Pink meaning

Pink meaning


The quintessential symbol of love, devotion, admiration, beauty and perfection, the rose has been one of the most valued elegant-looking flowers for centuries. The 'rose of lovers' is famous all over the world the red one which, in mythology, was the flower sacred to Venus, the Roman goddess of love, and which has remained the most unmistakable immortal expression of romanticism to declare the feeling of deep and passionate love for someone special, especially on Valentine's Day. Given by the children on the day of the 'Mother's Day' still alive, in many ancient cultures the red roses were used as decoration in wedding ceremonies and often to spruce up the bride, so that they have remained linked to marriage in some countries as a symbol of love and fidelity. Depending on the shade of red of the petals, the rose expresses different emotions: intense, sincere regret and pain; carmine, erotic fantasies; the cardinal, a very strong attraction; amaranth, the long-tried desire; the one lit like fire, the flames of passion; purple, solemnly promises eternal love.

Meaning by coloring

With a warm and vibrant hue like a blaze of fire, the orange rose conveys a message of energy and enthusiasm, pride and fervor, but also of charm, intense attraction and passionate desire almost like red roses. The peach-colored rose is a symbol of modesty, which however also expresses sincere appreciation and optimism for the future. The yellow rose expressed jealousy, deception, betrayal and infidelity in the Victorian era, while in modern culture it highlights purely platonic feelings: a fulfilling friendship, affection, welcome, the joy of caring that warms the heart by transmitting the warmth of sun and a sense of exuberance. Roses with light yellow petals tinged with pale pink are a traditional symbol of sociality, also dedicated to the friend who is always present in memories. A dozen of white roses - considered the 'Flower of Light' - indicate purity, chastity, confidentiality, loyalty and respect. Associated with the new beginning like all white flowers, they also represent youthful love, while in bud they indicate to a girl that she is too young to bond emotionally. In some Native American and Western cultures, it is the 'bride's rose', a symbol of happiness in the traditional wedding ceremony, while in Scotland the flowering of a white rose in autumn is intended as a harbinger of an early marriage. In Wales, immaculate roses are the symbol of silence and innocence, so they often adorn children's graves, while one of these flowers is worn by orphans on 'Mother's Day'. Symbol of humility, reverence and spirituality like every white flower, the white roses they represented the purity of the Virgin - the 'Mystical Rose in Heaven' - in medieval Christian Europe. Roses with a corolla shaded from white to green - a color of harmony, fertility, opulence that conveys a sense of peace and tranquility - are the best wishes for a new prosperous life or recovery in health.

Often among the most fragrant, the pink rose - of great style, elegance, refinement, refinement - is a classic for transmitting lovable emotions such as admiration, lightheartedness, happiness, but also the poetry of an innocent love. Among the numerous variations, the dark pink shade expresses gratitude, gratitude and appreciation; the clear one manifests sympathy, kindness, sweetness, friendship, innocence; pale pink is synonymous with grace and joy.

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Meaning by number

A rose is the symbol of simplicity, but also of love at first sight, if given on the first date, while in full bloom it is a declaration of persistent loving sentiment. Two roses show affection, love, engagement or promise a future marriage. Three roses represent the bond between a loving couple and, traditionally, celebrate the anniversary of one month. Six roses declare that they feel the lack of a loved one and the sentimental involvement at any age, young or mature. Seven roses express the presence of an infatuation. Nine roses represent the desire to remain forever linked to one's partner. Ten roses attest that the love relationship is truly perfect. A dozen roses say they want to bond with their beloved for life, to have her next to just for themselves. Thirteen roses show friendship endlessly. Fifteen roses reveal their sorrow. Eighteen roses are sent to apologize. Twenty roses reveal the sincerity of the feelings one feels. Twenty-one roses reveal the loving dedication. Two dozen roses exclaim that they belong to their beloved. Twenty-five roses present congratulations. Three dozen roses make it clear that you are madly in love. Forty roses attest that one's love is genuine. Fifty roses reveal an unconditional love feeling. A bouquet of open blooming roses thank you with gratitude.

Religion and art

In Christianity, the rose - the 'Flower of the Madonna' - was often depicted in religious iconography also with the saints and the red shade was adopted as a symbol of the blood shed by Christian martyrs. According to a popular legend, originally the rose only grew in Heaven and was devoid of quills, but these appeared on the stem when the flower sprouted on Earth so that men always remembered the sins and the fall of the state of Grace after Adam and Eve. they were driven out of Eden, while the aspect of extraordinary beauty and the pleasant perfume remained, probably to induce reflection on so much lost splendor. Consequently, the Virgin Mary is the 'Thornless Rose', as she is free from original sin.

