How to determine when to plant garlic by soil temperature

 How to determine when to plant garlic by soil temperature

Most summer residents plant garlic before winter in order to get a good harvest for the next summer. But in order for it to actually be successful, you need to know the planting time of winter garlic. With the right calculation, you can count on a large amount of healthy vegetables.

What temperature is needed

The approximate time for planting garlic in the soil is two weeks before sub-zero temperatures and snow cover. You need to navigate by night thermometer readings. Soil temperature should drop below 10 ° C. If these indicators hold for several days, then you can safely start landing.

You should not be afraid of isolated cases of frost - in autumn the earth does not freeze deeply.

With these indicators, the garlic does not have time to germinate and at the same time will be able to successfully begin to build up the root system. Then the snow that falls will prevent the soil from freezing, and the vegetable will be reliably covered before the onset of heat.

How to measure correctly

To obtain accurate results, you need to correctly measure the soil in the garden. Lower the thermometer to the depth of planting the garlic - that is, by about 6-8 cm. Measurements should be taken regularly, as daytime air temperatures drop below 14 ° C.Morning and evening soil temperatures must match. As soon as the thermometer stably reads 10 ° C for three consecutive days, planting can begin.

How to check accuracy

The gardener should be guided by other weather signs of the onset of a favorable time for planting a plant. All signs should more or less coincide. Often, experienced gardeners highlight leaf fall as another guideline. By the time of planting, almost all of the foliage should have fallen off - this is a sure sign of the imminent onset of low temperatures.

Many, after the first snow falls, rush to plant garlic, fearing frost.

But the first snow usually melts quite quickly, and even after this event, it happens that warm weather sets in for a short time. Therefore, it is still more reliable to navigate precisely by air and soil temperatures, which must be measured regularly.

Most gardeners rely on calendar dates in their decisions on how to carry out work on the site.

If you adhere to this method, then you need to take into account the climatic zone of the region. For example, in the south, planting can be postponed until November, and in Siberia and the Urals, it is best to do this work in late September - mid-October. In the question of when to plant garlic, it is best to use several methods to determine the most correct date. The more successful the time at which the vegetable was planted, the better harvest you can get for the next year.

How to plant spring and winter garlic: step-by-step instructions for gardeners

The most important growing rules.

Garlic is one of the traditional vegetables in our cuisine, which gives the food a pungent aroma and pungency. If you are one of the lovers of such dishes, then you probably grow this vegetable on your site. The culture is unpretentious - it is not difficult to cultivate it. However, there are some subtleties here too. How to plant garlic to get the most delicious and flavorful onions? Let's talk about this.

Optimal planting dates in autumn

The disembarkation time directly depends on the weather conditions and the climatic zone. The vegetable will take about 3 weeks to harden in the soil before frost. But it is not desirable that the aerial part of the garlic begins to grow. The recommended soil temperature is + 10 ... + 12 ° С. Garlic can withstand lower temperatures, but frozen soil is not suitable for planting.

Auspicious days according to the lunar calendar in 2019

To insure your harvest, you can plant a vegetable in 2 terms: at the end of September and in the middle of October. In 2019, auspicious days are:

  • in September: 17, 18, 23, 26 and 27
  • in October: 15 and 16.

Landing features in different regions

Depending on the regions, the vegetable is planted:

  1. The middle lane (Moscow region) - late September - early October.
  2. Southern part of the country - end of October - November.
  3. Northern part - second half of September - early October.

Some gardeners seek to plant before October 14 (Pokrov), others after, after waiting for a sunny day. Winter garlic, like spring garlic, can be planted in spring. In this case, it will take longer to ripen, but will increase its shelf life.

Do mushrooms grow at temperatures from +5 to +10 degrees

At such low temperatures, only cold-resistant types of mushrooms grow. This means that you can go to the forest for a quiet hunt both in November and in December, but you should not count on a big "catch". The chances of finding oyster mushroom families are especially great if the temperature constantly "jumps": it rises to +15, then drops to +5 degrees.

