Angler's Explanatory Dictionary

Angler's Explanatory Dictionary

Spinning beard Is a sign of a newbie on fishing.

restricted area - part of the reservoir where fishing is carried out with prohibited tackles.

Knot - the ability of the line to serve as a determinant of the angler's temperament. So, when a knot is formed, the choleric tears the line immediately: the sanguine first unties the knot for a long time, and only then tears the line; the melancholic for long hours, forgetting about fishing, unties the knot, and the phlegmatic person calmly continues to cast the line, not paying attention to the knot.

Pinch - a measure of generosity on fishing. For example: a pinch of bloodworms, a pinch of tobacco and so on ...

Weekend - often the same in anglers and fish.

Ear - a dish often found in fishing. Sometimes (though quite rarely) it is cooked from fish.

Donka - tackle that relieves the angler of the need to hold the rod, walk along the shore, sail on a boat in a pond and many other burdensome activities. The angler using the donkey believes that the largest fish will be his. Practice, however, often proves the opposite: fish do not always agree with this.

Prudence - if the lines of two rods are entangled with each other, first untangle one.

Bloodworm - a mosquito larva living in silt. Sometimes anglers themselves get it. But it is much more common in the pet store, from where it gets directly to the fishermen.

Dream (angler's) - the best bite time.

Zywiec - an enthusiastic angler.

Nod - a careless greeting by the boss of a subordinate.

Malok - a beginner angler.

Basting - plan for the upcoming fishing trip.

Gudgeon - a fisherman on the beach.

Collected Alexander Nosov

The meaning of the word vegetable garden

Vegetable garden in the crossword dictionary

  • the "address" of the scarecrow
  • Where is the scarecrow?
  • Plot with ridges
  • Potential dacha
  • The place where the goat should not be allowed
  • Vegetable beds
  • Scarecrow
  • Where does the summer resident get cancer?
  • Vegetable planting
  • "hostel" for vegetables
  • Alien target for stones
  • Put on with the beds near the house
  • Where is the goat not allowed?
  • Couple to the garden in the country
  • Place of growth of cabbage and carrots
  • Where does the goat feel like in paradise?
  • The object of the stone throwing in the proverb
  • "set" of garden beds
  • The goal of goat aspirations
  • Plot with vegetable beds
  • Plantation near the cottage
  • There is an elder, when there is an uncle in Kiev
  • Cabbage, onions and carrots in the beds
  • "taboo" for the goat
  • Plot with vegetables
  • A stone flies there from a neighbor
  • Goat bed paradise
  • Vegetable plot near the house
  • Plot not for a goat
  • Home plot
  • Plot with beds behind the house
  • The place where bribes from the garden
  • The place where cucumbers and backs are plucked
  • "Plantation" in addition to the hut
  • Plot of land with vegetables
  • The area where the goat must not be allowed
  • Someone else's target for your stones
  • It must not be fenced in, but cultivated - then the harvest will delight
  • Scarecrow's abode
  • Vegetable plantation
  • The soil on which a person becomes cancer
  • Card solitaire
  • Vegetable deposit
  • Goat's paradise
  • Where is the elder, if there is an uncle in Kiev?
  • Gym in the countryside
  • “Give a chicken a ridge - it will spit out the whole. "(Last)
  • Plot of land for growing vegetables
  • Plot of land for vegetables
  • Favorite goat pasture
  • Part of the backyard
  • Plot of land - vegetable ridges
  • Where the story of the Italian Gianni Rodari's fairy tale from the life of vegetables and fruits takes place
  • Elderberry location (talk.)
  • Elderberry location (proverb)
  • Plot of land - vegetable ridges
  • Six acres near the dacha
  • "Give a chicken a ridge - it will spit out the whole." (last)
  • Six hundred allotment
  • Divided into beds
  • Put on with the beds
  • Plot of land
  • Put on a private trader
  • 6 ares with beds
  • Plot of land with beds
  • Plot with beds
  • Country beds
  • Land plot

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Names, titles, phrases and phrases containing "vegetable garden":

Explanatory dictionary of the Russian language. D.N. Ushakov

vegetable garden, m. A plot of land planted with vegetables, usually surrounded by a hedge. To fence in a garden - see to fence.

Explanatory dictionary of the Russian language. S.I.Ozhegov, N.Yu.Shvedova.

-a, m. Plot of land - ridges under vegetables, usually near the home. * To throw a pebble (pebble) into whose garden (colloquial) is an unkindly hint at someone. To fence a garden (colloquial disapproval) - to start some kind of. complex, troublesome business. Was it worth building a garden over such trifles?

adj. garden, th, th. Garden plants. Garden products.

New explanatory and derivational dictionary of the Russian language, T. F. Efremova.

m. A plot of land for growing vegetables, usually surrounded by a hedge.


