crown: pyramidal, the young branches facing ..

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Spruce (also called Picea Abies, Norwegian spruce or mistakenly red pine) is a fast-growing tree native to Northern Europe. Douglas Fir is not grown simply for its wood, but thanks to its beautiful foliage it is a perfect ornamental conifer Balsamic ointment with essential oils of Siberian fir, eucalyptus and clary sage. Pure intact and 100% natural. How to use: Apply gently with circular movements on the chest and on the upper part of the Go to the end of the image gallery. Purae Aria d'Abete Balsamic Ointment 50ml All Categories. Home. 100% Original Red Balm white Tiger Ointment Thailand Painkiller Ointment itch Muscle Pain Relief Ungue. 4.8 (5 votes) Store: RAEL Store The lack of quality spruce after World War I meant the Lulworth's original lower shaft was made of steel rather than wood. Shortages in the supply of premium spruce after World War I meant that Lulworth's original lower-mast was made of steel instead of wood Spruce Distinguished from silver fir by its reddish bark, spruce or spruce certainly forms the most characteristic forest environments of our Alps. In the undergrowth you can see the black and red bilberries, the rhododendron and, at times, the rowan of the coral red berries


  • Fir resin ointment & n ointment suitable for inflamed tendon muscle ions, cold shocks, posture blocks. The mix of parts of Helichrysum Ointment%! Helichrysum gives this ointment an antiallergic, anti-inflammatory, calming, healing effect. . suitable for problems ..
  • The Spruce or Peccio is native to the boreal climate zones of Europe, from the Maritime Alps through central-northern Europe to the Urals. In Italy there are beautiful spruce trees throughout the Alps. Specimen of Spruce (photo
  • Spruce. On this page we will talk about: General. Climate and terrain. Plant and cultivation techniques. Parasites and diseases. Spruce. The spruce is extremely variable in terms of morphology, in nature there are no less than three species and as many morphotypes divided by base ..
  • Spruce, conifers and turpentine Spruce is not only familiar to those who love Christmas. From the bark of the spruce an essential oil is obtained which is widely used by painting enthusiasts for the dilution of colors. The essence of turpentine, contained in the resin, as opposed to the proceeds of ..
  • Propolis ointment is used, as Pliny knew well, to treat wounds that do not heal, sores and diseases of nervous origin (herpes zoster, or St. Anthony's fire, has to do with nerves!). In Soviet clinics, Propolis ointments are effectively used in the treatment of burns
  • The spruce is a symbol of life that is reborn and of the strength of Nature. Long-lived, resistant, proud tree, a constituent element and symbol of our new project. The spruce wood, with which our buildings are made, is the soul of the X-Lam structure and represents the present and ..
  • In the spruce the needles are of a nice homogeneous green and all grow around the branch, a characteristic that allows it to be easily distinguished from the silver fir, in which the needles are arranged flat and have two lighter grooves on the back. Another element that can be useful ..

Spruce: Christmas tree

  1. The silver fir (Abies alba Mill., 1759), also called common fir, abezzo or avezzo, is a typical plant of the forests and mountains of the northern hemisphere. The silver fir is a majestic, slender and long-lived tree, and given its considerable height.
  2. erals, ingredients with microplastics, GMOs and synthetic fragrances. Calendula, used since ancient times for its soothing properties, is a conditioner.
  3. Contextual translation of spruce into English. Human translations with examples: red, fir, abies, picea, spruce, red fir, fir, nos, abies, nos, common spruce. spruce. English. spruce. Last Update: 2014-11-14 Usage Frequency: 5 Quality: Reference: IATE. Italian. spruce
  4. the Neolithic people used it ..
  5. Although it looks more like a shrub, it is a specimen of spruce that lives in the Fulufjället National Park, Sweden, and bears the name of the dog of Today this small and seemingly insignificant spruce is probably the most living organism. old world, a record ..

