How to pinch cucumbers correctly

 How to pinch cucumbers correctly

Every summer resident dreams of a big harvest of cucumbers. However, sometimes he does not know that it is possible to significantly increase the number of zelents using pinning.

Why pinch cucumbers

Many gardeners believe that it is not necessary to pinch cucumbers. Plants will bear fruit anyway, just water and feed them. This is all true. But the cucumbers will grow strongly, all the energy will be spent not on the formation of ovaries, but the growth of long lashes with foliage. In addition, male inflorescences (barren flowers) grow on the main stem, and female inflorescences mainly on the branches. To limit the growth of barren branches, the main stem is pinched.

Grasshopping is the removal of excess lateral shoots

Pinching, or pinching, is the removal of excess lateral shoots (stepchildren) that grow from the leaf axils.

However, pinching should be carried out very carefully and it is not necessary to remove anything under the arm, but strictly following the recommendations. Pinching is necessary not only for the formation of plants, it affects the taste of vegetables. With a significant predominance of male flowers, bitterness is present in the fruits. To avoid a bitter taste, you should pick off up to 80% of male cucumber inflorescences.

When pinching, stepchildren and ovaries are removed

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Do all varieties of cucumbers stepchild

Many people think that pinching is not necessary for hybrid cucumbers. This rule applies only to some varieties (Valdai, Blizzard, Metelitsa, Severyanin), in which most of the fruits are formed on the main stem, the lateral branches are poorly developed. All the other varieties, including hybrid ones, are stepson.

Important! You cannot delete all stepsons. For pollination, both female flowers, which form on the lateral branches, and male flowers, growing on the main stems, are needed.

When to pinch

Pinching should be carried out after the formation of 5 true leaves, when the stems grow up to 5-7 cm. Lateral processes are removed after 4-5 leaves, leaving one strongest. As a result, as it grows, 1 or 2 lateral branches are formed. In hybrids with strong lateral branches, 3 are left, the rest are removed. In the future, the number of ovaries is constantly adjusted, shortening the lateral branches to 3-4 knots.

Repeated rationing of stepchildren is carried out after regrowth of 7, 9, 11 leaves. Then the extra branches on the bush are completely removed.

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Grassing cucumbers in the greenhouse

It is important to remove stepchildren in time for cucumbers growing in a greenhouse. With the rapid growth of branches, the cucumbers become cramped, they do not have enough air and light, which can cause the development of mold and the appearance of fungus. Dense foliage obscures the plants, which interferes with the maturation of vegetables. In this regard, when pinching in the greenhouse, the one-stem method is used.

The scheme of the formation of the stem of a cucumber when pinching

On a note. Delicate stepsons are easy to remove with your fingers, hardened ones are pinched using scissors or a knife.

When 4 leaves grow on the main branch, the lateral shoots and ovaries are removed: the leaf is carefully pushed back and cut off by the stepsons. After that, the cucumbers are tied to a support. A trellis is installed over the row, ropes are fixed on it to support the lashes. It is useful to feed the borage with complex fertilizer.

Delicate stepsons can be easily removed with your fingers

After the appearance of 5, 6, 7 leaves, pinching is also carried out, but they do it a little differently. On the lateral branches, 1 ovary and 1 leaf are not touched, the remaining branches are removed. The overgrown whip is let around the rope attached to the trellis.

Further pinching is carried out after regrowth of the 8th, 9th and 10th leaves. On stepchildren save 2 leaves and 2 ovaries. From 11 leaves and above, 3 leaves and 3 ovaries are left on the side branches. In the overgrown more than 50 cm of the central lash, pinch the top and then cut off the excess ovaries and leaves.

Pinching cucumbers outdoors

It is often believed that pinching is carried out only in greenhouses, in the open air on the site there is enough space for plants to grow. However, in the beds, most insect-pollinated varieties are grown, which are characterized by the formation of a large number of male flowers, so pinching is necessary. The pinching method depends on the location of the cucumber branches.

When placed vertically, the plants leave one branch

If the cucumbers wrap around the support and stand vertically on the garden bed, leave one branch, remove unnecessary processes. The first 6 leaves are removed along with the stepsons and the ovary. In order for the plant to gain strength, 3 nodal joints should be removed from the beginning of growth. In the remaining nodes, only stepchildren are cut off throughout the liana. At the same time, the garden looks neat, the plants are clearly visible, the fruits are easily removed.