Among the numerous representations of roses cited in the history of art, the richest in details were painted by the 'Raphael of the flowers', Pierre-Joseph Redouté (1759-1840), a painter from Luxembourg remembered for the publication of over two thousand watercolors representing more than 1,800 different floral species. The painter and lithographer Henri Fantin-Latour (1836-1904) was a prolific painter of flowers, especially roses, as well as still lifes and portraits of groups of Parisian artists and writers. These flowers were used by French artists such as Pierre-Auguste Renoir (1841-1919) and Claude Monet (1922-1924), one of the greatest exponents of Impressionism, and the post-Impressionist Paul Cézanne. In the 1900s, the works dedicated to roses by two famous American artists were extraordinary: the painter Georgia O'Keeffe (1887-1986) and the photographer Robert Mapplethorpe (1946-1989).

Blue rose meaning

Before talking about the meaning of the blue rose we must make a clarification on something that many ignore but which is essential to understand the meaning of this flower as a whole. The blue rose does not exist and to be produced and marketed it is necessary to color its petals through particular substances.

From this small but particular anecdote we understand all the evolution of the meaning of the blue rose. This rose symbolizes having something that does not exist, giving an exclusive gift that not even nature has been able to achieve. The blue rose can be used to convey all our happiness to a loved one and communicate the feeling of feeling unique and exclusive. Since it is not a flower that normally occurs in nature, to give a rose like this you will have to look for it in advance or in any case request it from your trusted florist.

Mythology and legends

Of extraordinary natural beauty, the rose was consecrated to Venus, the goddess of love, by the ancient Romans. In Greek mythology, Clori (or Cloride), the goddess of flowers, gave rise to the first rose by transforming a nymph found lifeless in order to preserve its beauty. Aphrodite, the Greek goddess of love, attributed part of her flashiness to her; Dionysus, god of natural energy, gave her an unforgettable perfume; the three Charites, deities of beauty, gave her splendor, charm and joy; Zephyr, god of the west wind, blew through the clouds to sweep them away so Apollo, god of the sun, was able to make what was immediately designated as the 'Queen of flowers' bloom.

According to a medieval legend, the first roses miraculously appeared to save an innocent girl unjustly sentenced to death at the stake. Following the prayers for liberation, the tongues of fire went out, the wood that was burning turned into red roses and the one still burning into white roses. There was also an ancient belief according to which originally only white roses existed, but they became forever red, bloody from the heart of a nightingale pierced by the quills of the rose with which he was madly in love: in the throes of passion, he had approached her. too much singing her a song to indulge her, instead of chirping.

Tulip meaning: yellow, white, pink, purple flowers

The tulip is a spring flower from different color varieties, each with its meaning. The flower originates in Turkey (of which it is a national symbol), where it was widely cultivated and offered as a symbol of love. Even in the famous collection of fairy tales "The Thousand and One Nights" the tulip is representative of love: the sultan drops a red tulip at the feet of one of the women of the harem to indicate the chosen one.

It was also synonymous with wealth and power, which is why it was exhibited in the royal courts of the sultans. The name tulip derives from the Turkish "tullbandWhich means turban, probably due to its characteristic shape.

It was imported to Holland in 1554, where the botanist Carolus Clusius developed several varieties, starting the large-scale cultivation also in the Netherlands, where today it is one of the symbols of the nation (Holland is also the largest producer of tulips in the world).

The peony and the east

The peony it's a traditional symbol of oriental floral art and appears as early as 600 in Chinese art to represent the life force on tapestries, paintings, porcelain crockery or embroidered on traditional kimonos.

In contemporary times it is often combined with reproductions of birds and bamboo.

According to oriental symbolism the white flower of peony depicts the virginal purity of girls, while the red one is more figurative than erotic femininity.

But the peony it is not considered a symbol of femininity in its own right. In the tao it is considered one with the masculine, it is the meeting of the two polarities, it is the passive, graceful and tender part that blends harmoniously with the active and virile one.

For this reason, according to the traditional Chinese meaning of the complementarity of opposites, the peony positively influences the harmonious living together of man and woman.

This is the reason why, if you want to wish a happy marriage, a painting or a vase depicting the Chinese peonies should be placed in the master bedroom. And if we really want to be picky, in the south-west corner.

However, an elderly married couple is not advised to keep an image of one in the bedroom peony in bloom, because it could give rise to the desire for a younger woman.

If, on the other hand, you want to improve the amorous understanding and romanticism, the image of a couple of pink peonies.

