Metal braziers - Cafe Design

Metal braziers - Cafe Design

In order to answer this seemingly simple question, you need, at a minimum, to know where and how often you are going to use it. For lovers of outdoor recreation, one is suitable, for summer residents - another, and for the owner of a cafe - a third. Of course, the choice will also depend on the size of your wallet.

The first thing you need to know when choosing barbecues is what, in fact, to choose from. There are many modifications of these devices for cooking meat. Let's consider their main advantages and disadvantages.

Depending on your mobility, there are two types of barbecues:

  • portable
  • stationary.

The former are usually made from sheet metal. The latter can be metal, stone, brick, as well as electric and gas. Each of these grills is good in certain circumstances. For example, models in which heat sources are not coal, but gas or electricity are more likely options. homemade... Their owners can eat barbecue at any time of the year, and without leaving home. However, you yourself understand that there can be no question of any aroma of burning coals: just fried meat.

If this option is unacceptable for you either for financial, or for taste, or for any other reasons, then you should look for your grill among other models.

Those who want to regularly enjoy the taste of meat baked on coals in their country house or in a country house should consider installing a stationary brick grill. It, like any brick structure, is placed on the foundation. The main advantage of this design is its durability. In appearance, a brick brazier usually resembles a stove, but its design can be more original. It all depends on the imagination and budget of the owners.

Brazier and barbecue - what is the difference

The essential difference between a grill and a barbecue is not only the form of the structure, but also the method of frying food. In the barbecue, products are prepared using skewers, on which pieces of food are strung; in the barbecue, a grill is used for frying.

The brazier is a rectangular structure made of metal (usually steel or cast iron), which has special holes for skewers and a lower container for flaming firewood or coals. In the grill, the temperature of the coals is maintained by manual blowing, and the uniformity of the roasting of the product is regulated by periodically rotating the skewers.

The barbecue structure consists of two vertical compartments, the lower one is for solid fuel, the upper one is equipped with a grate on which food is laid. In such a brazier, the cooking temperature is adjusted by adjusting the height of the removable grill.


How to make a brazier out of metal

The advantage of metal braziers is their mobility. You can at any time put an iron hearth in a suitable place in the yard or garden.

And the folding models are very convenient for outdoor picnics. Although, for those who live in estates, there is no point in going anywhere.

  • if there is a need to go somewhere - a thin-walled brazier with a metal thickness of 2 mm weighs much lighter than its relatives, such a brazier is often made folding and weighs about 5-7 kg, which is very convenient for manual and road transportation
  • if you do not often have picnics and your company is small, thin-walled barbecues are, as a rule, small in size and limit the amount of food prepared.

Those who want to buy such a grill should know that it is impossible to light a fire in it, otherwise the hearth will quickly fail: the thin walls simply cannot withstand the temperature.

Firewood is first burned on the side of the ground, and then the burning coals are transferred to the brazier with an iron scoop.

Thick metal walls keep heat well, which makes food cook faster.

Such a grill is purchased by gourmets and aesthetes. After all, forged structures become a real decoration of a private area.

  • brazier for one family: width 30-35 cm, length 50-60 cm, for 5-6 skewers
  • brazier for a large campaign: width 35-40 cm, length 65-75 cm, for 7-8 skewers.

The transformer barbecue woman is hanging against the wall while waiting for her time.

A large brazier with a small roof looks neat and solid.

A sink under one roof with a barbecue is a convenient solution, plus a small table and an oven for cooking.

Brazier under the roof with a mini-smokehouse and a stove, the whole structure is under the roof.

The whole summer kitchen is made of metal. Lacy summer kitchen :)

A good example of a mobile barbecue: a weighty forged structure can be rolled to the right place like a garden wheelbarrow.

Grape amber inspired the master who made this model of the brazier, and it will serve as a reminder to the owner about what is better (healthier) to use everything cooked in this brazier.

This model has a pull-out ash pan. It is theoretically convenient, but practically. the gap should be large so that it can easily move, plus for this they sacrificed a blower, I don't know how justified this is.

Beautiful, high-quality metal brazier made by a master.

Everything is fine in this simple barbecue, but the legs are thin.

