Pruning Leyland Cypress – Tips On How To Trim A Leyland Cypress Tree

Pruning Leyland Cypress – Tips On How To Trim A Leyland Cypress Tree

Leyland Cypress (x Cupressocyparis leylandii) is a large, fast-growing, evergreen conifer that can easily reach 60-80 feet (18-24 m.) in height and 20 feet (6 m.) wide. It has a natural pyramidal shape and elegant, dark green, fine-textured foliage. When they become too large or unsightly, trimming Leyland Cypress trees becomes necessary.

Leyland Cypress Pruning

Leyland Cypress is often used as a quick screen because it can grow up to 4 feet (1 m.) per year. It makes an excellent windbreak or property boundary border. Because it is so large, it can quickly outgrow its space. For this reason, the native East Coast specimen looks best on large lots where it is allowed to maintain its natural form and size.

Since Leyland Cypress grows so wide, do not plant them too close together. Space them at least 8 feet (2.5 m.) apart. Otherwise, the overlapping, scraping branches can wound the plant and, therefore, leave an opening for disease and pests.

In addition to proper location and spacing, pruning Leyland Cypress is occasionally needed – especially if you don’t have enough room or if it’s outgrown the allotted space.

How to Trim a Leyland Cypress Tree

Pruning Leyland Cypress into a formal hedge is a common practice. The tree can take severe pruning and trimming. If you are wondering when to prune Leyland Cypress, then summer is your best time frame.

During the first year, trim the top and sides to start forming the shape you desire. During the second and third year, trim just the side branches that have wandered out too far to maintain and encourage foliage density.

Leyland Cypress pruning changes once the tree reaches the desired height. At that point, annually trim the top six to twelve inches (15-30 cm.) below the desired height. When it regrows, it will fill in more thickly.

Note: Take heed where you cut. If you cut into bare brown branches, the green leaves will not regenerate.

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A cross between two Pacific coast species, the Leyland cypress thrives best in moist, cool climates with moderate temperatures. These trees are hardy to zone 6, however they don’t tolerate sudden temperature fluctuations. We indeed experienced some of these very cold sudden temperature fluctuations this past December and January. The first winter damage symptoms showed up as browning and dieback this spring as temperature begin to warm and stimulate new growth.

Since Leyland’s are often used for screening and wind breaks they are frequently exposed to temperature extremes and windy conditions that lead to drying out and cold damage.

One of the weakness of Leyland’s are their shallow root systems which makes them susceptible to stress through desiccation. Another weakness is the dieback and death of the water conducting tissue and cambium layer just under the bark during extreme winter temperature fluctuations.

There is no actual treatment for winter damage on Leyland cypress. Before pruning, allow the damaged tree to begin new spring growth. Often, if the damage did not injure the branch, new growth will emerge, and the browned needles will drop off naturally. If new growth does not emerge, the branch was severely damaged and should be pruned above where green color is still visible. Leyland cypress trees are tolerant of heavy pruning, but if more than one-third of the tree is damaged, the tree may need to be replaced.

If your browned areas put out new growth, the trees may be fine. If entire large branches are completely dead, and add up to 50 % of the tree, as you said, the trees may become unstable and a hazard. Here is a list explaining when to remove trees: http://extension.umd.edu/learn/how-do-you-decide-when-remove-tree

Winter cold injury can often lead to greater infections from a few common fungal diseases that affect foliage, stems, and branches such as Seiridium and Botryosphaeria cankers, as well as Cercospora needle blight. You can search these on our website if you're interested.

It's always best to diversify evergreen borders with a variety of evergreens and deciduous plant selections rather than just one species.

Lemon Cypress Tree: Quick Facts

Lemon Cypress in Pots

  • Scientific name: Cupressus macrocarpa ‘Goldcrest’
  • Also called: Monterey cypress ‘Goldcrest’, Lemon cypress, Lemon Scented Monterey Cypress
  • Genus: Cupressus
  • Variety or Cultivar: Goldcrest
  • Plant Type: Evergreen, Coniferous
  • Leaf Type: Needleleaf
  • Height: 10-15 feet (Grows up to 15 meters in height and a spread of 4 meters after 20-50 years)
  • Spread: 2-3 feet
  • Growth Habit: Narrow conical
  • USDA Hardiness Zone: 7-10
  • Soil: Sandy, chalky, loamy, clay
  • Soil Requirement: Well-drained soil
  • Soil pH: Acidic, neutral, and alkaline
  • Light Requirements: Needs full sun to thrive cannot survive in shade
  • Watering Requirement: Drought-resistant plant that requires medium watering can tolerate maritime exposure
  • Rate of Growth: Moderate to fast
  • Propagation methods: Seed, Semi-hardwood cuttings

