"Successful season" - goods for home, garden and vegetable garden

Ready-made plant shelters for the winter
Shelters: for roses (including climbing ones), for conifers, for grapes, rhododendorons, for hydrangeas, for trees, frame, “Fairy Tale” and “Garden Decor” shelters

Beds and composters
Warm beds, perforated beds, galvanized beds, round beds, strawberry beds, composters

Fertilizers and plant protection products
Mineral, organic, humic, soil improvers, biohumus, sapropel, "Fitosporin", "August", "Oktyabrina Aprelevna"

Hotbeds, greenhouses, accessories
Greenhouses: "Successful Season" 95 cm, "Guarantor", "Snowdrop", "Agronomist", "Fazenda", "Happiness of a Summer Resident", "Klever-S" Metal greenhouses, arches for a greenhouse, accessories, greenhouse ventilators

Supports for plants
Arches, trellises, bush holders, supports for: peppers, tomatoes, cucumbers, raspberries, strawberries, peonies; garden fiberglass pegs, tree supports

Seeds of cucumbers, Tomatoes, Cabbage, Carrots, fruits and berries, Vegetables, Flowers, seeds of firms, "Aelita", "Russian Garden", lawn grass

Everything for seedlings
Health Treasure, coconut tablets, peat pots and tablets, cups, racks and sets for seedlings, soils and substrates

Spunbond and geotextile
Spunbond white and black, agrotex colored, spangram, agrotex

Garden fencing
Fences, nets, curb tape

Pest control
Eco-cooler, repellents, protection against moles, snakes, insects, protective nets

Artificial rattan furniture, sun loungers, hammocks, swings, benches, chairs, tables

Fuel briquettes


Gardening tools and equipment
Pruners, shovels, rakes, axes, saws, drill, scissors, loppers, hoes, garden forks, miracle shovels, cultivators, garden wheelbarrows; tools brands: "Tornado", "Fiskars", "Truper", garters for plants, molds for filling tracks

Everything for watering
Drip irrigation systems: "BEETLE" and "AquaDusya", watering hoses, electric sprayers; containers, timers, fittings, sprayers, irrigation accessories, drip tape, watering cans and buckets

Balcony boxes and flower pots

Household products
Electric heaters, country showers and toilets, household lamps, mosquito nets, feeders, birdhouses, shower heads, cleaning equipment

Tabletop, standard, linear, phytolamp accessories, bird lamps

Products for baths and saunas
Essential oils, buckets, tubs, buckets, washcloths, body brushes, bath and sauna clothes, brooms, steamers, salt briquettes, accessories

Coconut fiber
Trunk circles, coconut leaf, coconut substrate, mulchagram, coconut pots

Garden lighting
Garden lamps, autonomous lighting, country lighting, garden extension cords, LED garlands

Garden decor
Garden figures

Leisure goods
Braziers, means for ignition, sledges and cheesecakes

For a beginner gardener

If you have just purchased a plot, then you will need:

Products for the garden and vegetable garden

    All kinds of garden tools - shovels, hoes, rakes for leaves and branches, pruners and scissors, saws, etc. Tool containers Tool belts Knee pads Chairs and mats for work Sprayer (manual or electric) Irrigation hose Hose holders Bush holders (for flowers and berry bushes) Garden cover material Water buckets Folding buckets for collecting fruits Ropes in reels Plant markers Work clothes and gloves Respiratory protection for spraying Chemical containers

List of decorative garden products offered by modern manufacturers

    All kinds of garden tools - shovels, hoes, rakes for leaves and branches, pruners and scissors, saws, etc. Pots, baskets, flowerpots Feeders and drinkers for birds Mailbox Trash bin Street clock Street thermometer Lanterns and candlesticks Brackets and hangers Decorative supports for plants Decorative mini greenhouses (mini greenhouses for sensitive seedlings) Decorative fences for flower beds Decorative bridges Chairs and benches Decorative fireplace Garden figures and figurines Hammocks Artificial stones Singing stones Fountains and waterfalls Gazebos Wells Swings Manhole covers Firewood boxes, barbecues Carts, mills Topiary (decoration of the exterior in the form of a trimmed tree or flower bed)

This is just an incomplete list of decorative products for the garden. There is no limit to the imagination of modern producers and our gardeners. Naturally, each owner decorates his garden in his own way, in accordance with the chosen style and personal preferences.

Before choosing products to decorate your site, consider whether these decorations will be temporary or will remain in the garden for several years. If you decide to bring a new design touch to your garden for one season, you can choose products made from inexpensive, short-lived materials. If you plan to design a garden for many years, it is better to opt for “fundamental” durable products (for example, forged products in the same style).