After pinching, vertical plants are well ventilated, easy to harvest

If the cucumbers grow without support, lying horizontally along the bed, pinching is carried out in a different way. Lateral shoots are removed up to the first 4–6 leaves. Be sure to pinch the top of the main stem - this will give an impetus to the growth of lateral branches and the formation of a lush bush that brings tasty greens.

Cucumbers in the garden are stepson in the shape of an inverted pyramid. The branch is divided into 4 parts and, starting from the bottom, the stepsons are cut in the first in the axils of the fourth leaf. In the second part, the lateral branches are pinched, 1 leaf and 1 ovary are left, in the third - 2 leaves and 2 ovaries, in the fourth - 3 leaves, 3 ovaries. When 1-2 fruits appear on the main branch at the top, the growth point must be pinched.

With a horizontal arrangement, be sure to pinch the top of the main stem

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Pinching cucumbers promotes lateral growth, abundant flowering and improved crop quality. The grateful plant will give additional strength to increase the fruiting period.

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Do I need to pinch cucumbers? What does pickling cucumbers give?

Do I need to pinch cucumbers in open and closed ground? Does pinching cucumbers affect yields?

Cucumbers do not stepchild, as they do with tomatoes - they remove side shoots from the main stems in order to increase the yield and the ripening period of the fruit. Cucumbers are only pinched. There is a difference between these concepts. Pinching is the shortening of the main stem, that is, the removal of the tips. This gives impetus to the growth of the lateral branches, on which the growth of cucumbers is concentrated. Therefore, pinching, that is, removing these lateral shoots - only harm yourself, because you will be left without a crop. You can, of course, remove some of them, or pinch the tops in them. I personally do just that. I plant bee-pollinated varieties, tie them up on strings, some just grow on the ground.

Perhaps in different varieties of cucumbers, one should treat the stepsons and the main stem differently, because there are different points of view and methods of cultivation. Here everyone needs to experiment and choose their best option.

I have something like this:

The lower leaves in the cucumbers are also removed, especially if they began to turn yellow or hurt.

Why is it done

Stepsons on cucumbers take some of the minerals and water. If they are not cut, they will become stems. The following shoots will appear from them, which will take up even more nutrients. The procedure is carried out to achieve 3 goals:

  • yield increase
  • the possibility of getting cucumbers earlier than usual
  • facilitating the care of the plant, making it compact.

If the variety is dominated by female flowers, then there is no need to pinch the stem. You can recognize the sex of a flower by the buds in the axils of the lower leaves. If there are no ovaries, then it is necessary to pinch the stalk.

How to pinch cucumbers

The whole process consists of performing several elements:

  1. To begin with, you must take care of installing trellises to which the grown lashes will be tied. At the same time, do not forget that under the cotyledon leaves the plant must tie freely so that it takes place for further growth and development.
  2. Even before solving the problem of how to pinch a cucumber correctly, it is necessary to pay due attention to planting and growing them.
  3. Regardless of the variety, you should not plant them very densely, thus giving the shoots enough room for full development. Otherwise, you risk getting a bad harvest. And this even though your soil can be very fertile.
  4. The next stage you will go to is the formation of lashes. This process involves trimming the top of the plant above the sixth leaf.
  5. In this case, you need to leave three shoots for the cucumber, all the rest can be removed. This option is good for hybrid varieties. If you are dealing with "simpletons", then everything is much simpler - we will leave only one stem, which will play the role of the main one.

Do I need to pinch cucumbers. How to do it.

If the owners of the plots knew the basics of pinching cucumbers, everyone would have a much richer harvest.

It's not enough just to grow vegetables. You also need to be able to properly care for them, especially - to pinch the side lashes to significantly increase the yield.

To pick or not to pick leaves from cucumbers

The answer to the question of whether it is necessary to cut off the lower leaves of cucumbers will be unambiguous - it is necessary to do this. However, the pinching procedure must be done very carefully.

Many of those who have heard that for a better harvest, the leaves should be cut off, try to get rid of all excess vegetation.

These are absolutely wrong actions. Thanks to healthy leaves, the cucumber bush receives oxygen and ultraviolet light, which are important for growth and fertility. If you remove anything, the plant will quickly die, and there will never be any more fruits on it.

