Fruit trees

Fruit trees

Fruit trees are considered not only those that produce fruit but those whose fruits are used by humans for food or for economic purposes; in fact, some herbaceous plants such as watermelon, melon, strawberries and climbing or shrubby plants such as vines and raspberries also belong to this category. Trees such as lime, plane tree etc., on the other hand, are not considered fruit trees as their fruits are not exploitable in economic terms. Fruit trees, in addition to providing us with delicious fruits, also embellish our gardens thanks to their colorful flowers and perfectly mark the succession of the seasons. The initial phase of fruit development is called allegation and is subsequent to the flowering period of the tree; generally the tree is unable to ripen all its fruits, ... continue

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continue ..., the causes can be different: from adverse weather, to parasites attack to nutritional deficiencies. Obviously, fertilization takes place only if there is a compatibility between pollen and ovules that give life to the seed, but not all species are the same as regards the presence or absence of the seed. For example, let us examine the pome fruit and stone fruit, in the species belonging to these genera, if the seed does not form, few or even none will be produced; while for some varieties of oranges and kiwis, if there is no seed formation, fruit development is not reduced because it takes place without fertilization. The moment we wanted to introduce a new one fruit tree in our available space, we should of course inform ourselves and consider the various needs of this new vegetable; each tree in fact has specific characteristics, particular soil needs, climate, pruning period, etc. that we should respect in order to grow and develop our new tree at its best. When we have evaluated all the various elements well, we should also consider the availability of different rootstocks, they have the ability to influence the development and adaptation of the tree to the soil. There are also some rules that apply to each tree: avoid water stagnation, evaluate the space needed when the tree is adult and never plant a tree where another has just been uprooted previously. It should be borne in mind that only full sun exposure will give the tree the opportunity to produce better fruit in abundant quantities.

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