Garden - a relatively small piece of land, mainly intended for growing vegetables. The garden may also include planting of berries and fruit trees. Usually the vegetable garden is fenced off with a fence or hedge.

Names, titles, phrases and phrases containing "vegetable garden":

Examples of the use of the word vegetable garden in the literature.

And therefore: let every rational creature cleanse the Augean stables of its own garden and flush the water after itself, as old man Govnyadius Jr. liked to say - someone who knew a lot about evolution.

Once a week, twice, when the father was on shift, and the mother was leaving for the village with a car shop, he took it, carried it home, sat at the window in the garden, threw back the obedient drum, lovingly lubricated, shot, hiding behind the wardrobe, a hill, trellis creaky, parental wedding photo, both day and night, hiccuping sadly walkers, well, having fought, having snapped it, wrapped it in a rag again and carried it back to its place.

Leaving, the Azerbaijanis sold their cows, rams, chickens, geese, beds, small utensils, their houses and gardens to their Armenian neighbors for a pittance - for a pittance, and somewhere just like that: just take it, the cows won't be lost.

Then Aitiev began to make his way carefully, in vegetable gardens, to the apartment of the clerk Salimgerei.

Where the street, turning obliquely along a lane to the Volga, rested on vegetable gardens, in black bathhouses and barn houses, stood the house of the retired Major Chelyshev, well with a green estate.

The teacher Ludwig Andersen went out to the school garden and decided to walk to a distant grove, which, like a light bluish lace, was distinctly blue on the white snow in a field, two miles from the village.

His face was so red that through the whole vegetable garden Ludwig Andersen saw how strangely a light sticking out mustache and eyebrows gleamed on him.

Those who are more proverbial, they even piled up gardens, as if Anosov lived with that wagon blacksmith for some years as an assistant and either was going to or married his daughter.

Dyachkov's hut stood not far from the church, and Arefa walked towards it with a vegetable garden.

There were twelve kishlach streets leading to the river, and along each of them an aryk stretched from the river, from which they took water for drinking, watering vegetable gardens - in general, a whole mini-irrigation system with locks, valves.

But before Kadykov had time to move away from the house, Vasya Belonogiy ran into the garden and sent the hostess for vodka: - Nastya, blow into the breech!

Vasya Belonogiy brought from the garden a whole hem of green cucumbers in pimples and a clay jug of kvass.

On the way, they jumped into someone's garden, and, since nothing was ripe there yet, they layered the onion-batun, ate themselves to green saliva, and threw the rest.

On the first day, melancholy attacked me, increasing my feverish state, but then I became calmer and played for whole days, and sometimes read a book with my sister, constantly running, at least for a minute, to the windows, from which the entire spill of hollow water that flooded vegetable garden and half of the garden.

And then he told me a story, the essence of which boiled down to the fact that a month after our trip to the village, the bratelniks began to dig a new pit for a toilet in the back of the garden and found a jug full of gold coins.

Source: library of Maxim Moshkov

Transliteration: ogorod
It reads backwards as: expensive
The garden consists of 6 letters


in the garden there is an elder, and in Kiev the daddy (uncle), a stone in smb. garden, climb into someone else's garden.

Dictionary of Russian synonyms and expressions similar in meaning.- pod. ed. N. Abramova, M .: Russian dictionaries, 1999.

Dictionary of Russian synonyms.

ASIS synonym dictionary. V.N. Trishin. 2013.

See what a "vegetable garden" is in other dictionaries:

Garden - Vegetable garden ... Wikipedia

GARDEN - GARDEN, eh, husband. A plot of land in a ridge under vegetables, usually near a house, housing. • Throw a pebble (pebble) into whose garden (colloquial) it is unkindly to hint at someone that n. To fence a garden (colloquial neod.) To conceive what n. difficult, troublesome business. ... ... Ozhegov's Explanatory Dictionary

garden - To fence a garden (colloquial) to undertake a troublesome, but unprofitable, unsuccessful business. It is not necessary to fence a vegetable garden. There was nothing to fence in the garden ... Phraseological dictionary of the Russian language

GARDEN - GARDEN. Individual and collective gardening helps to provide the population with valuable potatoes and vegetables (especially fresh). In addition, work in the home garden serves as a kind of rest for people working on ... ... A Brief Encyclopedia of Household

GARDEN - GARDEN, vegetable garden, husband. A plot of land planted with vegetables, usually surrounded by a hedge. ❖ Garden fence see fence. Ushakov's Explanatory Dictionary. D.N. Ushakov. 1935 1940 ... Ushakov's Explanatory Dictionary

garden - noun, m., Uptr. cf. often Morphology: (no) what? vegetable garden, what? garden, (see) what? vegetable garden, what? garden, about what? about the garden pl. what? vegetable gardens, (no) what? vegetable gardens, what? vegetable gardens, (see) what? vegetable gardens than? vegetable gardens, about what? about vegetable gardens 1 ... Dmitriev's Explanatory Dictionary