Seeds of Cupressus Macrocarpa

  • Maintenance Category: Low
  • Fruit Season: Fall
  • Fruit color: Black
  • Foliage: Golden-yellow
  • Fragrance: Lemon scent when foliage is crushed or cut
  • Tree shape: Narrowly columnar, Tall, Upright
  • Award: Royal Horticultural Society Award of Garden Merit
  • Susceptible to Diseases: Yes
  • Specific Pests: Cypress aphid
  • Disease: Cypress (coryneum) canker
  • Pruning: Regularly required when used for hedging

Trimming Leyland Cypress Trees: How And When To Prune Leyland Cypress - garden

It’s not unusual to see tall Leyland cypress trees that have fallen over during high winds, particularly after a heavy rain.

Leyland cypress has a shallower root system than you’d think…and few strong anchor roots. If yours is taller than 15 feet, it can not be righted successfully. The damaged roots will never recover.

Let’s review the basics of righting small trees that lean or have fallen. The first task is to shovel out a space under the root ball so it can fall back into place when the tree is pulled upright. Even if you can’t see a void under the root ball, dig underneath to remove soil that was disturbed as the tree fell. If you see broken roots, clip them cleanly with pruners. Use very thick padding under the rope or chain you wrap around the trunk in order to pull on the tree.

Once the tree is upright, tamp the soil around it with your shoes and water it thoroughly. This settles the soil into place. Once the tree is straight, you have to keep it that way for 5 – 10 years. If it is six to ten feet tall, drive a sturdy six-foot long stake two feet from the trunk on each side of the tree. Loop padded wire or chain loosely around the trunk and stake. The support should be loose enough to allow some swaying but not so loose that the tree can fall again.

If the tree is 10 – 15 feet tall, use three strong stakes driven into undisturbed soil and connected to the tree with nylon belting. Again, the guying should be loose enough to allow some swaying by the trunk. Do not use water hose to pad guy wires. This can saw the trunk in half. Nylon belting one to two inches wide is a better material for holding the tree upright.

The best way to attain good new root growth is to spread mulch at least four feet from the trunk in all directions and keep the tree watered in summer.

Gold thread cypress has drooping branches filled with scalelike foliage that resembles long threads. The foliage lights up the garden with it bright golden-green, almost chartreuse, color. As with other conifers, this shrub does not produce flowers but will produce small round cones. Gold thread cypress is a slow-growing plant that can take 20 years to reach its mature size of 6 feet tall and 8 feet wide.

Gold thread cypress grows either in full sun or light shade. In full shade, the foliage tends to get sparse and leggy, taking away from the beauty of the plant. Because gold thread cypress does not do well in heat, avoid planting this shrub against south-facing walls. This shrub will do best in moist soil with a pH between 6.8 and 7.7. Because it is susceptible to root rot, avoid planting gold thread cypress in soggy soil. The plant should also be placed in an area where it will be protected from strong winds.


Gold Rider Leyland Cypress Trees For Sale The Tree Center

Cypress trees are known the world over as being very long-lived trees . Do not use any fertilizer around your trees that contains weed and feed for lawns.

  • Plants use water, carbon dioxide, elements from fertilizer , and energy from the sun to produce their own food.
  • “Hedged” and Natural Gold Rider Cypress at our River Growing Fields ‘Gold Rider’ Leyland Cypress is a variety that will mature at about half the size of the “regular” Leyland Cypress .
  • Of this group, only one seems to have the leaves turning a light green to yellow, but the
  • Many gardeners have the impression that the more fertilizer they apply the more the plant will grow.

Caring for Your Leyland Cypress Tree Care SavATree Tree Care

Leyland cypress is a bit larger, with the potential to max out at 70 feet tall and 15 feet wide. The trees naturally grow in the traditional Ch Leyland cypress trees will give you that fast growth if you are looking for a privacy screen or a Christmas tree for your yard, but they are high-maintenance. The Leyland Cypress is an inexpensive yet high quality landscaping tree that was introduced to landscaping in the South in the late 1970′s. in some cases, however, the foliage on the entire tree sud-denly turns reddish-brown. There are no naturally occurring Leyland cypress .

Leyland Cypress Trees Offer Screening And Privacy

Planting Instructions: Before You Plant Your Leyland Cypress Trees . A leyland cypress is a popular tree , especially in neighborhoods to create a natural looking means of privacy.

