Flower Gardening Ideas For Kids – Making A Sunflower House With Kids

Flower Gardening Ideas For Kids – Making A Sunflower House With Kids

By: Jackie Carroll

Making a sunflower house with kids gives them their own special place in the garden where they can learn about plants as they play. Kids’ gardening projects, such a sunflower house garden theme, entice children into gardening by making it fun. Best of all, learning how to create a sunflower house garden theme like this is easy!

How to Create a Sunflower House

So you’re ready to begin making a sunflower house with kids. Where do you start? First, choose a sunny location with a source of water nearby. Sunflowers love the sun but still require lots of watering.

Sunflowers grow in almost any soil, but if you have heavy clay or sandy soil, the plants will grow better if you work some compost or other organic matter into the soil before planting.

Let the kids place sticks or flags about 1 ½ feet (0.5 m.) apart to layout the shape of the house. The flags will act as markers for your seeds and plants. About two weeks after your last expected frost date, plant one sunflower plant or a few seeds near each marker. If using sunflower seeds, score an outline about an inch (2.5 cm.) deep into the soil with a stick or garden tool handle. Let the children place the seeds in the shallow trench and then fill it with soil once the seeds are in place.

After the seedlings emerge, clip out the excess plants for proper spacing. When the sunflowers are about a foot (0.5 m.) tall, it’s time to start thinking about a roof.

Plant one or two morning glories or tall runner bean seeds a couple of inches (5 cm.) from the base of each sunflower plant. Once the sunflowers form flower heads, tie a string from the base of one flower head to another, forming a web of string over the house. The vines will form a snug roof as they follow the string. As an alternative to a vine roof, bring tall mammoth sunflowers together at the top and tie them loosely to form a teepee shaped roof.

You can combine a sunflower house with other flower gardening ideas for kids too, such as a vine tunnel leading up to the door of the house.

Using Kids’ Gardening Projects for Learning

A sunflower house garden theme is a great way to introduce a child to the concepts of size and measurement. From laying out the outline of the house to comparing the height of the plants to the height of the child, you’ll find plenty of opportunities to discuss relative and actual size while enjoying the sunflower house.

Allowing them to care for their sunflower house will also help with teaching kids about responsibility as well as how plants grow and their life cycles.

Using flower gardening ideas for kids is a great way to arouse their natural interest in nature while keeping the learning process fun and enjoyable!

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2. Plant a Vegetable Garden

One of the great things about vegetable gardens is that children get to reap real rewards for their efforts, and you’ll be surprised by what they will eat if they’ve grown it themselves.

Which vegetables you can plant will depend largely on the time of year, but there’s always something in planting season. Buy yourself a good gardening guide, and use your gardening adventure to grow food your child may not have tried before.

You don’t need to make a huge garden in fact, there are many vegetables you can grow in pots or planters. Cherry tomatoes, capsicums, and zucchinis are all easy to grow and provide some fairly quick results, or if you have the room, pumpkins grow with very little help.

Your children will love the idea of actually producing something, and will get real joy in picking the fruits of their harvest.

Ladybug Painted Rocks

To make Crafts by Amanda's cheery ladybugs, you'll need some patio paint, smooth rocks, and a few other simple materials. When you're done, you can place these adorable little ladybugs all around your garden to add some beautiful spots of color and complement your flowers. You can even bring some indoors and place near houseplants, or wherever you want pretty bursts of color around the house!

Creating a magical garden for your kids is fun

And it allows kids to love gardening even more!

Check out this great list of age appropriate fun activities for your kids to do in the garden.

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