Meaning of the colors of roses: expressing a feeling without words

The Rose it is the most gifted flower of all, each variety and color corresponds to a different message to be interpreted by the person who receives them.

Since ancient times the rose they are the symbol of love, of passion, admiration, beauty and perfection.

The rosebud closed symbolizes the chastity female, while the blossomed rose represents the beauty youth, in Roman mythology, the rose was was the sacred flower of the goddess Venus and has remained so ever since, a symbol of eternal and passionate love.

The meaning of the white rose

the white rose is the symbol of purity and innocence, expresses eternal love, candor, virginity, undoubtedly represents the bride but also communion and confirmation.

The meaning of the yellow rose

the meaning of the yellow rose it has always been associated with jealousy and deception but not everyone knows that it also has another meaning, energy and sunshine

The meaning of pink roses

the pink roses they express tenderness, gratitude, happiness and admiration and the rose symbol of friendship to give to a friend as a sign of affection

The meaning of the peach rose

the meaning of the peach rose is of a secret love or the sharing of a secret like a love but it is also the color associated with modesty

The meaning of the orange rose

the meaning of the orange rose it is an intense desire pursued with passion this color is in fact associated with the flame of the burning fire

The meaning of the coral rose

the coral color is more intense than the peach color and lighter than the orange is a shade that changes the meaning very little, the coral rose symbolizes desire with perseverance

Salmon pink flower language

the salmon color of roses is associated with desire and excitement,

The meaning of red roses

there red red, recognized and undisputed symbol of overwhelming passion but not everyone knows that the color red is also the meaning of love for life and also the color of blood and therefore of life

Language of lavender pink flowers

the meaning of lavender pink it is the charm and the enchantment that one feels, the adoration and the extravagance

The blue rose

there pink blue does not exist in nature, it is made with dyes, there is no precise meaning but it has been associated with faith, trust, honesty, wisdom and mystery

The green rose

not even the pink green it exists in nature but strength, vitality and the wish for a prosperous life are associated with this color

The ivory rose

the ivory rose has the meaning of charm and reflection

The meaning of the number of roses

The meaning of the roses is also different for the number received which is usually always in an odd number but let's see what the corresponding meanings are

  • 1 red rose - declare a love born recently, the classic love at first sight.
  • 3 red roses - to simply declare "I love you" for the first time
  • 5 red roses - sincere love.
  • 7 red roses - I'm only yours.
  • 11 red roses - You are my only love.
  • 12 red roses - romantic love and passion
  • 15 red roses - forgive me.
  • 24 red roses - I always think of you
  • 36 red roses - remember the best moments lived together.
  • 48 red roses - I'm madly in love with you
  • 100 red roses - declare eternal love

Now that you know the meaning of the colors of roses you will be able to easily understand what those who give it to you want to communicate, and if you are a man you are reading you will know which color is suitable for your next gift to your loved one!

Meaning of the Flowers

Traditionally, every flower or plant or tree has a symbolic meaning, derived from ancient traditions and represents a state of mind, a feeling, a message.

All living beings express themselves in the way that suits them best, communicating with the world around them. And in fact, flowers have their own intrinsic communicative capacity that depends on the type, variety and color that distinguishes them. These communicative values ​​have been attributed to flowers over the centuries by poets, by legends handed down from generation to generation and by scholars.

As in any language, it is the harmony of words that creates the speech: a flower that symbolizes memory, next to the one that symbolizes love, will testify to an eternal feeling. But the memory associated with mourning will represent the loss of a loved one.

In every culture there is a tradition linked to the cultivation and gift of flowers. There are many meanings and the same flower, in different situations, can take on opposite meanings. The actors of communication (who gives and who receives) influence the meaning, just as the role of color is central.

Everyone knows, for example, that if a red rose symbolizes passionate love, a yellow rose indicates jealousy and betrayal.
For this reason it will not be easy to learn to juggle the composition of floral messages, but it will not be different from learning the use of a foreign language, in which words often take on a different meaning according to the context in which they are used: the difference is in the fact that the language of flowers is universal.

All of us, at least in our youth, have spoken this language: how many can claim to have never leafed through a daisy chanting a "loves me - loves me not"? And how many have refrained from looking for a four-leaf clover as a lucky charm?

Flowers contain the strength of Nature, the noble feelings of those who possess them and allow them to be transformed, as if by magic, into the representation of those who possess them, of those who give them or those who receive them, of their soul, imprisoning them in eternal the wonderful colors of Nature.

Flowers are gifts of the Earth, they are manifestations of the forces of the universe, they are magical batteries that contain and concentrate the energies of the Earth, as they live, feed and grow in it. The Magic of Flowers is based on simple ideas and has direct results.

