Viveka Ljungström: Little weather prayer

Viveka Ljungström: Little weather prayer

CHRONICLE: As I write this, I am at the same time addressing a silent prayer to the weather god. May we have an autumn with many clear days with sunbeams warming our backs.

Small weather prayer

We want few, and only mild, frosty nights and preferably not until October so that dahlias and roses, marigolds, asters and other things that bring joy can stand for a long, long time.

Autumn in the garden is by no means just an end and melancholy, although of course a lot are now saying goodbye, going to sleep or dying. Autumn is also the beginning of almost everything. Now the soil is saturated with seeds waiting for a new spring, and many trees and shrubs are setting buds that will turn green next year. Perennials so slowly end their supernatural life to grow in power and then have the strength to shoot up again when the light and heat return. It's comforting to think that way when so much is packed up and put down. With just the right moisture in the soil, I put tulips and autumn sores, hornbeam and maybe summer knight spurs and cliff to the next midsummer table setting. Until October, you can sow and plant in southern Sweden. For those who have not tried it, it can feel unusual to mess around in the autumn cold soil. You almost do not want the seeds to have to lie there and freeze. But you get used to it and autumn sowing pays off in the spring in the form of a slightly earlier start and above all more robust plants.

And dear weather god, when the leaves finally fall, we want nice days that make the raking a pleasure. Preferably windless so that the leaves do not swirl and the smoke from the small fire basket does not stand out in the eyes. We want to grill sausages and marshmallows and eat the last tomatoes of the year that hang from withered twigs against a warm wall.


Fire basket

Bought one last year and I have not regretted it. Fire in the garden, albeit small, makes everything a couple of hundred times cozier.


You can actually extend the season in the garden if you have lambskin to sit on. I want many and preferably silver gray.

'Nancy Nora'

Have wanted for several years, and still wish, odor peony 'Nancy Nora' and hopes to plant her this autumn. Peonies can be planted until the snow comes.


Finaste ‘Daytona’.

Already this spring, we decided that this would be next spring's finest tulip. It blooms in May and fits almost everywhere. If you give away a subscription of 5 issues of All about Garden for only SEK 149 you get a bag of 'Daytona' tulip bulbs home in the mailbox at no extra cost.

Read more at:/tulip

Viveka Ljungström: Small weather prayer - garden

I'm more periodical when it comes to books - sometimes I read nothing and sometimes I read everything I come across in a blissful mix. I enjoy reading historical novels if they are well written. Detectives and thrillers have a place of their own in my heart. Life stories, people's everyday lives, etc. are worth reading as long as they are described in captivating language.
I am a bookaholic and I read in periods - sometimes I don´t open a book in weeks and during my "periods" I read anything that gets in my way. I like historical novels when they are well written. Detective stories and thrillers have a place of their own in my heart. Stories of every-day-life etc is worth reading as long as they are written in a nice language.


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Funkis - 30s (plus nyfunkis)

The house: The function was in focus and the smooth, bright, geometric houses emerged. The location was optimized according to nature's conditions and let as much light as possible into both the house and the garden.

The garden: Now the focus was on relaxation and play in the garden, you could buy food in the store. The garden would be easy to maintain and often there were old pines and wild shrubs left. Paved patios began to be built adjacent to the house and limestone became popular in the corridors.

It got a little wild at the edges and ground covers, ferns and funkia replaced the perennial flower beds, now it would be green, not colorful. Common plant types were stem lilac, rhododendron, rowan, tulips, lilies of the valley, daffodils and wild wine. Fences, railings and gates were made in wrought iron - straight and simple in a slim dimension. Wood could be used in airy trellis in a strict checkerboard pattern.

Nyfunkis: Nyfunkis is a concept that became common during the latter part of the 1990s. The style has a clear heritage from the function's straight and stripped lines and large window areas. New-style houses are often built with pulpit roofs and the gardens are in a tight style with concrete slabs, different kinds of gravel and slate as paving. Large wooden decks and large lawns are also common. It is not so floral, but common plant varieties are bamboo and boxwood.

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