A small mobile brazier made of metal. Neat and nothing superfluous.

Large barbecue for a large company.

Uncomplicated barbecue design with carrying handles.

And this already, so I want to say "a full-fledged car", but I'm afraid this term will offend the master. No, this is a real 33 Gourmet Treats carriage.

The photo above shows the "golden mean" of the two previous designs: sufficient functionality and decent appearance.

Bravo to the master! What "power": 7 mm steel, racks designed like railroad crutches, heat-insulated handles.

Brazier in the shape of a chest - a very functional solution Please note: the lid can be closed and continue cooking in the smoking mode.

In the photo on the right: a very successful model of a barbecue for a suburban area.

I honestly do not like any attempts to depict nature in rough sculpture, however, there are beautiful exceptions.

Brazier hidden in a bowl imitating a ship's hull.

A non-standard approach to the design of a barbecue oven.

An interesting idea is to hide the brazier in the cut of a metal pipe.

This is not a brazier, but a metal fire bowl that can be used as a brazier.

A barbecue or grill made of bricks is a simplified stove structure, often fastened with clay mortar, which is afraid of getting wet. But even structures made on the basis of heat-resistant cement still need protection from rain. If only because.

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Beautiful examples

The original stationary brazier made of metal, made with forging elements. In this case, the forged parts represent a table-stand for a brazier. There is a place under the table for preparing firewood or coal, so as not to run far behind them. Such a grill will not be easy, but quite mobile. That is, it will not be difficult to rearrange it in a convenient place or put it in a shed for the winter. Forged products about

A metal brazier with a roof allows you to cook meals over a fire, even in bad weather. If you don't have a shed or a gazebo in your yard, but you want meat or vegetables fried over a fire, this option is an excellent solution. In addition, the design is equipped with a stand for installing a cauldron and also a convenient place for placing fuel.

Unusual models are also found among stationary barbecues. Two large wheels are very successfully attached to the legs of this design. Simulating a garden wheelbarrow, the device easily moves around your site and stays firmly and stable where you need it.

This configuration of metal braziers in the shape of a boot is quite common. It combines a barbecue maker, a barbecue maker and even the possibility of cooking meat on a spit. The convenient grid table allows you to optimally arrange all the necessary tools and ingredients at hand.

Folding metal brazier when packed resembles a suitcase. This allows you to take it with you wherever and whenever you want. If necessary, skewers and other necessary little things can be folded inside. The only drawback of this design is the height. It is as compact as possible, and therefore you will have to cook on it only in a sitting position.

Another example of a suitcase barbecue, which is already equipped with legs. These additional parts are conveniently folded inside the box, which is closed with a special fastener so that nothing falls apart. The photo also shows other models of folding braziers, which are also compact in size and easy to use.

A spacious stationary barbecue made of a sheet of metal with the addition of forged patterns. It is also equipped with a device for cooking in a cauldron, has a convenient side table and a place for firewood or dishes under the box itself.

An original way to install an exhaust pipe over the barbecue. Suitable for those who do not want to fix the barbecue in one place and install a bulky exhaust structure in the gazebo or on the veranda. All the nuances have already been taken into account here. Some manufacturers even offer benches and chairs in the same style.

A fabulous brazier in the form of a carriage with a roof will impress even the most skeptical buyer. However, the price of such a forged model may not be the most pleasant value. Of the features of this design, it is possible to note the presence of a cover on the barbecue.

The original hearth is obtained from the front of the car. This allows you not only to surprise your guests and get a convenient device for cooking on fire. Thanks to this non-standard approach, you also get rid of an unnecessary vehicle that only took up space.

A chic forged brazier in the form of a caravan, equipped with a roof and a chimney, will become a true decoration of your site. The design is bulky, but it allows you to cook immediately for a large company both on skewers and on a barbecue net.

There are a lot of beautiful and practical examples of metal barbecues. It is important to remember all important safety measures when using them so that the external aesthetics do not turn into trouble. Making metal barbecues for your own use with your own strength and hands is a responsible and creative process that requires concentration, caution and an individual approach.

How to make a metal brazier with your own hands, see the video below.

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