YOU CAN ASK ALL QUESTIONS BY PRESSING THE "ASK A QUESTION TO THE ORGANIZER" BUTTON! We will tell you about the composition, method of application, skin / hair type and other criteria. The product description was translated from French by ourselves. Therefore, if you have any questions or doubts, we will always answer in a message!

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Eko Sadiba - Center of Garden Mriy

Eko Sadyba (Eko Sadiba) is a chain of stores for gardeners and gardeners, on the market since 2015. In addition to the Internet site, we are represented by five physical stores in Kiev, each of which is also a pick-up point.
Our consultants are real professionals in their field, who spend their weekends, just like us, at their summer cottage :)

On our shelves you will find everything you need for gardening and farming. For example, you can buy seeds of both the cheaper segment and the premium class. At the same time, each package, each variety is studied by us before getting to the showcase. Seeds of cucumbers, for example, are both familiar to everyone inexpensive "Skvirskie" and premium hybrids like, for example, the cucumber "Shosha". And so with every garden culture, with every flower. We import seeds from all over the world, and these are Ukrainian, Dutch, Russian, Polish, American, Chinese selections, etc.
Most of these seeds have already been grown by us or our employees, so we will be happy to help you find whatever your heart desires! We will show you which varieties grow better on your soil, climatic zone.

We also have a large assortment of preparations for beetles, plant protection products from diseases, fertilizers. So, preparations for the Colorado potato beetle can be both biological (for example, "Aktofit") and chemical (such as "Koragen"). The same goes for fungicides (preparations for plant diseases), herbicides. Fertilizers are available both biological (biohumus) and mineral (nitrogen fertilizers, potash). Also, we have all kinds of plant growth stimulants. Of course, we will help you with your choice. After all, our goal is for the harvest to grow healthy and rich, and you trust us in matters of our products, and become our regular customer! Without undue modesty, we are professionals in our field, and we are ready to take responsibility for our every word.

From related materials, we offer trellis nets for vegetables, agrofibre, shading nets. Of the tools - secateurs and brush cutters, Fokin's flat cutter, high quality sprayers.

Under the season (spring and autumn), we sell seedlings of various crops. Basically - Dutch selection. Also at this time, our seedlings of peaches, apple trees and pears, sweet cherries and cherries, mulberries, apricots and plums are in demand. We carefully select varieties so that they are resistant to diseases, frosts, pests, and also so that they give the maximum yield!

Looking for siderates? All kinds of field crops such as mustard, phacelia, oats, etc. are waiting for their customers on the pages and shelves of Eco-Sadyba stores.

We specialize in everything for the garden and garden, but we also have products for the home, such as phosphate-free laundry detergents, ecological dishwashing and home care products, garden books, books on traditional medicine, health literature , as well as souvenirs (look what wonderful reeled dolls!).

Our section "Health and Beauty" should be taken out separately, in it you will find ecological creams and body balms, Ayurvedic shampoos, henna-based dyes, dietary supplements and phytopreparations, flaxseed products and vegetable oils.

Garden and vegetable garden in Australian style: country ideas from the other end of the earth

Lyrically titled "Glenmore", this house and garden is a charming residence dating back to 1840. It consists of a residential building, outbuildings, a garden, a vegetable garden, a rose garden, as well as many decorative flower beds. 25 years have passed since Larry and Mickey Robertson stumbled upon a dilapidated dilapidated house in search of suburban housing. Now their estate is a unique historical site that shows the beauty of the Australian countryside lifestyle.

To celebrate this big anniversary, they have opened the garden to all people as part of the Open Gardens Australia event, which is held every year. In groups, people visit numerous residences, which for several days or weeks - at their own discretion - are open for inspection.

Such a tradition is very interesting from a worldwide point of view, because it happens, walking in an unfamiliar city inside your country or abroad, you so want to look into the houses of ordinary people, look at their gardens, what and how it grows there. And an event like Australia's Open Gardens helps people get to know better the specifics of certain regions of the country, gain experience and, in general, have a lot of fun.

Showing the beauty of their garden, the Robertsons also tell fascinating stories about its creation. Practically from scratch and with zero experience. Their home is a fascinating story and a great testament to how consistent work can lead to such rewarding results.

Despite the fact that all 25 years were spent in constant trouble about the site and the repair of the house itself, for this family the dacha is an outlet and a mirror. They see their reflection in it and it makes them incredibly happy.

The Glenmore estate itself is located near the town of the same name in the southern lowlands of the Camden area (1 hour drive from the country's capital - Sydney). Larry and Mickey use it as a dacha, and live in the city. Most often, the Robertsons spend the whole summer in nature, enjoying their blooming plot and their own-grown vegetables.