GARDEN - Seeing yourself in a dream in your garden - you will experience the happy hours of dating with your loved one. Climbing into someone else's garden - in reality, fulfill your intention, contrary to the unanimous opinion about its uselessness. Working in the garden - you will gain respect ... Dream interpretation of Melnikov

garden - and m. See also. vegetable gardener, vegetable garden, vegetable garden 1) A plot of land, usually near the house, for growing vegetables. Dig up ogoro / d. Plant vegetables and herbs in the garden. Weed in the garden ... Glossary of many expressions

GARDEN - Fence a vegetable garden. Simple. 1. Undertaking what l. troublesome and unsuccessful business. BMS 1998, 418 BTS, 221 ЗС 1996, 101 FSRYa, 294.2. Talk nonsense, nonsense. ЗС 1996, 333 Glukhov 1988, 26 FSS, 47 SPP 2001, 58. Though the vegetable garden podopri, even in ... ... A large dictionary of Russian sayings

garden - options see the garden town of Udmurtia, Bashkiria, Yekaterinburg and other plot in the gardening partnership, dacha I sell a vegetable garden! A two-storey house with an attic, a bathhouse, a greenhouse frame, a garden, planting, a fertile land of 5 acres. (Announcement in Izhevsk) Yes, there is ... Languages ​​of Russian cities

The meaning of the word "vegetable garden"

1. A plot of land, usually near the house, for growing vegetables. Vegetable gardens lay near the garden, closer to the house. There are cabbage, turnips, carrots, parsley, cucumbers, then huge pumpkins, and in the greenhouse there are watermelons and melons. I. Goncharov, Cliff.

2. The fence. - The vegetable garden is placed near the field ---. So that the cattle cannot break in, and the sheep cannot climb through. S. Borodin, Dmitry Donskoy.

Source (printed version): Dictionary of the Russian language: In 4 volumes / RAS, Institute of linguistic. research Ed. A.P. Evgenieva. - 4th ed., Erased. - M .: Rus. lang. Polygraphs, 1999 (electronic version): Fundamental electronic library

  • Ogorod is a relatively small piece of land primarily intended for growing vegetables. The garden may also include planting of berries and fruit trees. Usually the vegetable garden is fenced off with a fence or hedge.

GARDEN, but, m. A plot of land planted with vegetables, usually surrounded by a hedge. ◊

A source: "Explanatory Dictionary of the Russian Language" edited by D. N. Ushakov (1935-1940) (electronic version): Fundamental electronic library


1.plot of land occupied by the ridge for growing vegetables ◆ Each yard had its own gardenwhere turnips, radishes, beets, carrots and other various vegetables grew. NN Nosov, "The Adventures of Dunno and His Friends", 1954 (quote from the RNC) ◆ To Daria Usvyatskaya who through garden roam? V.P. Gurkin, "Love and Doves", 1981 (quote from the RNC) ◆ Where are you vegetable gardenswithout pants ?! V.P. Gurkin, "Love and Doves", 1981 (quote from the RNC)

2. reg. fence, fence ◆ Ivan Afrikanovich waited while he climbed down onto the meadow and tied it to garden mare. Vasily Belov, "Habitual Business", 1967 (quote from the RNC)

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How clear is the meaning of the word literary lady (noun):

"LABUDA" Information and entertainment Internet magazine

"Pizdec kakoito" is a difficult tactical / operational situation fraught with significant losses.

"Pidorasi" - the definition is applicable both to the forces of the enemy, and to their own, a subjective assessment of actions.

Tam razberetes is a form of assigning tasks to subordinates.

“Hui prossish” - there is not enough data for an objective assessment of the situation.

"Ya ebu?" - have no information / unable to make a decision

Hui ego znaet - see Hui prossish, synonym.

“Blya” is an interjection with no definite meaning.

"Blyaaaaa" is a description of an extremely dangerous situation. Approx. author - there is a chance that you will not survive this.

"To ebenyam": A is a measure of distance. B - damage / damage assessment.

"How is huya?" - the requirement of the command to explain the rationality of your actions.

"Polniy pizdecc" - unfavorable tactical / operational environment.

Huinya: A is an easy combat mission. B - the combat mission is almost impossible to complete.

"Proeb" - unsuccessful completion of the task, loss of initiative, loss of property.

"Ya ebu kak"? - encouraging the initiative of the subordinate.

"Menya ne ebet" - a form of motivating parting words meaning - "you can handle any difficulties"

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