Cherry tomatoes on the windowsill

Cherry tomatoes on the windowsill

You've probably seen in stores more than once cherry tomatoes... They usually sit in a small basket and look great. These vegetables can decorate many dishes and add a piquant touch to them. These tomatoes, which are rather small in size, have a very pleasant sweetish taste with a slight sourness. Having tried them once, you will certainly have a desire to grow such vegetables yourself, and it is quite possible to do it. These tomatoes can be grown at home on your windowsill., but in order for the harvest to be good, you should know a few nuances.

Features of growing and care

In order for your cherry tomatoes to grow without causing any particular problems, and bring a good harvest, several nuances should be taken into account:

  1. First you need choose the right pot for this plant. They should be cylindrical in order to better fill with the root system. It is not advisable to use pots, the shape of which resembles a rectangle or square. And after the containers are selected, they must be filled with nutrient soil.
  2. A southern or eastern window sill is perfect for placement, since the plant loves light very much.
  3. Also tomatoes will need supplementary lighting, as otherwise they begin to throw off the buds. For this, it is desirable to use a blue-red shortwave source.
  4. Seeds are sown in pallets, after which they are covered with polyethylene film (glass). They are kept in a place where it is dark and rather warm, ranging from 25 to 30 degrees. When the first shoots appear, the film is removed, and after 2 real leaves grow, the plants must be dived into the pots, where they will grow.
  5. Once the tomatoes are transplanted to a permanent location, they must be properly cared for, which is very similar to that of simple outdoor tomatoes. Plants need timely watering, pinching, prevention and treatment of diseases, fertilization, garter to the support.
  6. If you have the desire and experience, then these plants can be grown hydroponically.

Optimum humidity

Cherry tomatoes, of course, love moisture, but it should be borne in mind that an excess of it can lead to a rapid build-up of stepsons and green mass in the plant. When the weather is cloudy, these plants need to be watered 2 times less than usual. In tomatoes of this type, the pistils are spliced ​​with the stamens (because of this, they are self-pollinated), however, if the soil moisture is very high and the air temperature is kept at 30 degrees, then the ovaries are extremely poorly formed. You can improve the situation with a brush. She just needs to walk over the flowers, which will significantly increase the number of ovaries.

Breeding features

The stems and cuttings of this plant root very simply and easily. Therefore, it is not necessary to grow cherry tomatoes from seeds. You can easily move them out of your garden. You can also root shoots or stepchildren.

In order for the stepsons to take root, as quickly as possible, very little fertilizer for the flowers must be added to the water poured into the glass. And if they are provided with good indoor conditions, then their rooting will occur after only 7 days. So, just an excellent seedling in the spring is obtained from plants that you rooted in the fall. And these seedlings can be obtained in just half a month. Plus, this type of seedling begins to bear fruit after just a month, and that's all, because they are part of an adult, well-developed plant.

Also, another advantage of this type of plant reproduction and planting them in open ground is that they have time to give a crop long before late blight begins to actively spread.

A few tricks

There are several tricks in growing cherry tomatoes:

  1. So, you can plant newly rooted shoots in June for the second time, and they will actively bear fruit until mid-autumn.
  2. German gardeners know one trick that allows them to exclude the pulling out of seedlings if they do not have enough light. And this is very easy to do. You will need a soft brush that you need to gently brush over the leaves and tops of the shoots from time to time. As a result, the hairs are slightly damaged. located on their surface, due to which the seedlings begin to grow much slower and bush.
  3. Some gardeners also grow cherry tomatoes in buckets made of iron. Such plants are not planted in open ground. The fact is that thanks to such an unusual capacity, tomatoes are not infected with late blight. And this is because iron can significantly inhibit the growth and development of this fungus.

Hybrids and varieties for the windowsill, as well as the loggia

  • Cherry Lisa F1;
  • F1 bead;
  • Baby;
  • Minibel;
  • Date F1;
  • Craiova;
  • Bonsai;
  • Thumbelina;
  • Pygmy;
  • Greenfinch F1;
  • Cherry Likopa.

The choice of soil mixture and feeding features

Surely a large number of people who decide to grow cherry tomatoes on their windowsill find it very difficult to resist the bright packages of fertilizers that are available in literally every store. After all, it seems to them that without them the plant simply cannot grow normally and bring a good harvest. But here it is worth considering that abundant feeding of plants can do them very great harm.

And you should also know that the substances contained in fertilizers can accumulate in the fruits, as a result of which they become poisonous. And in order for cherry tomatoes to grow well, it will be enough to choose the right planting soil and feed them with any WMD once every 2 weeks, or use simple plant tinctures for these purposes.

The soil mixture is prepared simply. To do this, you need to mix sand, compost, peat, garden and turf soil. It is also recommended to add a little charcoal.

According to many experts, conventional mechanical mixing of the soil is less effective than that which is carried out with spraying of layers. Due to this, the soil is restructured, and as a result, when watering, the liquid will be more evenly distributed over the substrate.

Using the above tips, you will certainly be able to grow strong and healthy cherry tomatoes that will delight you with their harvest for a long time.

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How to grow tomatoes for the New Year's table

Well? Maybe it's time for us to take a chance and aim at growing tomatoes in our home garden.

Of course, we will not be able to grow so many vegetables at home to collect them in buckets, but you will definitely get a dozen or two red tight fruits in the middle of winter.

In addition, they will become a real decoration of your apartment, and you can feast on sweet tomatoes and admire a cheerful little vegetable garden with bright fruits, thereby satisfying your gardening addictions.

Want to ? So, let's start growing a tomato on the windowsill at home and create a unique, beautiful, home garden full of vitamins.