In addition to oyster mushrooms, the most cold-resistant mushrooms are mushrooms, boletus, flakes and mushrooms. You can also look for them in late autumn.

Green air is a lover of cool air. It develops actively even at temperatures below 5 ° C. The people even consider it a harbinger of winter. They say that two weeks after the appearance of greenfinches, frosts will surely hit.

In the spring, when the air has not yet warmed up enough, morels appear in the forest. They are not afraid of cold and high humidity. Therefore, they grow well in late March and early April.

When to plant garlic before winter?

Discussion in our group on VKontakte:

Svetlana Tomilova: I planted 09/29. Arkhangelsk region

Tatiana Evstigneeva: Can be planted now. From 1 to 5 October, the most favorable days for planting garlic.

Svetlana Fedorova-Krushinova: Today. Pskov.

Lora Safonova: October 11, Moscow region

Margarita Schegoleva: I planted Leningrad region yesterday

Anna Usanina: I will plant tomorrow

Elena Pekhova: It is time. They planted before the Intercession.

Alyonka Mironova: In the suburbs tomorrow 20 * I was going to plant this weekend, but you need to watch the weather

Lyudmila Kulikova: And when to plant onions?

Lily Smooth: depending on the region and weather conditions, we planted for two years in a row in early November as it was very warm and it could germinate, this year we will probably plant a little earlier, so see for yourself

Evgeniya Marchenko: I usually plant onions and garlic two or three weeks before frost.

Louise Gushchina: I will plant onions and garlic on Saturday and Sunday, and if I have time, I will sow carrots, parsley, dill. Before the Intercession, i.e. October 14, I will have time to plant everything, God willing

Evgeniya Marchenko: Before planting, soak in a solution of potassium permanganate for 20-30 minutes.

Sergey Alatyr: Lyudmila, I am Spring

Natalia Morozova: Garlic is planted on the waning moon and, if the weather permits, the very near future is October 16. I always plant closer to October 20th.

Natalia Volovikova: I plant after the 15th under the straw.Garlic will be born super

Elizaveta Trofimova: I also plant garlic after cover. from October 16 to October 19 on the waning moon

Dilya Kosareva: I will plant in LO on October 12-13

Natalia Ardysheva: Anything happened, I put it in a snowdrift))

Lydia Kuplenikova: Depending on the region. In Yandex, type: the lunar sowing calendar for your region for October. In my region, October 1-5 are the best days for planting.

Sergey Alatyr: Natalia, How else is this?

Elena Soboleva: Already planted - usually late September-early October after the first frost.

Elena Soboleva: Lyudmila, I plant before winter in early November on frozen ground (prepare the land in the house to cover the planting)

Elena Kuvylkina: Svetlana, me too. Vologodskaya Oblast

Natalia Baskova: I planted yesterday, Vologda region

Nadezhda Chikarkova: Now it is impossible, it will sprout and freeze

Irina Subbotina: Louise, carrot varieties, frost resistant or any you can

Louise Gushchina: Every year she planted the same, ordinary ones. This time I bought a new variety, it is written that it is frost-resistant. I'll put him on trial, plus to my

Natalia Travinka: here +25 is too early to plant. Krasnodar region

Natalia Zakharova: I had an experiment. planted garlic in 3 stages. August 15, September 15 and October 15. I did not see any difference, so plant and do not bother! If you don’t believe me, try it yourself.

Valentina Semina: Elizabeth, why decreasing? I thought they were growing on a growing plant.

Svetlana Khilko: Natalya, and it is raining in Cherepovets for the second day, I can't imagine how to plant in such a slurry

Tatiana Savelyeva: Garlic is planted at the end of September until October 10th. I planted today.

