Pierluigi Monsignori Potsy - Artist - His CV

Pierluigi Monsignori Potsy - Artist - His CV

Pierluigi Monsignori Potsy, curriculum

One of the plastic food eco-presses is exhibited for a permanent stay at the MAC Museum of Contemporary Art in Bahia in Brazil.

In 2010, the land art installation "Plastic food" is the latest in a series of installations begun in 2000, characterized by the use of plastic materials. Potsy is convinced that man has an unrequited love with this wonderful and irreplaceable polymer. This work of art is nothing more than an invitation to a walk in an unfortunately present future landscape, which seems distant from our green Umbrian hills, but which in reality is not that far away. A simple reflection, we must reduce the production of waste. We can no longer wait for the unawareness of a distracted future to take away from our children the everyday familiar to us: walking in a field with freshly cut grass, feeling the light scent of hay presses brings us back to contact with nature and this must be a inheritance for all. "Plastic Food" represents what we will experience, what awaits us and which unfortunately is already past-present in other regions. We survive in a society that cannibalizes certainties, which tries in every way to replace the normal nature of all things, living and simple, which has made herbivores carnivores, in a perverse profit logic that in the end has turned against us.

Nature implodes in the frustration in which it pours, sudden discomforts that materialize in new pandemics. Walking through the Potsyvi installation will project you into a snapshot capable of making you understand the real disharmony of an experience next to our daily waste, patches of out-of-tone color, accustomed as we are to the usual wonderful installations of distracted agricultural operators.

A journey that will allow you to embrace different presses of a future-present that none of us would like in our own garden. Inside the installation an eco-press is missing and this is not accidental, several evenings I slept in that vacuum completing the work in its design. I myself in a present future will in fact be disposed of neither more nor less like a bale of compressed plastic. The future generations will find themselves exhuming the bodies of their ancestors and instead of dust they will find non-anatomical parts of who knows what polymer used to "embellish" us and make us feel accepted in society. This work is nothing more than the continuation of plasticflower.

Also in 2010 he realizes Don't throw what you could drink, an artistic installation at the Municipality of Umbertide. The work reflects the current policy of raising awareness for the reduction of the consumption of plastic bottles in the domestic and non-domestic food sector.

In 2008 he created the landart work Natura Morta. It expresses the disapproval of the current historical period, made up of customs that no longer reflect those that are the fundamental values ​​of existence.

Also in the same year he made a series of photographic videos, a tribute to MimmoRotella, he photographed the tears of the circus posters naturally eroded by the passage of time; a video dedicated to material elements; a video on Signorelli's spelndidadeposition placed in the church of Santa Croce in Umbertide;

In 2007 he created the two works of landart Natural White (an internal analysis path to the rediscovery of colors and shapes in nature) and Plastic Flower (aimed at young people who, bombarded by stereotypes served up by the mass media, try to improve their image and to be accepted in today's society through a wild use of purely aesthetic surgeries (operations of great farsightedness that anticipates by three years the law that came into force in 2010 which prohibits cosmetic surgery for minors under 18). In the same year he performed in friendly form photographic portraits for the H.R.H. Emanuele Filiberto of Savoy.

He executes the photographic book of the Cashmere RARO company in Perugia. The shots are taken in the charming town of Montone, one of the most beautiful towns in Italy. In the same lacation he organizes the installation of the pictorial exhibition of Zahir and Fabio Mancini, he also performs the photographic back stage of the film on the life of Braccio Fortebraccio da Montone

He transforms one of his photographic works into a crucifix on canvas for the Mato Grosso Mission Church. It also performs the photographic montage of the reportage.

He participates as a set photographer for several works by Edoardo Angelo Zigrino for Politheater (a theatrical association based in Città di Castello that gives life to historical and social spectacles) during which he has the opportunity to photograph Valeria Marri, winner of the award for best actress at the competition Let's take Turin's word for it.

Official Photographer of the Municipality of Umbertide for three Editions of Rock In Umbria.

From Life to the Absinthe musical duo. The music of his CD SOA, is translated into English and is performed by a guitar and gospel voice duo, for a concert in collaboration with the Municipality of Marsciano.

Organize the concert of Maestro Gian Piero Reverberi, in the church of San Francescoad Umbertide, a unique event of its kind, the proceeds of which were donated to the church for the restoration of works of art. pots.jpg

He organizes an event in the civic museum of Santa Croce in Umbertide in which visitors were invited to circulate freely around the sculptures of RomanoAlberti known as the "Black" surrounded by live music by N. Paganini.

White Night in Perugia, participates in the realization of the event "the Divinations" inside the Rocca Paolina.

He collaborates with the Umbria Tv Television.

It gives life to the event Vasari Racconta il Signorelli in which string music and ladanza merge in the representation of some works by Luca Signorelli.

Sets up the work of landart Plastic Minds. Another work of art aimed at the social in which human loneliness is described through a mannequin. The human being has a strong and innate need to communicate and this is often denied.

Organize the exhibition for the artist arch. Massimo Bacciocchi church of San Francescoa Montone, which sees as guest of honor the great Maestro Gian Piero Reverberi to whom the inauguration concert of the exhibition is dedicated.

He invented Potsy ArtBox, within which in addition to directing his staff of artists he performed a video clip for the six American saxophonists The TipTones, projects images on the Rocca di Umbertide and in the prestigious castle of Civitella Ranieri, an event organized in collaboration with Metronome.

In 2005 he began his collaboration with the prestigious monthly magazine Fuaié, through which he has the opportunity to organize events of the highest cultural level. He actively collaborates with the artistic director of Ondesonore Fuiae '.

Monsignori Pierlugi's music is used for programs broadcast by the Rete Sole and Umbria Tv televisions, as well as as a soundtrack for videos with a social background of which he himself was the director and producer. In the same period he composed a song destined for a compilation for Coop Umbria.

In 2003 he finished the writing of the book Stereogramma about 7000 poetic compositions that contain the ferocious introspection of an artist. The book contrasts feelings such as Hope, Hate and Love, in many forms, which give life to lyrical journeys and journeys across the world. In the same year he made his debut as a speaker for Radio Tiferno, in the role of Duke Conte d'Altamira and made another musical video with the model Eva K. of his own musical piece Torna a Volare.

In 2002 he created a commercial against indifference towards the handicapped.

In 2001 he sets up the landart work Campi Plastici, immersed in the social this work describes the human loneliness characterized by a life in which cold objects have the overcoming of the human being who owns nothing and basically a being adrift of the ego.

In 1995 he begins the composition of SOA which ends in 2000. He makes a musical video with the model Alissa Gouzar, video of the song Vaghi Pensieri SOA (Hope of Love) shot in Italy and Tunisia.

He began his artistic career as a cover player (singer) first with the band "Trend" and later with Idraulika. Certainly the most important band with which he collaborated is the Blues Band Setting Belts, with performances especially at the Theater and with a more mature and attentive audience. He ends his career as a blues singer in the band with the release of their first blues cd Something Somewere.

Organize the closing concert of the Festa del Bosco in the Municipality of Montone.


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