Ointment (tube): apply the ointment up to 2-3 times a day, whenever possible, after each bowel movement. For rectal use, remove the cap Excipients OIL: shark liver oil white vaseline anhydrous lanolin wool wax light mineral oil red thyme oil NF .. 5299 €. Gazebo 4,8x2,4m in the shape of an iglu ideal for camping spruce walls 38 mm thick 2 internal rooms: Double entrance door with padlock and rear window Furniture not included, we supply on request. Supplied in assembly kit, on request we can supply assembled Styria pallet of certified Austrian spruce and larch pellets of 70 bags. 336,00 € tax incl. Offer ends on: Spruce and larch pellets made in Austria. To heat your premises in maximum safety. Pallet of 70 bags of 15 kg

Spruce - Trees - How to grow spruce

  1. Arnica ointment 40%. Rating. This ointment is made following a traditional recipe, with only natural and plant-based ingredients. Contains 40% Arnica phytoextract whose beneficial effect is enhanced by the synergistic action of the pure essential oils of juniper, bitter orange.
  2. The essential oil of silver fir is obtained from Abies Alba, a plant of the Pinaceae family. Known for its numerous properties, it has a balsamic, antiseptic and pain relieving action. Let's find out better. > Properties of silver fir essential oil. > Description of the plant. & gt
  3. Spruce or silver fir pellets, the substance does not change, they are comparable and over time they have found many admirers. It is no coincidence that there are so many fir pellets, the best known are probably Pfeifer, Firestixx, Norica, Binderholz. However, the majority of the pellets ..
  4. Solid spruce wood beam sawn on four sides with sharp edges of rectangular section, planed and chamfered. River beams. These are massive spruce beams squared and debarked on all four sides with a constant section from head to tip and corners.
  5. This article is about: Red dots on the face Red dots on the skin Red dots on the legs. The very common red dots can also appear on the back or other parts of the body such as the inner thigh or behind the thigh
  6. Firs, larches, pines and sequoias are some of the most common specimens of conifers. Distinguished by needle-like leaves and pine cones, they are ancient plants found mainly in the northern hemisphere. Let's find out closely the characteristics and possibilities of cultivation even in the garden

Spruce. Also known as spruce, the spruce is also well known very far from its usual environment because it is nothing more than the Christmas tree, heir to an ancient tradition of the Scandinavian peoples, linked to the return of light after the winter solstice. Supporting structure in top quality laminated fir wood treated with impregnating paint that makes it waterproof and resistant to all atmospheric agents even to a snowstorm in the high mountains. Made of laminated fir wood painted in atoclave

Spruce. Strength classes. C16, C24 ointment - Translation of the word and its compounds, and forum discussions. nm masculine noun: Identifies a being, object or concept that assumes a masculine gender: doctor, cat, instrument, check, pain

Organic essential oil of Spruce - Bergil

  1. Buy Flora Spruce Essential Oil - You can find it in Pure Essential Oils, on discounts and free shipping. Write your review on Spruce Essential Oil
  2. The essential oil of silver fir is also highly appreciated for the fragrance of the rooms, where it purifies the air. Fir essential oil can cause skin irritation, it is advisable not to exceed the dosage of 2 drops per 100ml of final preparation and not to use it on sensitive skin
  3. Dovobet gel and ointment for the treatment of psoriasis: dosage, contraindications and price. Read the complete sheet for its correct use! Dovobet® Gel and Ointment: Price, Dosage and Side Effects
  4. Celtic Zodiac: Fir. Those born under the sign of Fir. Spruce: 2nd January - 11th January 5th July - 14th July. Firs are a genus that includes about In the Celtic Horoscope, anyone born under the sign of Fir is an idealist in constant search for truth. He pursues his followers with coherence and courage.
  5. The Motion free gel ointment comes in the form of a cream contained in a 65 ml tube with a cap closure and the practical packaging will ensure that you can always carry it with you, even in fir oil: this ingredient is used to treat muscle spasms such as cramps
  6. I - opening ..
  7. The spruce we use comes from Austrian forests, in fact Austria is perhaps the most important supplier of spruce, also because this plant The fir is a soft wood, easy to work and its use is very versatile: from 'interior furnishings, to windows, from architecture to the construction of ..

