SOS. driveway

SOS. driveway

Question: s.o.s. driveway

hi, I would like to know how to make an entrance beautiful that has a central driveway in concrete and lateral on both sides, two strips of land (33m long and 50cm wide each) that run through it in its entirety but under which pass some cables, so I can't plant anything ... I can't even raise the earth as much as the passage is small and I can't delimit it with bricks to have more land available ... I have potted plants: cigas, clivie and roses, but I don't know how to arrange them to give this entrance a little care !!! In the meantime I would like to use mulch to make it less overgrown as there are weeds that I can't get rid of but ... plants that I have to leave in pots? thank you!!!!!

Answer: s.o.s. driveway

Good morning Chiara and thanks for your trust! It is always an honor when users ask our website expert for advice for their garden. From the description of your avenue, the options that come to me are two. The first, the simplest, consists in creating an avenue dominated by a ground cover species located in the area closest to the wall, both on the right and left side, alternating in a checkerboard pattern with an annual species which varies according to the time of year. For ground cover species we can use ground cover roses, with which we can indulge ourselves in choosing the most suitable color and that we like best, or we can use other species. Lavender is a beautiful species for creating neat and easy-to-maintain avenues. The annuals that we can put are the common annuals or primroses and violets in the cold season, carolines, marigolds and begonias in the warmer one (with a choice also related to the light conditions). Before planting both ground cover and annuals you will need to prepare the soil, add good quality soil and spread a mulch cloth that will only be drilled near the transplant area. We then advise you to cover the cloth with pine bark or cocoa bean residues, possibly alternating in a sinuous shape with patches of lapillus.

A second proposal, more avant-garde and even easier to maintain, is to create the flowerbeds of his avenue using perennials. At the base of the soil we always mulch with a cloth after adding high quality soil. We insert different species of ornamental perennial grasses in the avenue, geometrically alternating without exaggerating with the number of species used. To choose the species, we recommend that you go to a specialized nursery and choose the species you like best, given the huge offer of this type of plants. Once the species have been transplanted and the cloth has been washed, it must cover everything with fine-sized ornamental gravel. Also in this case, we advise you to go to a building material point of sale or a well-stocked gardening area for your choice.

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