  • Double screen planting for noise reduction.
  • Leyland Cypress trees are classified as a “fast growing” tree .
  • Zamzows Thrive Bloom Fertilizer Zamzows Thrive Bloom is a revolutionary formula that is Excellent Leyland Cypress Tree Fertilizer Tomatoes Grow Upside Down What for all blooming plants.
  • The Leyland Cypress tree is a fast growing tree that can provide a quick solution to problem views or nosey neighbors! The Leyland Cypress growth rate is very rapid.

Leyland Cypress Leyland Cypress for Sale — PlantingTree.com

Its feathery foliage is soft to the touch and will stay green all year.

  • This tree is very easy to take care of and is known to grow up to 50 feet in 16 years, even on sites that offer relatively poor conditions.
  • Nov 27, 2019 Thuja Green Giant is certainly a fast-growing tree , and will grow happily in many different soil types.
  • Do not over fertilize, follow the directions on the bag, but use only 1/2 the recommended amount (splitting the application).
  • A soil test is the best way to find a fertilizer for a Leyland cypress that is right for your soil.
  • for use as a quick boundary, screen, shelter belt, or hedge due to their rapid growth.
  • It is one of our fastest growing evergreens growing an average of 4 feet per year and tops out at 30 to 40 feet tall at maturity.

How to Take Care of Leland Cypress Trees Garden Guides

Murray Cypress is an evergreen relative of the popular Leyland Cypress , but has a few differences that make it better. Deep Root Tree Fertilizer & Soil Care Like all living things, trees need nutrients in order to grow strong and healthy. Most phosphorus in Best Fertilizer Leyland Cypress Trees a plant or tree is in the root ! The higher the fertilizing strawberries california phosphorus level in a growth fertilizer the greater root growth ! An 185120 fertilizer therefore contains by weight 18% elemental nitrogen (N) 22% elemental phosphorus (P) and 16% elemental potassium (K). The Leyland cypress group is parented by two native forest trees of the American west. It is an excellent tree to plant in the western part of the state and should be used more.

Leyland Cypress Trees Offer Screening And Privacy

Some are near the top, some are in the middle and some are in the bottom portions of each tree .

  • For further details on providing a Leyland cypress with the conditions under which it grows best, see HGIC 1013, Leyland Cypress .
  • We grow and deliver the highest quality products directly to your door.
  • We want to discuss the overhead Canopy, shade on one side, what is the impact of being in the South vs North can effect a planting site with shade.
  • However, it is still uncertain whether the parentage was mixed as there are suggestions that Leylandii is self-sterile and may need a compatible pollen donor.
  • It grows 4 feet a year in the early years and then will slow down.

When & How to Prune & Fertilize Leyland Cypress Trees

Besides its utility, this evergreen is nice to look at with feathery soft, textured leaves. Left untrimmed, this tree can reach 100 feet tall, but this is rarely seen as the plant is mostly used for screening and hedges, and trimmed regularly or at least from time to time. This tree loves sunlight and fertile soil. It has improved disease resistance, stronger branching and some tolerance for partially wet soil. Hinoki cypress trees don’t do well as transplants when fully matured. As Leyland Cypress are evergreen trees , they keep on dehydrating all winter long.

Fertilizer for Cypress Trees Garden Guides

The first is make sure when fertilizing your Murray Cypress that you are using a slow release fertilizer . Evergreen with fine feathery green needles on flattened branches. This hardy tree is related to sequoia trees . do not fertilize leyland cypress with garden fertilizer , (6-6-6, 8-8-8, 10-10-10, and 16-4-8 lawn fertilizer ) this cheap fertilizer will injure or kill your trees . After that, cypresses need fertilizer only they lack vigor, color or fullness.

LEYLAND CYPRESS TREE in 3" pot (Cupressocyparis leylandii

We actually have alot of sand around here and so far the trees look ok When we planted the trees , we dug the holes deeper and filled the entire hole with topsoil and then placed the trees in the that.

  • It grows thick and fast to provide you with a solid, living wall.
  • After reading this paper you will have a more complete understanding of Christmas tree nutrition.
  • We recommend planting them in a line with about 5 feet apart from each other to create quick privacy.
  • Fertilize your Leyland cypress tree twice each year in the spring and again in the early fall.
  • Pruning an infected limb of a diseased tree can save the rest of the tree if you get to quickly enough.
  • With hundreds of varieties, Cypress is native to many parts of the world.

