Information About Organic Gardens

Information About Organic Gardens

Earth Conscious Gardening Ideas: How To Make Your Garden Earth Friendly

By Bonnie L. Grant, Certified Urban Agriculturist

Lots of people are looking for ways to join in on green gardening trends. Environmentally friendly gardens start with a conscious decision to go back to natural ways of maintaining your landscape. For some earth conscious gardening ideas and tips, click here.

DIY Plant Collar Ideas: Making A Plant Collar For Pests

By Amy Grant

Every gardener has experienced some sort of problem regarding transplanting young seedlings, from bad weather conditions to annoying pests. Although not much can be done about the weather, seedlings can be protected by using a plant collar. Click here for more info.

Cardboard Garden Ideas – Tips On Reusing Cardboard For The Garden

By Bonnie L. Grant, Certified Urban Agriculturist

If you have recently moved, there is something fun you can do with all those cardboard boxes besides fill up your recycle bin. Reusing cardboard for the garden provides compostable material, kills pesky weeds and help you get a new bed ready quickly. Learn more here.

Natural Pest Repellent: Do Hot Peppers Deter Pests In The Garden

By Amy Grant

We all know that pepper spray repels the bad guys, right? So it isn't necessarily a stretch to think that you could repel insect pests with hot peppers. This article provides additional information, including a DIY homemade natural pest repellant using hot peppers.

Push-Pull Pest Control – Learn About Using Push-Pull In Gardens

By Darcy Larum, Landscape Designer

Because of the harmful effects from chemical pesticides, farmers and gardeners all over the world have been implementing newer, safer pest control methods. One such method is push-pull technology. Click here to learn more about how push-pull works.

Tree Guild Permaculture – How To Plant A Tree Guild

By Bonnie L. Grant, Certified Urban Agriculturist

Creating a tree guild provides a natural, self-sustaining, useful landscape that encompass several plant species, each with its own purpose and benefit to the others. What is a tree guild? Use the information in this article to learn more.

What Are Organic Pesticides And Are Organic Pesticides Safe To Use

By Bonnie L. Grant, Certified Urban Agriculturist

Organic pesticides are a safer alternative to chemical formulas, but even these need to be used with caution. What are organic pesticides and are organic pesticides safe? Learn more in this article. Click here to learn more.

Salt Recipe For Weeds – How To Use Salt To Kill Weeds

By Susan Patterson, Master Gardener

While there are many different chemical sprays to combat weeds, some of these can be dangerous. So consider using salt to kill weeds. Learn more about killing weeds with salt in this article.

Sugar On Weeds: Using Sugar To Kill Weeds In Lawn And Gardens

By Bonnie L. Grant, Certified Urban Agriculturist

If you're searching for a pet and child-friendly method of weed control, you'll find a surprising ingredient right in your kitchen cupboards: sugar! Learn more about sugar weed control in this article.

Information On The Biointensive Planting Method

By Kathee Mierzejewski

For better soil quality and space saving in the garden, consider biointensive gardening. Read this article for more information on how to grow a biointensive garden. Click here to get started.

Natural Home Pesticides: Organic Garden Pest Control

By Heather Rhoades

Organic garden pest control is on the minds of many gardeners these days. Take a look at some natural insect repellents you can make for the garden in this article. Read here for more info.

Homemade Pet Friendly Weed Killer

By Heather Rhoades

Your pets are as much a part of your life as your garden is and you want to make sure they can enjoy your garden without it making them sick. This article has some pet friendly options for weeds.

Weed It and Reap: How To Weed Your Garden Naturally

By Mary H. Dyer, Credentialed Garden Writer

For the sake of the environment - and your pocketbook - herbicides should always be a last resort when all else fails. Learn about controlling weeds without chemicals in this article. Click here for more information.

Natural Pest Control In An Organic Garden

By Kat Yares

Walk into any garden store and you will find tons of chemicals to control pests in the garden. You can spend hundreds of dollars on these products. What works and what doesn't? Read here to learn more.

How To Easily & Organically Improve Your Clay Soil

By Heather Rhoades

If you live in an area that is plagued by clay soil, you know how that feels. If the soil was better, the task of digging would not be nearly so hard either. Learn how to improve clay soil in this article.

How To Grow An Organic Garden

By Kat Yares

Nothing compares to the plants grown in an organic garden. Nearly anything can be organically grown in the home garden. Read this article for more information on creating organic gardens.

Five Benefits Of Growing An Organic Garden

By Kat Yares

No matter where you go today, people are talking about organic foods. So what exactly are the benefits of growing an organic garden? Continue to read this article to learn more.

Indoor Organic Gardening

By Kat Yares

Indoor organic gardening in containers allows you to grow nearly anything your heart desires. Learn more about how to grow plants organically indoors by reading this article.

Work Out What Works Where You Live

You can't plan a garden if you do not know yours. Understanding your site properly is something that will broaden and deepen with time. But all garden planning should begin with at least a cursory understanding of where you live.

It might sound obvious, but it is important to think about the basic environmental factors. Make sure you know the climate and microclimate where you live. Make sure you know how sunlight moves across the site, and how shade is cast throughout each day and throughout the year. Is it wet and boggy or arid and dry? Is it windy or sheltered? Get to know your soil, and the plants already growing in the area.

In the middle of winter, you might not spend as much time outdoors. But make sure you do spend some time out in your garden, getting to know it and making observations that will later help you to make the right choices.

Mown Grass Paths

Above: A mown grass path beneath an arch of apple and pear branches. See more at Garden Visit: A Modern Garden for a Gothic Estate in the Cotswolds. Photograph by Britt Willoughby Dyer.

Easy on the pocketbook as well as the environment, mown grass paths encourage rainwater to percolate back into the soil. See more at Landscape on a Budget: 10 Ideas for Mown Grass Paths.

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