Fir (and in particular spruce) is a woody essence widely spread in the Alpine areas and in much of northern Europe, that is the specific production area of ​​wooden houses. It is a fast growing hardy tree species, very suitable for reforestation, extremely versatile. The all natural spruce ointment contains real spruce resin in the form of natural ointment, olive oil. Keywords: of, nails, rheumatism, fir, ポ イ ナ ビ, infections, ノ ベ ル テ ィ 本 舗. Domain info Mahasiswa ngentot of Asrama. Mahasiswa jual Perawan. Ayam Kampus meki hitam sedap. Abg ngentot sampai kesakitan. Kebesaran kontol. Dipaksa ngentot sama Paman. Hijab merem keenakan Semok Bugil By Entot Lagi Tidur, Ngentot Tante Gemuk, Bokep Janda Crot Duluan 2017, Doggy Kakak Ipar, Bokep Indo Meki Gede By Entot Video Perkosa Mami Jepang Lagi Tidur. Bokep Wanita Mirip Barbie Cantik, Bokep Toket Gede ABG Barat, Ngentot Tante .. Spruce parasite. On this page we will talk about Question: Spruce parasite. Hello everyone! I am cutting down a spruce as it is dead. Cutting the branches, I realized that these and the trunk are completely punctured by holes ..

Spruce - Picea abies - Trees - Characteristics of the spruce

The Spruce, Trento, Italy. 372 likes51 were here. Appaloosa Breeding Tames and Retrieval of Difficult Horses Preparing Performance Horses e. The Spruce. Pet Breeder in Trento, Italy Cakep-ngentot. Diposting oleh Unknown of 13.09 Tidak ada komentar: Kirimkan Ini lewat Email BlogThis Spruce is widespread in the Alps. With the right precautions, if you have enough space, it is possible to grow spruce Spruce. On this page we will talk about: Irrigation. Transplant in the garden. Fertilization. The spruce: Pests and insects spruce. noun. spruce [noun] a tree with leaves like needles that grows in northern regions. (Translation of abete rosso from the PASSWORD Italian - English Dictionary © 2014 K Dictionaries Ltd)

Cerita Dewasa Ngentot Dengan Suster. Cerita Dewasa Tukar Pasangan SEX. POPULAR VIDEOS. Ngentot sama suami tetangga. Video Perselingkuhan Om Dan Tante Ari We also find this oil in the Song of Songs of Solomon (text contained in the Jewish and Christian Bible). While Jesus in Bethany, in the house of Simon the leper, is seated at dinner, a woman comes who has an alabaster box of nard ointment and pours the ointment on her head

The elegant red pack contains a series of exclusive bronze drawn formats. Products with perfect organoleptic characteristics, porosity and roughness ideal for preparing any dish based on more or less full-bodied sauces. Wash your hands well. Throw your head back and, with your index finger of one hand, gently press the skin just below the eyelid Ointment: Apply a small amount (about 1 cm of ointment) in the conjunctival sac 3-4 times a day according to medical prescription After the previews of these days, here is the full video of the attack on Striscia la Notizia correspondent Luca Abete by a group of illegal traders. The attackers, mostly non-EU citizens, brutally lashed out against the envoy near the large market of the .. HERBALIST. Spruce, majestic plant. SAVE. SHARE. Already Hippocrates and Arab medicine used Fir resin to treat lung diseases and it is known that people recovering from chest diseases benefit greatly from staying in woods and conifers.

Pine ointment is a substance made from tree resin, beeswax, and oil. It can be spread on the skin to help it heal in order to prepare it, you must first get the pine resin. Afterward, you can cook the ingredients for a few days and get the finished product. 110% Italian product. CHARACTERISTICS OF THE TREE Scientific name: Picea abies Family: Pinaceae Unified name: Spruce Growth area: It grows throughout the European Alpine chain. What does spruce mean in Italian? English Translation. spruce. More meanings for spruce. spruce noun. spruce. Find more words The Finnish garden saunas of the GARDEN line are made of natural solid wood of Nordic spruce with walls from 38 to 75 mm thick, in a tub of garden barrel in northern spruce wood. Complete with flooring, seating, stove and protection for stove, steps .. What would you answer? You would probably order a nice mixed salad before eating the pizza then order a glass of red wine to accompany the pizza and finish the dinner with a good cappuccino. In Italy such a habit would be just strange

