Filters for swimming pools

Filters for swimming pools

What are

The pool filters are positioned inside the pump and have the function of capturing the dirt that is sucked up by the pool water. On the market, for each swimming pool there is a particular type of filter suitable for cleaning that specific amount of water. Small pools do not need to be equipped with a filter. We refer to children's pools where the amount of water contained in them can be easily emptied and refilled the next day. The filter becomes essential in medium and large swimming pools, whether it is above ground models or underground models.


Pool filters are basically divided into sand filters and cartridge filters. The size of the pump must be proportional to the amount of water that must be filtered. It is important to remember that the filter must be operated even if the pool has not been used. If the use of the pool is daily, a continuous operation of the same filter is implied. If the pool is used only sporadically, a daily schedule for cleaning the water can also be chosen. The cartridge filter is a filter capable of capturing all the dirt found in the tank. To function correctly, the filter must be washed periodically under running water. The water pressure is used to keep it perfectly clean, also because if you were to continue to use it without proper cleaning, after a few days you would realize that the water in the pool is not as clean as it should. Periodically it is also necessary to replace it and buy a new one. Most plastic pools are sold in combination with a cartridge filter. The filter is inserted inside the pump and the pool instructions also contain all the information necessary for cleaning and replacing the filter.


The cartridge filter must be inserted inside the pump after having closed the valves that allow water to enter it and after having unscrewed the pump cap. After washing it, it is necessary to reposition the filter properly otherwise the pump will emit a strange sound due to the malfunction of the filter itself. The sand filter needs to be checked periodically and is placed inside a cylindrical container. If sand is missing, more must be added. Thorough washing must be carried out every fortnight and each time the pool is used for the new season, before putting it into operation, it is necessary to check that the sand level is adequate. By following the necessary procedures for both the cartridge filter and the sand filter, this can guarantee a good life, otherwise you risk having to replace it annually. Above ground pools, on the other hand, have three filters, each of which performs an autonomous function but in any case dependent on each other: the skimmer, the bag and the filter pump basket. Also in this case they must all be perfectly clean, and at each first use of the new season it is necessary to check that everything is in perfect working order. Each pool model requires a water filter. To find out which one is best suited to the model chosen, you can always ask your dealer for more information. It is good not to be fooled by the reduced cost of filters with lower power which however would not be able to guarantee the cleanliness of the water of rather large pools.

Where to buy

The pool filter is sold together with the pool. If it should be replaced, it is necessary to contact a specialized sales point and purchase a replacement one. Anyone wishing to replace the entire pump must always indicate to the dealer the amount of water contained in their pool so that a suitable pump is sold to filter the entire amount. We remind you that external filters are only present in above ground pools because the inground pool models have an entire apparatus dedicated to filtering the water.

Pool filters: Costs

The cost of a filter depends on the type, whether sand or cartridge. Generally replacing a filter does not have an excessively high cost, it is certainly higher if the pump must also be purchased. By going to a specialized shop you will notice how many different models are present and realize that sometimes for a swimming pool that is used with a certain frequency it may be necessary to replace the entire pump to buy one with a higher power.

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