When & How to Prune & Fertilize Leyland Cypress Trees

If the soil in the surrounding of your trees is questionable, it is better to consult an arborist for optimal solutions. i planted 100 leyland cypress trees last fall.

  • Disease, drought, and natural disasters are the leading causes of damage to these trees .
  • Leyland Cypress Tree – I have 2 Leyland cypress trees that appear to be dead from the ground up.
  • Like the Leyland , the Improved Leyland Cypress is primarily used for privacy.
  • That being said, this native North American tree doesn’t require much fertilizer when the tree reaches a more mature size.

Caring for Your Leyland Cypress Tree Care SavATree Tree Care

The three numbers show the ratio by weight of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium. following planting, most of them had substantial brown spots at the bottom,up the sides, and a few in the top.

  • I wanna keep them green and healthy throughout a mild winter in TN, I was wondering if there is a such thing as over fertilizing a tree .
  • Planting Leyland Cypress trees is simple, however, there are a few precautions you want to take.
  • It has recently become a very popular choice for Christmas trees because it grows faster and requires much less maintenance than the Virginia pine.
  • Removal of existing plant material or difficult site condition is extra.
  • May 23, 2019 Folks, if you have leyland cypress trees , then you’ve probably noticed that at times, part- or all of the trees – may turn brown.

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Branch is not responsible for the errors or omissions in pricing and quantity. What were once minor pest issues have since become major epidemics for the Leyland cypress . Jul 9, 2019 If you feel the need to use a fertilizer use a 10-10-10 slow release fertilizer . Aug 30, 2019 Planting in poorly drained or wet soils, or where excessive overwatering occurs often leads to fungal root rots.

Leyland Cypress Leyland Cypress for Sale — PlantingTree.com

Or, you can choose to shear it to keep it at the height you want. New 1b package of Scotts Miracle Gro Miracid Water Soluble Fertilizer for Acid Loving Plants.

  • Suppliers of the products listed on this Web site are subject to change at any time.
  • Leyland Cypress has proven to be tough as nails, with few problems.
  • Move the plant to a larger container as it grows, feed it with the appropriate fertilizer and prune regularly.
  • In spite of this, the yellowing has continued.
  • Do you want them to grow much over twelve feet tall?

Leyland Cypress – Planting Correctly Walter Reeves: The

Here in Knoxville they tend to either get bagworms, mites, cankers, or suffer from compacted soil. Mar 8, 2019 Brown Patches on Your Italian Cypress ? March 8, 2019 In March of last year, we were called upon to look over a prominent planting of Italian Cypress that had brown patches and thinning foliage.

  • Our Recommendation: Brighter Blooms Leyland Cypress Trees .
  • Hello – I recently installed new sod in certain areas in my yard and used scotts starter fertilizer to help with root development and growth.
  • Leyland cypress should also be sheared lightly, with the best time late in the growing season.
  • QUESTION: “HELP! My three Leyland Cypress trees have several totally brown branches, including the three-foot top of one of them.
  • Browning on newly planted Leyland cypress could be caused by a number of different things.

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There are other, lower-maintenance plants you can choose for your landscape that will still hide the neighbors and create a desirable sense of privacy in your garden. This publication describes the propagation, transplanting, and cultural practices for Leyland cypress Christmas tree production based on research and observation by the authors. Cypress trees need water most in spring when they enter a growth spurt and in fall just before they go dormant. Ground cover or vegetation management is essential in producing high-quality Christmas trees .

Leyland Cypress Garden Guides

Do not apply fertilizer until your trees have been in the ground for at least 6 -8 weeks. Your Leyland Cypress root system is highly susceptible to those pesticides. Cypress trees can grow up to 70 feet so make sure you give them plenty of room. This tree is a hybrid of Monterey cypress (Cupressus macrocarpa) and Alaskan cedar (Chamaecyparis nootkatensis).

Amazon.com: Leyland Cypress Tree Live Plant 3 Gallon

One of the most popular trees in the U.S. To contribute to your tree’s overall health, sufficient pruning and trimming is essential.

  • of rootball amended soil with fresh topsoil and some shrub/ tree soil with small amount of fertilizer in it.
  • Pryor’s Nursery has installed over 56,000 trees in the metro area.
  • Oct 19, 2019 Hello, about a month ago I planted some fertilizing spikes around 10, 3 foot tall leyland cypress , I wanna use the bayer advanced tree and shrub protect and feed.
  • For Trees : Dig 3″ wide holes around the drip line that are 12-18″ deep & 2-3′ apart Divide the Holly-tone evenly and pour into the holes.