Natalia Baskova: Svetlana, the same thing, yesterday in the rain I planted it, and then in strawberries .. Do not dig it - you bastard on the ridges

Galina Dubasova: Also planted

Olga Golovchenko: Just planted, Lipetsk. Usually I plant on October 1, never froze, did not germinate, on the contrary, it should take root before frost + still depends on the planting depth, usually 6-8cm

Lyudmila Kulikova: Elena, thank you, otherwise when I plant, doubts are taken all the time, is it too early.

Lysenko Gul: Natalya, tell me, to clean the straw in the spring?

Natalia Volovikova: Lysenko, no. And do not weed him. If there is grass, just pull it out. I cut off the arrows and preserve them

Natalia Ardysheva: Sergei, well, did not plant on time, and snowfall poured down. When it stopped, I had to dig out the paths with a shovel in order to find the beds))

Olga Surkova: Natalia, I totally agree

Natalia Morozova: Everything that grows underground is planted on a waning moon, and what grows above the ground is planted on a growing one.

Svetlana Novikova: Girls, in what to soak onions, so as not to shoot ??

Svetlana Shchapkova: It depends on where, in Syktyvkar, early, it's time already.

Natalia Morozova: Lydia, countrywoman, you plant from 1 to 5, and I from 16 to 20, my garlic is better to take root, because on the waning moon all the power of the plant is in the roots, and on the growing one in inches. Yours will take root for a very long time, this is a common truth, and you are Yandex.

Julia Lukyanchuk: Murmansk region, we plant before winter, after the first frost, before cover.

Galina Ivanova: It all depends on the region of residence

Inga Kuzmina: A new interesting group for gardeners and gardeners https://vk.com/sadogorod81

Tatiana Orekhova: In the Krasnodar Territory, they are planted before the Intercession.

Tatiana Vasilieva: Lyudmila, I planted onions and garlic today in the Pskov region I always plant before the Pokrov

Alla Yeschenko: I planted today

Lyudmila Kulikova: Tatiana, thanks, I'll drop off by the weekend, Bryanskaya. PS We have been living here for 3 years, before that in the north, we planted there early.

Natalia Pashkova: I planted last year in mid-October, it was a warm autumn. Grew up normal

Natalia Pashkova: Svetlana, it seems to me that he shoots, because not a set, but just a small onion. Sevok is what grows from seeds. But I could be wrong

Valentina Semina: Natalia, thank you)))

Marina Tilga: It doesn't matter when to plant the garlic, it is important at what temperature, and even if it sprouts, then it's okay. will grow again. I planted it in Aquarius, and on the new moon, and the full moon, the garlic is excellent.But when there were thaws with rains in January, and then -30 followed, then I covered myself with a copper basin (((

Nadezhda Shumilova: Until October 20

Winnie the Pooh: There is so much writing here and in different ways, I am generally stupid in these matters.

Olga Fedorova: Today I planted it. In order not to freeze out in November, I close the garden bed in two layers with covering material.

Elena Yusuf: Winter garlic is planted at a stable air temperature of + 5 degrees of air, so that the roots have time to germinate, but not tops.

Svetlana Novikova: Maybe, but I buy at a gardening store (((

Tatiana Vasilieva: Natalia, I also had such an experiment. The autumn is warm, the garlic sprouted But in the spring everything was fine and the harvest was excellent. Apparently he is not afraid of frost

Tatiana Vasilieva: Irina, you can use any carrots. But sprinkle the rows with sand on top so that they are visible. Otherwise, you can loosen them in the spring. And these carrots for early consumption.She does not store well

Lara Sazonova: I planted Yaroslavl today. but onions before winter and garlic are better from 4-19.10, it will not have time to germinate for sure, the temperatures are low, so feel free to plant until there are heavy rains

Tatiana Vasilieva: Svetlana, shoots if it was stored in the cold or the bulb is larger than 0.5 cm (if you plant it in winter) In general, there are special varieties for planting in winter I plant Shakespeare, Radar This year I also tried Senshui

Agnes Polishchuk: How I "like" such questions. And this Alatyr, where he lives. Can the admin of this group make a layout for different regions of this country. I mean that in Murmansk, for example, completely different numbers in the calendar of gardeners.

