GC Koenig

GC Koenig

KENIG Group of Companies

We carry out design, manufacture, supply and commissioning of bridge and gantry cranes of general industrial and special design. We also carry out reconstruction, overhaul and overhaul repairs of overhead cranes using welding of load-bearing metal structures, replacement of drives, electrical equipment and control systems.

In the manufacture of our cranes, we use the best solutions, proven by the operating experience of both imported and domestic production.

You can always be confident in us. We strictly adhere to all agreements and terms of design, delivery and installation of our equipment

We guarantee the stability of our equipment throughout the entire period of operation.



We are announcing the set of the seed testing group from the Russian Ogorod-NK Group of Companies!

We are announcing the set of the seed testing group from the Russian Ogorod-NK Group of Companies!

How the testing will be done
Vegetable seeds of various crops are exhibited for testing.
There are 17 items in total.

For testing, you must select at least five, but not more than seven items.

The summer resident participating in the testing will receive seeds and will have to track the growth and development of the selected crops from germination to fruiting.

The main stages (germination, seedling, flowering and fruiting) will need to be recorded in photographs and a photo report issued.

1st place - Cultivator battery Greenworks G40TL
2 and 3 places - Battery sprayer Greenworks
4th place - Battery trimmer Greenworks +
5th place - Battery hedge trimmers Greenworks
6-10 places - certificates for the purchase of any goods in the online store of the Russian Ogorod-NK Group of Companies for the amount of 3,000 rubles.

All group members who have passed the test to the end will be rewarded with gift sets from Russian Ogorod!

Growing chamomile from seeds

Sowing chamomile

These flowers can be grown both through seedlings and in a seedless way. Sowing seeds, if necessary, is carried out directly into open soil, however, the seedling method has established itself as the most reliable. Sowing seeds for seedlings is carried out in early spring, or rather, in March. For sowing, you need a tray with cells. It should be filled with light, moistened soil that is good for air permeability, which includes peat and sand (1: 1). 2 or 3 seeds should be placed in 1 cell, and then they are sprinkled with a thin layer of soil mixture. A film is placed on top of the container, which must be transparent. Then it is placed near the window opening. At the same time, you cannot put the container on the windowsill, because sunlight can harm the process of sprouting. Spray the soil with a sprayer immediately after it dries slightly.

Chamomile seedlings

At normal room temperature, the first seedlings should appear after 10-14 days. After this happens, the shelter should be removed, and the container should be placed in a well-lit place on the windowsill, and do not forget to protect the plant from a draft. In the event that you cannot find a sunny place for chamomile, it is recommended to place a fluorescent lamp over the container, while the daylight hours should be about 14 hours. After the seedlings grow to 5 centimeters, it will be necessary to thin out the seedlings. To do this, you need to remove weak plants, leaving 1 strongest in 1 cell. However, it is impossible to pull out chamomiles during thinning, as this can contribute to injury to the root system of the remaining plant. It is recommended to carefully break off an unnecessary seedling above the soil surface. To increase branching, it is necessary to pinch the seedling over 3 or 4 leaves.

GC Koenig


A unique event initiated and organized by the All-Russian Intersectoral Association of Employers in the Sphere of Environmental Protection "RUSRETSIKLING" , Russian Academy of Sciences took place on October 2. The central platform was the first botanical garden in the history of the country - "Aptekarsky Ogorod", where 120 participants gathered

The correct answers of EcoTolka 2020 are presented

The All-Russian Intersectoral Association of Employers in the Sphere of Environmental Protection "RUSRETSIKLING" together with the Charity Fund of Fedor Konyukhov "Green Planet" announced the date of the All-Russian annual educational action - "EcoTalk" timed to the World Animal Day, celebrated around the world annually on October 4, established at the International Congress of Supporters of the Nature Movement, held in 1931 in Florence (Italy). A large-scale educational action will take place 02 October 2020 .

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