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When you grow a tree from a cutting, the resulting tree shares the same characteristics as the mother tree . I feed my Carolina Sapphire Cypress twice a year: one time in spring and again in late summer with a slow-release, well-balanced shrub and tree type fertilizer . At Wisley, a specimen of Nootka Cypress (one of Leylandii’s parents) grows near the mature Leylandii and may have cross-pollinated the tree . In an urban or suburban environment, nutrient deficiencies are a particular danger to the health of your trees .

Best Fertilizer Leyland Cypress Trees Pnmwg Fertilizers

Redcedar can be sheared lightly at any time during the growing season with hedge clippers or knives. 2.5-Quart Leyland Cypress Screening Tree in Pot (With Soil) (L3153) at Lowe’s.

  • adjacent Leyland cypress trees through root con-tact.
  • Leyland Cypress is an excellent choice for a fast growing hedge or privacy screen.
  • Mar 21, 2019 Over the last decade or so Leyland cypress became extremely popular as screening plants.
  • The homeowners were worried that the plants they’d invested so much time and and resources in would be a lost cause.
  • Leyland cypress trees enjoy both part shade/part sun and full sun—the tree has very forgiving light requirements.
  • The Leyland cypress is a visually appealing, low-maintenance tree that provides plenty of privacy for large outdoor spaces.

How to Save a Leyland Cypress from Dying with Vertical

Therefore, if you want to grow this type of tree , place it as a sapling or plant the seeds in a location that can handle its large size at maturity. Leyland cypress has been planted by the millions (perhaps billions) all over the world. When planting alone the tree looks like Christmas tree . While leylands are our staple product we also grow other trees such as Magnolias, Junipers, Green Giants, Hollies, Crape Myrtles and more. It features a pyramidal growth habit with leafy green foliage. Use a slow-release granular fertilizer with a high-nitrogen formulation containing phosphorous and potassium and micronutrients, if available.

Leyland Cypress – Planting Correctly Walter Reeves: The

Eventually, the cypress trees become seriously overcrowded and the trapped humdity leads to the onset of Seiridium unicorne, a fungus that leads to Seiridium canker. This dissolves or releases the fertilizer into the soil. This fast-growing evergreen tree can reach a mature size of 60′ to 70′ high. Jan 5, 2019 Q: I have a row of Leyland cypress that have small dead limbs scattered about the trees .

The Best Fertilizer for a Leyland Cypress Home Guides

Like the Sequoia, it can grow very large, and live for a long, long time.. delicious in taste low in energy [ : roasted seaweed powder seaweed extract powder seaweed fertilizer powder own seaweed powder]. Some of the largest, oldest and most loved growers and distributors of nursery stock have joined together to provide DirectGardening.com. If the soil is missing or low on nutrients, use a nutrient-specific fertilizer . Nov 28, 2019 Leyland cypress trees take on a tall, broad-based, pyramidal shape if left unpruned. They must be propagated by rooted cuttings.

The Best Fertilizer for a Leyland Cypress Home Guides

Cypress trees are hardy is USDA zones 5 through 10. The natural rate of growth is influenced by the soil conditions it grows in, as well as the amount of light it receives, and these are not things that can be altered, but we can greatly influence the growth of this tree by using a fertilizer program, and selecting the best fertilizer to use. The Cypress Cupressus family of plants and trees includes both small shrubs and tall trees . The tree is best suited for fertile, well-drained soils. Can Leland Cypress Trees Be Trimmed&quest Category:Home Release time:2019-03-26 Views:130.

Leyland Cypress – Burned Walter Reeves: The Georgia Gardener

Jobe’s Tree & Shrub Fertilizer Spikes. Category:Home Release time:2019-02-26 Views:130. Dig the hole as deep as the root ball and twice as wide. We love the color they add to the landscape.

As a rulethe most successful fertilizing tomatoes strategies applying fertilizerusing best fertilizergetting fertilizer for tomatoes is to feed the soil not the plant. Leyland Cypress Tree Fertilizer it turns the leaf very sickly yellow and spotted. Robots are tending to tomato plants at MIT’s Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Lab (CSAIL).

How to Feed Your Soil and Read a

Fertilizer Label. The Frisky Farmer Smokey Maria Heirloom Tomato Lemonade. How to Grow Cherry Tomatoes. Indeterminate – Plants that will keep growing and producing new blossoms even after fruit set.