The Australian warm season, however, lasts all year round, but 6 separate months during the dry season, their summer cottage requires special attention and constant watering. The rest of the time the Robertsons come here when they can or when they really want to take a break from the bustle of the city.

In their garden, the Roberstons decided not to adhere to a certain design style, since they do not quite understand why they should limit themselves to some kind of framework. When they have free time, they just happily implement the ideas that come to mind and take care of their site.

In a sense, their garden can still be called Australian, due to the choice of plants and architecture of the building. They wanted to create a place for themselves for a cozy life in nature, so that everything around them would please the eye.

Many years ago, Larry decided to experiment - to plant large local plants on both sides of the main entrance to the house. You can see them in the photo above. Then Mickey thought this idea was too extravagant, but now she sees - it was she who led to the fact that their garden can become really interesting and original. Therefore, now the Robertsons understand that there must be a perfect balance between creativity and practicality to create a garden that is both comfortable and unique.

Mickey shares his thoughts on the work on the site: “The worst thing about decorating a site is the inability to implement some very interesting ideas in practice. For example, I always wanted tubs of flowers to hang from the outside under the window. But, unfortunately, our house does not allow this. Then we came up with the idea of ​​putting a bench under the window, on which the pots are already being placed. Over time, I liked this option even more - after all, it is ours, our own! ”.

Larry likes to take care of flower beds in outbuildings more, in which perennials grow on their own. He tries to embody this idea of ​​minimal interference wherever possible.

“It is very important to make the dacha comfortable in the first place. When there are enough sheds, shelves in the house, tools, benches and beds, the rest is decided by itself. And if even a little work takes you a lot of time to organize, everything becomes a burden, even pulling out a couple of thorny weeds. After all, you don't even know where the gloves are! And to find them, you need to spend at least 15 minutes of time. We have everything in its place, and on the site in the right place, we even built a small shed, which looks like a booth. It contains all the tools you might need at any time, ”says Larry.

Despite the fact that the Robertsons got very dilapidated outbuildings, the constant care of them bears fruit. Many of them are over 40 years old, but they are still standing - they just changed the roof. Around, the family is trying to use the space as decoratively as possible, for example, observing accuracy in any work. For example, the pots against the back wall of one of the sheds are strictly on a ruler. This makes even a large accumulation of small objects look more neat.

At some point, the Robertsons became very interested in the cultivation of tapestry plants, and in the wake of this hobby they made a whole tunnel that leads to a resting place - a small shop.This construction stands in the middle of the garden, and therefore it is even more useful - as soon as you want to rest, you do not need to go through the entire plot to some kind of "recreation area", which you are trying with all your might to keep in beauty, like a front flower bed. Here you can feel free even in work clothes. And, without taking off your gloves, take a break for a couple of minutes before the next work.

In addition to common garden plants, the Robertsons are very fond of succulents, which are placed in pots throughout the garden. For Australia, this is an even more understandable choice because they do not require frequent watering.

Under a large canopy, the Robertsons have made a spacious dining room - all family holidays are celebrated here. 3 tables, each of which can accommodate six people, were taken from neighbors when they already wanted to throw them away. The Robertsons decided that if the thing could still work, let it work. We covered them with tablecloths and put them in the right place.

Right there, under a canopy, they hung a lot of seashells, which they themselves collected on the beach in Sydney, on colored ribbons. Such beauty not only reminds of the sea in such a hot valley, but also gives wonderful memories of a vacation with the whole family.

The Robertsons did not work on the main entrance for a long time, and only in recent years have they begun to improve this part of the site. Now here, in a European manner, there is a convenient driveway, which is very helpful when relatives and friends come here. In addition, there is a bench here and unpretentious large plants are planted geometrically. This makes the maintenance of this place minimal, but the beauty and care of it is noticeable.

In Russia, the demand for goods for the garden and vegetable garden has sharply increased

According to experts, in recent years, Russians have increasingly begun to view their summer cottages as a real way to cut down on food spending. Due to the regular increase in prices for fruits and vegetables in shops for home and summer cottages, the demand for all categories of goods is increasing more and more - seeds, seedlings, seedlings, garden tools, garden care products (fertilizers, soil, pest control products).

The demand for produce from the garden is also dictated by the fashionable tendency to buy farm products. Not everyone can afford to overpay for the "eco" mark on the label. It is much more profitable to buy seedlings and grow them on the summer cottages available to almost all Russians. Gardening vendors have seen consistently strong annual growth in profits.

