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The windbreak, as the word itself underlines, is a system used to protect from the wind, usable for the garden or to protect your crops. The windbreak used inside your garden also serves to create a more reserved space and to feel more protected and less observed. Who has a very large garden can take advantage of the solution of windbreak also as a fence.

How to make it

The windbreak can be made with trees, it involves planting tall trees next to each other to delimit the entire perimeter of the area. Plants are also chosen rather resistant, able not to be damaged by strong gusts of wind. There is certainly no numerical limit for their planting and everyone will be able to choose the type of plant that they think is most appropriate. In this way the vegetation is transformed into a barrier that protects from the wind and from prying eyes. The idea is certainly not original as it is a technique often used in the past especially to repair crops. As an alternative to natural windbreaks, it is possible to buy wooden windbreaks at specialized shops. They are structures made of wood, which can have a different height, placed next to each other, as if to form a protection. This system can also be used as a fence. The wooden windbreak it is composed of a series of modules which to create a particular visual effect can also have a particular composition, where the height decreases to a certain limit before reaching the end of the fence. Wood is often used for outdoor furniture precisely because it has shown its resistance to any atmospheric agent. As an alternative to fencing with tall trees, you can always choose the solution of wooden windbreak panels, perhaps suitable for those who want to give a unique style to the garden without sacrificing wood. So far we have listed wind protection solutions for gardens, but the windbreak is also often used in agriculture to protect crops. The tree technique was also used for this purpose but today it is also possible to have windbreak nets that have a specific function. The net must be chosen in the appropriate mesh and well fixed on a rigid net to ensure greater durability. The fence is made with wooden or concrete poles. It is important to emphasize that this type of windbreak could be damaged, so it is preferable to replace any broken pole to avoid having to redo the entire fence. The use of the windbreak is divided between the gardening sector and that of agriculture, and with reference to the function it will have to perform, it is necessary to focus on a specific product.

DIY windbreak

The windbreak does not necessarily have to be purchased at a shop but can also be made personally. Those who have a particular skill for working with wood, after having purchased all the necessary material, can start making their fence with windbreaks. Obviously, if the comparison is set in terms of cost, it is necessary to compare the overall expense that would be faced if all the windbreaks were purchased in the shop. In any case, the wooden windbreak must be fixed in the ground in a stable manner and the same must be done for the poles that will have to support the windbreak net.

Where to buy

Windbreaks can be purchased at any DIY or gardening store, as well as the network itself. For further advice on fixing it is advisable to ask the dealer who will give all the appropriate indications so that this system can have an unlimited duration. Naturally, the wooden windbreak, after several years, will require minimal maintenance because even if the wood has been previously treated, it will still have to undergo further retouching when necessary. Also on the internet it is possible to find different models of windbreaks and in this way it is also possible to compare the cost presented online with that of classic shops. In this comparison, obviously the model must be the same also in terms of quality.

Garden grills and windbreaks: Windbreaks for you

It is impossible not to conceive, in the context of a broader discourse concerning the furnishing of your garden, the presence of an element such as windbreaks, of absolute importance to preserve the green corner of the house from a factor that could create more than a problem , like the wind.

This is one of the first remedies, against possible adverse climatic conditions, to which to pay our attention. The subsection that we are presenting to you, in particular, will try to make you discover the characteristics of the various types of products, also focusing on the so-called sale of windbreaks and making you identify the prices that this market can offer you. Make the most of the opportunity.

PVC privacy screens: define the garden with elegance

The usefulness of privacy screens mainly consists in delimiting a certain area of ​​your plot of land by opting for an elegant and original solution.

Of course, choosing to enclose a specific space within your garden with this type of fence represents a more tasteful alternative to common mesh or iron fences. Exist various types of privacy screens, let's discover them together.

Privacy screens in PVC: the innovative material

Most of the privacy screens are considered a delimiting element but also a furnishing element for outdoor environments. They can be found in various materials: wood, iron, aluminum and, indeed, PVC. But what kind of advantages does this material offer?

PVC is a plastic material able to take different forms through various types of processing. It is resistant, recyclable and offers a variety of uses, constituting an important alternative to more classic materials.

As for privacy screens, PVC is now a renowned solution within the market, offering solid and malleable constructions, adaptable to any outdoor space.

Of course, one of the most important aspects concerning the purchase of a privacy screen is to ascertain the effective solidity of the material. PVC has excellent characteristics in this sense, able to meet the needs of those who need a sturdy fence.

As for the choice of colors, this material knows no limitations in this sense: you will have a wide range of colors to arrive at the final choice.

Another aspect that should not be underestimated are the finishes and the actual style of your piece of furniture: being an easily workable material, also in this case PVC guarantees a wide choice with respect to the patterns and decorations of your panels. But how to choose the right panel for your outdoor environment?


Medium windbreak and shading net

  • Weave in canvas
  • 100% UV stabilized high density polyethylene
  • It is used on fences near the sea
  • Protects plants from wind intensity and saltiness
  • Green colour
  • Roll 2x100mt

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Papillon 8043010 - Double Foot X Grid Panel Wood Impregnated In Autoclave 60X4,5X30H Cm

Double foot for installing grid panels - In wood fresh pine impregnated in an autoclave - Durable and resistant to mold - Produced with FSC certification. Raw finish. - Double foot for installing grid panels - In wood fresh pine impregnated in an autoclave - Durable and resistant to mold - Produced with FSC certification. Raw finish. - Packaging: 1 PZ - Dimension 60x4,5x30H cm.

  • "noble" raw material
  • production in compliance with European directives on sustainability
  • wood guaranteed by DIN 68 800
  • Basf ™ impregnating agent
  • 8 atmospheres of pressure

Legnomarket products have been evaluated and meet the requirements of the FSC ™ chain of custody. If you need certification, we will gladly provide it to you.

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wood that lasts up to 500% longer than the low-quality brico wood.

Legnomarket has been supplying agricultural, building and business enterprises with timber from wooden garden furniture. can be found with us wooden poles, solid wood is semi-finished products, windbreak is panels, borders, brackets for wood, fences, timber for palisades, material for wooden gazebos, roofing ed wooden swings. the wood of legnomarket undergoes an impregnation in 3 phases (unlike the classic 2 autoclaves). this makes the material much more resistant and long lasting. in fact, for years the creations will remain intact and solid, resistant to mold, imperfections and damage. we help b2b and private clients with the planning of the use of timber for garden furniture, whether it is a gazebo, one fence or one palisade (and much more) thanks to an experience gained over years and thousands of buyers, DIY enthusiasts or companies, who have turned to us given our specialization in the field of timber andwooden garden furniture. we are based in Pordenone and our customers are located throughout the Triveneto.

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