Vasco Rossi reveals after 43 years who is the protagonist of the song Banca Etruria, Tar Lazio rejects the appeal of the former prosecutor of Arezzo Rossi: Ok a failure to reconfirm Agritur Abete Rosso, Ton: See 20 traveler reviews, 32 candid photos, and great deals for Agritur Spruce, ranked # 2 Agritur Abete Rosso is an excellent choice for travelers visiting Ton, offering a quaint environment alongside many helpful amenities designed to .. which allows you to easily distinguish it from the silver fir, in which the needles are arranged flat and have two lighter grooves on the back of the Italian Red Cross, new controversy on the accounts. Valerio Staffelli continues with his investigation to understand what happened to the money dedicated to the TFS of about 3 thousand former employees of the Italian Red Cross, because reports and controversies do not mention ... The fir is an evergreen tree widespread in forests and in the mountains in the Alpine areas and in the rest of Europe

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Spruce. The largest and most evocative fir trees in the Alps, between 800 and 1800 meters above sea level, are almost made up. Also known as spruce, the spruce is very well known even very far from its usual environment because it is none other than the tree. or Spruce Bark beetle - Ips typographus L. Atlas of Agricultural Entomology - Useful and harmful insects. Classification and host plants. Class: Insects Order: Coleoptera Suborder: Adefagi Family: Scolitidae Genus: Ips Species: I. typographus L 2 April 2007 -24 June 2014. Predecessor. Luca Pancalli (commissioner). Successor. Carlo Tavecchio. Commissioner of Lega Serie A. Term of office. December 18, 2019 - January 8, 2020. Predecessor. Mario Cicala (commissioner)

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White firs and spruces, what are the differences? - The Eco Vicentin

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Spruce का अंग्रेजी अनुवाद कोलिन्स इतालवी-अंग्रेज़ी शब्दको

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Abete rosso - Translation into English - examples Italian Reverso Contex

Cerita Pengalaman Pertamaku Dengan Tante Lin. Cerita Seks Selingkuh dengan Istri Tetangga. Cerita Dewasa Ngentot anak Bossku

Cultivation takes place mainly for 2 reasons:

  • protective: it takes root on any soil, even poor and not very fertile, so it is used to help restore the natural habitat of deforested and impoverished land. Svolge inoltre anche un’azione di regolazione delle precipitazioni. La sua chioma riesce a bloccare l’acqua e in caso di neve – se piantato a gruppi – può ridurre il rischio valanghe.
  • produttivo: la produttività media è molto elevata, circa 500-600 mc per ettaro ed è utilizzato come legname per costruzione.

Coltivazione dell’abete rosso in vaso

Un esemplare alto non più di 1 metro, può essere tenuto anche in vaso fino a che le sue dimensioni lo consentano. Il vaso deve avere un diametro non inferiore ai 60 cm e profondo almeno 70 cm per consentire lo sviluppo regolare delle radici.

La magia delle conifere nane e piramidali

Se il tuo sito è piccolo, presta attenzione alle varietà nane di conifere. Sono come creati per decorare piccole aree.

  • abete rosso l’abete ricorda una soffice palla bluastra-verde, cresce lentamente, ha eccellenti qualità decorative
  • abete rosso ordinario – un tipo di albero di Natale nano con una corona pendente, sembra molto originale in qualsiasi composizione
  • abete rosso strisciante – un ottimo modo per decorare la riva di un bacino idrico, giardino roccioso, pendii
  • Abete di Nana – una pianta che non può essere ignorata: in una piantagione di gruppo e come una tenia in una radura o lungo un sentiero, sembra una decorazione vivente nel giardino
  • larice sottodimensionato (nano) – una bellezza con una corona pendente, è buona in una singola piantagione e circondata da piante fiorite. Una macchia di colore così brillante sarà una fonte di costante positivo nel tuo giardino.

Abete spinoso e abete comune sono meravigliosi alberi nani, in cui sia il colore, sia la forma degli aghi e la corona attirano l’attenzione. Anche su un piccolo prato o in un giardino roccioso creerà un’atmosfera speciale

L’abete rosso nano strisciante e l’abete Nana sono adatti per piantagioni sia singole che di gruppo, buone in aziende con qualsiasi pianta – altre conifere, decidue, fioritura

Nella moda non ci sono solo cose, ma anche piante. Oggi, il larice nano è una delle piante ornamentali più alla moda. La corona ricadente, i ramoscelli aggraziati con delicati aghi sono straordinari e belli in ogni composizione. Ama le aree soleggiate

È anche possibile utilizzare conifere piramidali, queste sono principalmente varietà di thuja. Le piante a forma di piramide sono spesso utilizzate nell’architettura del giardino, fanno una siepe magnifica, è anche un meraviglioso arredamento vivente per l’ingresso principale della casa o per i passi carrai.