“Over the past two years, we have seen an annual growth - by an average of 30-35% - in private demand for gardening goods. This is also due to the permanent rise in prices for vegetables and fruits, as a result of which many Russians again returned to the tradition of growing them on their own and began to spend more and more time at their dachas. The second reason is that the culture of gardening began to actively develop in the country. Every year there is more and more available information on how to independently equip a garden plot, so many owners of suburban real estate and summer residents become not just gardeners, but also designers, "says Pavel AKOPOV, an expert on landscaping and gardening, General Director of GazonCity. ... According to him, in this regard, the demand for rolled lawn continues to grow steadily by 20-25% per year, including due to an increase in knowledge about this product, but also due to the fact that in Russia it can be bought in supermarkets ( Nowhere else in the world is this category of goods sold through retail chains without prior ordering).

“Growing seedlings in environmentally friendly peat pots has also become a trend among Russians. The demand for this product has grown several times in recent years. On average, since the beginning of this year, the demand for goods for growing plants (plastic containers for seedlings, flower pots, etc.) has increased by 35%, ”Akopov emphasizes. To meet the growing needs of the population, LawnCity had to increase not only production capacity, but also warehouse capacity. So, in 2016, a warehouse complex in the Moscow region was modernized, which made it possible to increase the storage area by more than 1,500 pallet places. Also, the workshops were expanded and the number of equipment for the production of, first of all, lawn seeds and peat pots was increased.

“As for the production of lawn mix, we previously offered professional grade products from raw materials originating in the United States. However, in the face of a changing economic situation and a sharp rise in prices due to the dollar exchange rate, we have modified the entire assortment matrix of lawn seeds under the GazonCity brand, and also brought to the market a new brand called Hallo, gras! This allowed us to optimize our own costs for raw materials and offer Russian buyers a sowing lawn at affordable prices. This factor has led to such high sales figures for this segment of garden products ”, - comments Akopov.

The manufacturer's words are confirmed by Olga Khokhlova, managing partner of the analytical agency Price & Quality Agency, an expert on the consumer market:

“Indeed, since the beginning of the crisis, the population of Russia has begun to actively return to their summer cottages. There are two reasons for this. Firstly, sea resorts are becoming less and less accessible for Russians: this applies both to foreign countries, where the outflow of domestic tourists over the past two years has exceeded 45%, and Russian, where prices are approaching European ones, and the quality still leaves wish for the best.

Secondly, Russians have a sharp increase in demand for vegetables and fruits of their own production due to the rapid decline in purchasing power during the crisis. According to data from the beginning of 2017 alone, prices for white cabbage have skyrocketed by 83.4%, for potatoes by 78.7%, for onions by 74.5%, for carrots by 42.3%, and for beets by 31.5% " ...

According to the expert, so far only the vegetable group has shown a sharp rise in price, but, following the results of the “unsuccessful” summer, there may be a deficit that will raise the price tags of all fruit and vegetable products far beyond inflation. ”

As reported in LawnCity, in general, the demand for goods for the garden and vegetable garden in 2016 increased by 43% compared to 2015. As for 2017, everything is not so simple here, but the season is not over yet and the data has been provided for the first half of the year.

Create your ideal summer cottage

The dacha, as a place for family recreation or personal privacy, is an almost sacred space. It is here that many get what the usual urban way of life cannot give.

Dacha is, first of all, nature. She is stunningly beautiful, versatile and flexible. The dacha changes its appearance more than once a season. In the spring it is an ideal field for the embodiment of landscape fantasies, in the summer it pleases with luscious greenery and organic products, in the fall it bewitches with the beauty of flower beds, in the winter it heals with bath procedures.

An ideal summer cottage brings moral satisfaction. Its degree can significantly improve the optimization of gardening work. It implies a decrease in routine operations and freeing up time for rest, creativity, and active pastime. At the same time, there is absolutely no need to completely abandon the garden and vegetable garden.

At the dacha, you can combine land work, active rest and relaxation. There will be enough time for everything, if you correctly plan the site, and in the process of its improvement and subsequent care of the functional areas, use special equipment and inventory. Buy necessary goods for giving inexpensive you can in our store. The catalog contains inventory, special equipment of various categories, from economy to premium.

The cost country equipment directly depends on its class, purpose, performance. Prices fully correspond to the quality of goods. When choosing garden tools, technical devices, we recommend evaluating, first of all, the need for their use, as well as the rationality of investments. Cheap it is impossible to buy professional equipment. Saving in this case turns into additional spending. But at the same time, it is not always local to use professional equipment on a small personal plot with a minimum size of functional areas.

Difficult with the choice of goods for a summer residence? Our qualified specialists will help you choose inventory, special systems and equipment, taking into account the size of the site, its landscape and other features.

Watch the video: Prepping Raised Beds. Just Life in the Garden. Season 3, Episode 4