  • Tomatoes on the windowsill have long ceased to be exotic. It is quite easy to grow and care for them, you just need to know the simple conditions of such an original agricultural technique.

Experienced gardeners will be happy to share with you the secrets of growing indoor tomatoes. Creating a home garden will bring you real pleasure!

This is a very pleasant and exciting activity, and your children will be happy to help you arrange your home garden and take care of it.

How to grow tomatoes on the windowsill? How to create the most favorable conditions for the ripening of the tomato crop on the windowsill?

This is what the further conversation will be about.

Cultivars that thrive indoors

Growing cherry tomatoes at home requires the use of special types of tomatoes. As a rule, undersized varieties "Minibel", "Pigmey", "Zelenushka F1", "Bansai", "Cherry Lisa F1" are more suitable for growing them in an apartment. These low bushes can please their owners with a not bad harvest, especially since in the conditions of the apartment there is a significant lack of light. But these varieties are bred specifically for such conditions, so there is no need to worry too much about the lack of lighting.

Unfortunately, this does not mean at all that the cultivation of cherry tomatoes should be left to chance. As a result, with a serious approach to business, you can have ripe tomatoes, although not large, until the New Year.

Mini-garden in an apartment: how to grow vegetables, herbs and even strawberries at home

Cucumbers, peppers, carrots and even strawberries! All this can be grown on a balcony or windowsill and there is fresh, eco-friendly, and most importantly, free vegetables and fruits all year round. Right now, we will tell you how to set up a mini-vegetable garden in a city apartment.

Growing food in a city is popular all over the world. So, Britta Riley lives in a tiny apartment in New York. She came up with a vertical hydroponic garden. It takes up little space and produces a good harvest. Britta talked about her innovation at TED.

In the West, if a product is labeled eco, bio or organic, it means two things. Firstly, these products are grown, harvested and processed in accordance with environmental standards, that is, without pesticides, synthetic fertilizers, growth stimulants and other "nasty". They have been certified, and serious organizations have guaranteed their quality. Secondly, organic products are much more expensive than conventional ones.

In Russia, the “clean food” market is just emerging. Biocertification and control systems have not yet been formed. And the difference in prices between organic products and ordinary vegetables and fruits sometimes reaches 1,000%! Therefore, for us, the most eco, bio and organic are products grown by our own hands.

But not everyone has dachas and relatives in the village. What should urban children do, who are accustomed to seeing potatoes washed and in nets, and greens in vacuum packages? Grow vegetables and fruits directly on the balcony or windowsill.

6 reasons to arrange a mini-vegetable garden at home

  1. You can pamper yourself with fresh vegetables and herbs full of vitamins all year round.
  2. Saving. Vegetables and fruits are expensive, especially in winter. With a home garden, you no longer have to adjust to the season (we eat plenty of tomatoes only in July, and apples in September).
  3. You yourself can grow a plant from a tiny seed with your own hands, you can collect fruits. This is a creative activity that charges with positive energy.
  4. You can improve your knowledge of biology, gain useful skills and acquire an exciting hobby.
  5. Your children will see how tomatoes, cucumbers and other vegetables grow, and they will understand that they do not materialize miraculously in the refrigerator, their cultivation is a serious work.
  6. You can surprise your friends and acquaintances. Imagine showing off your harvest by showing your window beds. )

What you need to grow vegetables and herbs at home

  • A place... This is usually a windowsill or balcony. Better if they face the sunny side. If not, lamps will be required for additional lighting. If necessary, the window sill can be expanded or racks for "beds" can be built (the minimum distance between shelves is 50 cm).
  • Capacities... Clay or plastic pots, wooden boxes can serve as beds for a home garden. The main thing is that there are holes in the bottom for draining water. It is recommended to place containers on pallets.
  • Priming... There are many potting mixes available for indoor gardens. As a rule, several layers are made: peat, compost, turf. You can prepare the soil yourself, or you can buy it in a specialized store.
  • Seeds... Some varieties of tomatoes or cucumbers grow well at home, while others do not even sprout. Therefore, before you start indoor gardening, you need to sit on the forums, read articles on the Internet and find out which seeds to buy.

In addition, you may need fertilizers, top dressing, a thermometer and a vessel for settling water (house plants are watered with water at room temperature, separated from chlorine).

Preparation tips

Cherry plants are so small that they can fit in small containers right on your windowsill. But to start growing indoor tomatoes, you have to do some preparatory work. Here's what experienced gardeners advise about this.

  1. You will need some kind of containers in which the tomatoes will grow. It is recommended to pick up something cylindrical in shape, since it will be more difficult for the root system to form in square containers. It would be a good idea to plant the seedlings in plastic cups with drainage holes in their bottoms. These cups are cylindrical and cheap.
  2. The nutrient soil that needs to be filled in containers can be purchased in specialized stores or prepared by yourself by mixing one part of humus, peat and turf soil.
  3. If in your apartment the windows face different sides, choose the window sill that is most illuminated so that the tomatoes receive as much light as possible throughout the year. Better if it is on the east or south side.
  4. No matter how much light the street gives, you still have to worry about additional lighting, especially for the winter period, so that the buds do not fall off. For this, a source of shortwave red-blue radiation is selected.

To grow Cherry tomatoes on the balcony, you only need pots, a substrate and a lot of sunlight.

Important. Another thing to do in advance is preparing the windowsill itself.

Even if you have plastic windows installed in your apartment, cold air still emanates from the double-glazed windows in winter. The same applies to ordinary wooden windows - the place where your tomatoes will grow must be insulated. To do this, equip some protection using boards, foam sheets and other insulation materials.

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