Un parco o un giardino in inverno è bello a modo suo, soprattutto se le conifere vengono utilizzate nelle piantagioni, il cui verde contrasta con un tappeto bianco di neve

Una composizione audace può essere una combinazione di piante di conifere e arbusti decidui con fiori luminosi (ortensia, rose da giardino, lillà). Potrebbe sembrare che una tale combinazione sembrerebbe disarmonica, ma non lo è. La fragilità dei fiori e delle conifere sempreverdi nell’azienda sembrano straordinarie, creando incredibili combinazioni di colori.

Un abete rosso nano in compagnia di fiori freschi non sembra affatto un ospite accidentale, al contrario, rende la composizione più naturale e originale

L’uso di conifere decorative nell’architettura del paesaggio offre grandi opportunità per creare un’ampia varietà di composizioni. Possono sembrare il più naturali possibile, come se ti ritrovassi improvvisamente in un angolo accogliente della foresta o sui pendii delle montagne, possono enfatizzare la bellezza delle aree del giardino – giardini rocciosi, zone d’acqua, formare una composizione di facciata, ecc..

Nella grande varietà di varietà che possono essere acquistate oggi nei vivai e nei negozi specializzati, gli aghi sorprendono con una vasta gamma di sfumature.

Sembra che durante la creazione di questa bellissima composizione, siano state utilizzate tutte le varietà di conifere decorative con tutte le possibili sfumature di aghi. Allo stesso tempo, non una singola pianta viene eliminata dall’armonia generale, trovando il suo posto tra i massi decorativi

I toni dorati, grigio-blu, verde pallido e succoso possono essere utilizzati in varie combinazioni, creando incredibili complessi da giardino. Quando organizzi il tuo giardino, assicurati di prestare attenzione alle conifere decorative. Avendoli scelti, ringrazierai queste meravigliose piante senza pretese più di una volta e sarai affascinato dalla loro bellezza in qualsiasi momento dell’anno.

Linee guida per la cura dell’abete rosso

Una corretta messa a dimora e cura è una garanzia che le bellezze di conifere delizieranno con il loro aspetto presentabile quasi tutto l’anno.

Volendo decorare la loro trama con uno o più abeti, i giardinieri esperti consigliano di aderire a determinate regole:

  1. Tempo di atterraggio. È meglio piantare conifere all’inizio della primavera o all’inizio dell’autunno, quando la pianta non è ancora entrata o ha già superato la fase di crescita vigorosa. Per preservare i giovani germogli dal gelo e dai roditori, si consiglia di pacciamare l’area del tronco per l’inverno con la torba.
  2. Posizionamento. In condizioni naturali, l’abete rosso si sviluppa bene vicino alla valle del fiume, dove riceve abbastanza umidità per alimentare un potente apparato radicale. Ma allo stesso tempo, non le piacciono le zone umide e quindi ha bisogno della disposizione del drenaggio.
  3. Composizione del suolo. Tutti i tipi di abeti amano il terreno fertile alcalino e acido. Sono intolleranti ai tipi di terreno pesante. Quando si pianta una conifera nel terreno impoverito, la fossa di semina dovrebbe prima essere arricchita aggiungendo 100 g di fertilizzante minerale complesso. Con una mancanza di ossigeno e nutrizione, la pianta potrebbe persino morire.

Vale la pena considerare che l’abete colpisce fortemente i fiori e gli arbusti circostanti, quindi è meglio posizionarlo a una piccola distanza dalle piante amanti del sole. Non piantare conifere vicine l’una all’altra, perché con i loro rami limiteranno l’accesso alla luce solare.

Osservando queste semplici regole durante la selezione delle varietà e la realizzazione di composizioni vegetali, puoi creare un design accogliente e pittoresco sul tuo sito che delizierà lo sguardo durante tutto l’anno.

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