A Flower given or received puts its powers and energies into play. Magic is about guiding these energies. The powers of the Flowers are accessible to all, make extensive use of the treasures of the Earth, and they will reciprocate by giving you everything you need ...
The symbolism of flowers has played an important role in our history. Just to give some examples, we can recall the lily that represents the city of Florence starting from the 12th century, corresponding to the first great diffusion of European public heraldry and simultaneously with the phase of the consolidation, in its political and institutional structure, of the free municipality of Florence.

Heraldry has used a lot of the symbolism of flowers, the lily which has the first place, is a symbol of power and sovereignty. The rose: red, gold or silver, is an emblem of beauty, uncontaminated love, the sovereignty of customs, nobility and recognized merit.

Many are the sovereigns and popes who have been portrayed adorned with flowers, for all San Luigi dei Francesi is with the white lily.

The meaning of a flower changes depending on whether it is worn (in the hair, in the buttonhole, inserted in the décolleté, and so on), whether it is offered with the right or left hand, whether it is presented alone or inserted in a bouquet.

In the latter it is the combination of flowers that determines the "words": if a flower that means "forever", is inserted with a flower that means "love", the message will be "I will love you forever", but if it is inserted in a bouquet with flowers that mean "memory" and others that mean "hate", the message will be clear: "I will hate you forever, and I will have only bad memories of you".

A flower like Erica which means loneliness, but also luck, if combined with a flower like Primula which can mean melancholy, says "you are alone and sad", but if Erica herself is offered with pink roses, the meaning of which is “Success”, the message will be “I wish you much success and luck”.

In addition to the meaning of each flower, the overall color of the bouquet will also have its importance: white indicates purity, red passion, yellow jealousy and so on. It matters whether you send a plant or a branch (the case of the Acacia) or its flower (in this case, the Mimosa: the flower of the Acacia).

Do not forget that only on special occasions bouquets of the same flower and the same color are sent, while there are flowers that can only be sent alone (such as the Orchid), or at most with another flower or a branch that emphasizes it. the meaning (in the case of the Orchid, a branch of maidenhair can be placed next to it, to send a message of "discreet passion").

❁ The Language of Colors in Flowers ❁

Giving a bouquet of flowers of a certain color means giving it a first message, which will then be better emphasized by the choice of one or more floral species. Before deciding which species to offer as a gift, it is therefore necessary to consider the color, which itself has its own meaning.

WHITE . It is the symbol of purity, innocence and modesty. It expresses a pure and sincere feeling. It is also used when waiting for new news.

YELLOW . Yellow is commonly associated with infidelity and betrayal, but it is also a symbol of luxury, glory and success.

ORANGE . It is a color that symbolizes joy, happiness, and full satisfaction for a success already achieved. Even sentimentally it expresses an already consolidated and fulfilling love.

ROSE . It is a symbol of youth and expresses a newborn love. Pink is also associated with great admiration.

RED . It is notoriously the expression of ardent and passionate love, courage and a strong desire for victory. However, it is also a symbol of anger and strong-willed temperament.

DARK RED . It symbolizes constancy, continuity and immortality.

VIOLET . Expresses feelings of modesty, generosity and humility. It is a symbol of insurmountable shyness.

LILAC . It represents a sincere and uninteresting love, even if it is simply directed to friends.

LIGHT BLUE . Light blue is a symbol of difficulty and restlessness due to problems of various origins (money, health, and so on).

TURQUOISE . Gratification for those who deal with art or science with great commitment.

GREEN . It symbolizes hope or an already averted danger, it also represents joy or optimism.

Given the length of the article, the post was divided into several pages:

When to give them and how

Every occasion is good to give a flower, whether it is the person's favorite or not, it is always a very welcome gesture, its delicacy and the representation of the beauty of nature, of life, will make that gift full of meaning.

Each rose has its own symbolism and above all the blue color we have seen to be polyvalent, useful on many occasions.

Birthdays, anniversaries or for a first date when the goal is to show how grateful you are to share with the other person the gratitude of having it in your life.

You can think of giving a whole bunch of blue roses, or a single rose within a bouquet, it will certainly symbolize uniqueness and make the person who receives it feel important.

Latest curiosities about peonies

If you are a Pisces and were born, to be exact, in the second decade, between 1 and 10 March, the peony it is your flower and protects you against the bad deeds of the envious. But, for it to work, you must always have a piece of it on: carry a piece of root, some seeds, a dried leaf in your pocket or, if you are feeling very naive, put a nice flower in your buttonhole.

If you dream there peony it means that you are deeply in love or that a declaration of love is coming for you.

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