When and how to pinch cucumbers in the greenhouse

If you have a heated polycarbonate greenhouse, it is especially important to know how to pinch cucumber bushes. The greenhouse can be used to plant self-pollinated or parthenocarpic varieties that are ideally suited to these conditions. There is limited room for growth, so pinching is especially important here.

Those cucumber lashes that have already been formed are tied up according to a pre-calculated scheme, and if extra shoots appear, the plants will be shaded.

It is advisable not to allow the stepsons to grow, but to try to remove them in a timely manner.

Pinning rules

It is better to spawn the shoots when they are up to 5-6 centimeters long - then the cucumber bush will be able to endure the removal of the stepsons with minimal stress.

Since the main stem of the cucumber seedling grows upward, it is tied to a trellis immediately after planting in a polycarbonate greenhouse.

Figure out how to pinch cucumbers correctly. It's better to do everything step by step:

initially it is necessary to remove all lateral leaves (up to 4-5 processes), but do this after 5-7 leaves appear

after that, in the process of growth, from one to two lateral lashes are formed - it all depends on the amount of space in the polycarbonate greenhouse

ovaries and lateral branches must be constantly monitored, all the time shortening each of them to 3-5 knots.

pruning of cucumbers in a polycarbonate greenhouse is carried out according to the norm: 4-5 leaves are pinched above each node.

It is better to remove stepchildren from all plants in a timely manner so that they do not have time to outgrow and coarse. Young shoots can be broken off with your fingers.

If the stepson has already hardened, he must be cut off with a sharp knife. The lower part of the stem of the branches that have grown to the ceiling of the greenhouse must be freed from the leaves.

After that, the entire lash should be lowered downward, adding the upper part of the cord if necessary. It is necessary to fasten the lower part of the stem so that it looks like a wide loop.

How to pinch cucumbers in the open field

When growing cucumbers in the open field, be sure to carry out pinching. This will add yield to the bush. For a good result, you must adhere to one of two main pinning schemes:

The first - is to remove all unnecessary branches, and leave one main branch, which will give the crop.

This method is relevant if the owner sows cucumbers very tightly, and the stems are located in an upright position along the trellis. With this scheme, the garden will have a neat and well-groomed appearance, and harvesting will become simple, because all the fruits are in sight.

Stepping into the second way - this is not a complete removal of stepchildren, but only up to the 4th or 6th sheet. This ensures the formation of a lush and fertile cucumber bush. Here, the main task is the timely pinching of the top: due to this, the development of lateral processes is stimulated, on which female flowers grow more often.

Before pinching cucumbers, it is important to know that male pollinating flowers are formed on the main branch, and female ones on the neighboring ones. When planting a bush, it is necessary to provide good conditions for the development of side lashes, but do not forget to remove the stepsons. The many lateral shoots prevent the rich harvest from ripening.

Here is an option for how to process plants step by step:

Divide the main lash into four parts in length.

From the first part of the creeper, remove the stepsons from below, which are located in the axils of 4 leaves,

In the second, pinch the side shoots, while leaving one ovary and one leaf.

On the third part, leave two ovaries and two leaves.

The fourth part has three leaves and three ovaries. When one or two fruits appear on the main branch on top, the growth point must be pinched, leaving the processes on the sides.

Do you need to pinch cucumbers at all?

Sometimes you can hear the opinion that pinching cucumbers in the greenhouse and in the open field is a waste of time, and you can get excellent harvests without it. In some cases, this is the case, since it all depends on the type of plant and its characteristics. But it should be remembered that with the uncontrolled growth of cucumbers on the bushes, a large number of barren flowers (male shoots) are formed. And to obtain a harvest, just female shoots are needed, which appear exclusively on the lateral parts of the plant.

So what happens when you pinch cucumbers:

  • female flowers are formed
  • the bitterness disappears from the fruit
  • fruiting increases.


How to pinch cucumbers correctly, every gardener should know, because the quantity and quality of the crop depends on this procedure. If the gardener did everything right, then the harvest will only delight. Pinching has only positive sides, but, of course, there are times when the procedure should not be carried out. Basically, this applies to side branches. All actions should be carried out correctly and carefully, and after the procedure, continue caring for the plant in the usual way.

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