Svetlana Novikova: And I bought these three varieties)))

Natalia Pashkova: Svetlana, me too. Here's how I bought it, the white is normal, and the red is all in the arrow. This year, mmm, okay

Lydia Kuplenikova: Natalia, I have always tried to stick to the moon, but my daughter-in-law does not look at the moon, she plants plants when she has time. Everything is growing well. Now I began to doubt the moon.

Natalia Morozova: Lydia, of course, the main thing is the weather conditions! I also sometimes fail to stick to the moon, but I always stick to planting as for the waxing and waning moon and never plant anything on full and new moon days and when the moon passes the sign of AQUARIUS and this has been checked many times.

Elena Soboleva: We plant garlic here in the Moscow region in late September - early October (in general, Galina Kizima writes that you can plant even at the end of August, but I have not tried it), and onions - in late October - early November on frozen ground.

Marusya Dubkova: October 5, Yaroslavl region

Suvorov's little saint: I forgot to dig out two bulbs of winter garlic. Already a feather of 7-8 cm

You can participate in the discussion by going to the page in our group on vKontakte.

The specifics of planting garlic

Garlic is planted in autumn and spring. In the first case, the plant is called winter, in the second - spring. Winter plants thrive on sandy loam. The preparation of the soil for the cultivation of "winter crops" is carried out about a week before planting the crop. The soil must be dug up, the roots of weeds must be removed. The next step is the use of fertilizers (per 1 m2):

  • humus - 5 kg
  • superphosphate - 30 g
  • potassium salt - 20 g.

The day before planting the cloves, add ammonium nitrate (10 g per 1 m2).

For planting spring garlic, medium to light loam is suitable. If the soil is sandy or peaty, it is mixed with loam. So, more chances for a rich harvest. The planting date is April 20-25. Before planting, the chives are soaked in a weak solution of potassium permanganate at room temperature. Even more effective disinfection - consecutive holding for 3 minutes. in solutions:

  • table salt (2.5%)
  • copper sulfate (1%).

Large, without signs of disease, teeth are selected as material for planting. In this case, the mother's bottom must be removed so that it does not interfere with the development of the plant.

The distance between the rows of garlic is about 25 cm, between the plants - 10-11 cm.Do not sink the planted cloves too much: the roots will develop worse. The planting depth is about 4 cm. After the planting of the garlic is completed, the soil must be mulched with a layer of sawdust or rotted manure. The thickness of the mulch is from 2 to 5 cm.

Garlic doesn't need frequent watering. Water it only when the soil is clearly dry. Watering plants is done exclusively at the root. A month before harvesting, the garlic is stopped to water. But you need to weed the garden regularly. Garlic also needs feeding (one in spring and one in summer). As an additional top dressing, manure diluted in water in a ratio of 1:15 is suitable. If the leaves turn out to be light, the plants are fed with nitrophos (for 10 liters - 2 tablespoons of fertilizer).

Harvesting time for the garlic is late July-early August. It is not worth keeping the garlic in the garden for too long. The onion breaks up into separate cloves, the product is worse stored in winter. Before collecting the garlic for storage for the winter, it is dried in the sun for 12 days, and stored indoors during the rain.You can dry the heads of garlic in the oven or a special electric dryer. You can store garlic at an air temperature of 17-18 degrees or at 1-3 degrees (the so-called cold method).

The keeping quality of garlic in winter depends on how ripe the onions are. Unripe garlic has too loose flesh, while overripe garlic is peeled into separate cloves. And in fact, and in another case, the product will be stored for a short time. The best option for storing the product is wooden, well-ventilated boxes. Plastic bags are not suitable for storing garlic: the product will rot.

Watch the video: How to Choose the Right Garlic for Your Growing Zone