Kalanchoe laetivirens

Kalanchoe laetivirens


Kalanchoe laetivirens (Mother of Thousands)

Kalanchoe laetivirens (Mother of Thousands), also known as Bryophyllum laetivirens, is a very unusual succulent with large, up to 8 inches (20 cm) long…

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Kalanchoe laetivirens (Descoings) (aka K. crenodaigremontiana): Such a prolific grower that it has earned the nicknames "Mother of Thousands" or "Mother of Millions", depending on whom you ask. It is a large, upright grower with triangular leaves folded upwards along their length.

New plantlets grow from the edges of mature leaves. When the plantlets fall, they readily take root without any assistance from a gardener, and you can end up with a dense thicket of Kalanchoe.

Native to rocky soils of Madagascar, K. laetivirens needs lots of sunshine and great drainage. Pots need to be indoors before temperatures drop below freezing and placed near a sunny window or under a grow light.

K. laetivirens puts on quite a show when it blooms (usually winter). It produces large quantities of pink, tubular blooms that dangle like bells and attract pollinators.

PLEASE NOTE: Kalanchoe can cause mild digestive irritation if consumed keep out of reach of children and pets.

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