Plant shops "Green Fazenda"

Plant shops

Plant shops "Green Fazenda" offer:

- Coniferous seedlings: Siberian cedar and Korean cedar, mountain pines, thuja, spruce (including blue), junipers, fir, larch, etc.

- Ornamental plants

- Seedlings of deciduous trees: oak, maple, Amur velvet, Manchurian walnut, horse chestnut, liriodendron (tulip tree), hawthorn, large-leaved linden (ideal for hedges), small-leaved linden, hazel (walnut), etc.

- Saplings of ornamental shrubs: varietal self-root lilac (more than 10 varieties, there are flowering bushes), rhododendrons (evergreen and deciduous). Saplings of spiraea, cinquefoil, chubushnik (garden jasmine), barberry, hydrangea, wild rose, forsythia, etc.

- Vine seedlings: Chinese lemongrass, maiden grapes, Amur grapes, actinidia ...

- Fruit and berry seedlings: different varieties of apple, pear, cherry, cherry, plum, raspberry, honeysuckle, currant (black, white, red, golden), cranberry, strawberry, strawberry, gooseberry, mountain ash, sea buckthorn, mountain ash, etc.

- Seedlings of perennial, ground cover and annual flowers in the assortment: roses, phloxes, hosts (different varieties and sizes), irises, climbing roses, primroses, hydrangeas, saxifrage, daylilies and much more.

- Greenhouses, greenhouse - shell
- Soils, mulch, fertilizers
- Garden decor (flower beds, garden figures, etc.)
- And much more. Almost all of the seedlings are grown in the Northwest region.

Sale of garden plants in St. Petersburg

Recently, its own nursery of seedlings has been actively developing, in which the main assortment of garden plants used for landscape design, gardening of personal plots and urban areas has been collected.

New service - "GIFT CERTIFICATE". You can purchase a certificate for the purchase of plants in our store for any amount. It will be valid throughout the year and will be a great gift for any occasion.

A child was born, plant a tree !!!

Plant a cedar, a tree that your great-great-grandchildren will see. After all, the cedar even lives up to 800 years. Treat yourself to the air filled with healing phytoncides. An additional bonus is the ability to harvest healthy and nutritious pine nuts right in your garden. In gardens, where they provide timely care and fertilizing, the cedar begins to bear fruit at the age of 20-25.

A group of such trees will not only become the highlight of your "estate", but will also improve the environment around the place, purifying the air, filling it with healing phytoncides and the fresh aroma of a coniferous forest.

Sale, delivery and landing of large-sized trees, including winter

We have all the necessary special equipment and experienced workers. We work on a turnkey basis (we sell, deliver, drop off and serve).

It is the winter planting of large large trees that is preferable because of the transplantation of plants with physiological processes frozen for the winter. Planting trees in winter is the most well-developed technique in terms of the survival rate of an adult tree during transplantation.

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