Feed every 7 to 14 days for bigger juicier vegetables. Model Number: urea n46. Different plants need different amounts of fertilizer. Most plants suffer when you do this but tomatoesespecially leggy tomatoes with long thin stemsperform better when planted deeper. Effect of Cannabis sativa L.

Manure Scraper – 2 00:55. Use alfalfa for plant and microorganism nutrition. This is particularly important for tomato care when growing vine tomatoes they usually produce trusses on which you will first get blossom and the blossom will become your tomato fruits.

Oliver Seed AFORLAWN016 Bag 30-3-4 Lawn Fertilizer With Crabgrass Preventer 16 lb with free super saver shipping. Hayneedle Outdoor Gardening & Lawn Care Composting Compost Equipment : Youll want a nice deep trough to plant them in. Magnesiumdeficiency causes the older leaves to yellow between the veins.

What Is an Azalea? Evergreen Azaleas. Many pet food manufacturers including this Leyland Cypress Tree Fertilizer site run by a pet food industry group say that they are not using rendered pets to make a cannibal of your dog. Space and type of tomato: Most tomatoes need a bit of space if you want to grow them Leyland Cypress Tree Fertilizer efficiently.

While many of the skin reactions resulting from contact with a hazardous plant are more of a best lawn fertilizer for central texas nuisance than anything else others can cause severe or long-lasting effects that require medical attention. Custom Wallboard Joint Compound-Old Product. What is the weight per gallon of 28% liquid nitrogen fertilizer Jun 14 2011 What is the weight per gallon of 28% liquid nitrogen fertilizer? What is Compost Tea? Compost Tea is a nutritionally rich highly concentrated extract of beneficial microbes enzymes and microorganisms that are nature’s perfect organic fertilizer with bioactive plant compounds.

I recommend using our Stark Tre-Pep fertilizer for trees as young as yours next year you may benefit more from the Orchard Fertilizer The Orchard fertilizer comes as dry ‘crystals’ that should go around the root line but you can mix the Tre-Pep into water & pour it directly at the base of your tree. Having prepared the growbagI then deep plant the tomato into the pot leaving just under an inch for watering. 19-3-19 best natural fertilizer for vegetable gardens andersons golf products turf fertilizer 22-0-6 plus american plant 0.1

How to Plant and Grow the Italian Cypress Tree

No other tree epitomises the Tuscan landscape like the Italian Cypress (Cupressus Sempervirens), sometimes called the Mediterranean or the Tuscan Cypress its elegant shape has seen it used as a mainstay of formal Italian gardens.

Cypress are relatively easy to grow and care for, so there’s no reason why you can’t create a little slice of Tuscany in your own garden.

In a formal garden, plant the trees to mark entrances they look at their best equally spaced out along a driveway, however, if you don’t have the space for a row of trees, why not plant one on either side of a gate or entrance.

If you really don’t have the space for several trees, make one a focal point in the garden a good idea is to place it at the end of a narrow garden within a circular bed that will draw the eye towards it as it stands out like an exclamation mark.

Most garden centres will stock cypress trees of varying sizes and prices but, unless you want instant impact, consider buying a smaller tree as after the first year, the tree can grow at a rate of between 12-24 inches a year.

Once you have chosen your tree, you must prepare the space it will be growing in: plant in well-drained soil and in a sunny spot in the garden. The best cultivar for a residential garden use is ‘Cypress Stricta,’ which forms a narrow, pencil-like tree that is narrower than the species. Before planting, water the tree well and dig a hole large enough to accommodate the roots. Always plant to the same depth as the container it has arrived in, and do not be tempted to plant it deeper as this can cause the trunk to rot.

Cypress do much better if planted in late autumn and early winter during its dormant period when the needles stop actively growing: photosynthesis continues during dormancy and the energy is put into root growth and tree stabilisation.

Remember to consider the final size of the tree and the space it will take up. Adult trees can grow to a size of around 70 feet tall, but most will not achieve this size in an average sized garden. If it does start to outgrow the space, you can easily prune it back to the required size.

Before you consider planting one in your own garden, I’ll leave you with two cypress facts:

1. This very durable and scented wood was famously used for the doors of St. Peter's Basilica in the Vatican City.

2. The poet Ovid recorded the best-known myth associated with the cypress. A handsome boy named Cyparissus accidentally killed one of Apollo’s beloved tame stags. The boy’s grief was so inconsolable that he asked to weep forever. Apollo transformed Cyparissus into a cypress and his endless tears became the tree’s sap.

Watch the video: Tips on Cutting Leylandii