Sowing calendar 2.01 - gardeners and gardeners

Sowing calendar 2.01 - gardeners and gardeners

January 2021

January 2, Saturday, 19-20th lunar day. The waning moon is in Leo


Today you can take care of the beds: loosen the top layer of soil around the plants, thin out and huddle seedlings, remove weeds.

Trim unnecessary strawberry whiskers, undergrowth, and diseased shoots.

Vaccinate and slightly shorten healthy shoots that need to be delayed.

Transplant or distill bulb flowers. It is also possible to transplant plants with strong roots.

If necessary, treat the plantings with an insecticidal or fungicidal solution.


You can plant turnips from vegetables.

Sow from the green:

  • thyme;
  • mustard;
  • chicory.

Plant or root indoor plants such as calceolaria wrinkled, calla lilies and orange aphelandra if they are not dormant.

Not recommended

Refuse this day from watering and fertilizing the soil.

Be careful when working with garden tools.


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Lunar sowing calendar for March 2021 of the gardener and the gardener

The arrival of spring marks the beginning of a new gardening season, although the summer residents did not sit idly by. In winter, in the garden it is necessary to carry out measures for snow retention, inoculations, and update the whitewashing of the trunks. Sowing chores are in full swing at home, many crops require early sowing for seedlings. The lunar sowing calendar for March 2021 will tell you what and on what days to do the gardener. The recommendations of astrologers will definitely not cause harm, but many summer residents have already been convinced of the benefits of planting, taking into account the lunar cycle.

Influence on sowing plants in the sign of Aquarius

Moon in the sign of Aquarius

The influence of the zodiac sign on planting, sowing and caring for plants: unfavorable

Today the Moon is in Aquarius: it is a barren sign. Crops sown and planted during this period grow frail, the harvest will be the weakest. Plants sprout and take root very poorly, but those who survive will have a powerful root system, strong stems and beautiful fruits and flowers.

This is the most successful period for experiments, at this time, with the help of clone selection, there is a good opportunity to obtain various mutants.

Favorable when the moon is in the sign of Aquarius:

  • Trimming the whiskers, forming foliage, removing excess flowers and shoots, diseased plants
  • Weeding and thinning of seedlings from plants
  • Collection of seeds and root crops for seeds
  • Harvesting for the winter and for seeds, incl. potatoes
  • Grain harvesting: rye, wheat and others
  • Procurement of flowers, fruits and seeds of medicinal plants
  • Loosening, plowing and hilling of beds
  • Cutting flowers, they retain their qualities for a long time during transportation and stand in a bouquet for a long time
  • Pinching, pinching
  • Digging tubers, bulbs for the winter
  • Spraying against pests and diseases
  • Baking any dough products.

Possible jobs during this period:

  • Experiment with planting and sowing flowers, as well as bulb flowers and onion sets
  • Transplantation and rooting of plants: Coleus, Rowley's cross, Ktenant Oppenheim, pleasant stromant, jatropha, calathea, white-veined arrowroot, Sander's alocasia, poinsettia (euphorbia is the most beautiful), bokarneya retracted, room abutilon, rogolistysta Godixsef.

Not favorable in Aquarius:

  • Any planting, sowing and transplanting of all crops, especially for collecting seeds, if only you plan to experiment
  • To avoid disease of plant roots, it is not recommended to water them.
  • Top dressing, because you can burn the plant.

Moon phase: in the IV quarter (Old moon)

Moon Phase Influence on Sowing: Neutral

The moon is in the fourth phase, the circulation of the vital forces and sap of plants, the activity of the biofield is directed upward from the roots, from the center to the periphery. This is the period of the most intensive development of the aboveground parts of plants.

The seed planted at this time receives a program for more active upward growth, intensive development of aboveground biomass. By pruning plants during this period, we awaken dormant buds and new shoots will quickly sprout from them. It is important to know the measure when pruning, otherwise the plant may die.

In the fourth lunar phase, it is favorable:

  • Sowing, planting and transplanting green, leafy, fruit and melon crops
  • Planting and transplanting fruit trees, berry bushes and strawberries
  • Land cultivation, watering and mineral fertilizing, rooting of cuttings
  • Grafting of fruit trees.

In the fourth lunar phase, it is unfavorable:

  • Working with roots: the roots at this time do not react much to damage, but the survival rate and vitality of the root system are reduced, therefore, the plants planted and transplanted during this period must be constantly monitored.

Daily assessment for the gardener and the gardener: neutral

Today's day of the week is Friday. This day is under the auspices of Venus - a mysterious, mysterious and bright planet. Since ancient times, it was considered a women's day, on this day girls and women were supposed to rest, not to overload themselves with any business.

Since Venus patronizes grace and beauty, creating a sense of serenity in a person, on Friday it is best to take care of the garden and its improvement, at the same time to free the site from everything unnecessary. The best thing is to prepare for the coming week. And in no way try to crank up all the work in the garden until the end of the working day.

2 Lunar day

Influence of the day on the garden, vegetable garden, flower garden: favorable

The beginning of the first phase of the moon. At this time, all summer residents, truck farmers and gardeners need to make every effort to bookmark the future harvest. It is this day that is responsible for the next harvest.

The second day on the new moon gives the earth a chance to breathe as much as possible, all of its biological activity is directed upward. In this case, plant juices begin to intensively nourish the trunks, fruits and leaves. The attraction of the earth is somewhat reduced, and all plants effectively suck out moisture and trace elements from the earth and quickly begin to grow.

Favorable on the second lunar day:

Plant and transplant plants, trees and shrubs
Sow green, melons, leafy and fruit crops
Conduct mineral fertilizing of plants
Carry out root watering
Harvest planting material and root it
Work the land
Not favorable:

Remove and shorten shoots, shrubs, trees
Grafting and re-grafting plants.
Calendar Day Type: Day of Light

The meaning of a lunar day for a gardener, gardener, florist: favorable

On this day, all living things - animals, plants, people experience the greatest luminous flux, which gives them maximum energy. Planting plants on a day of light will bring the greatest success. It is necessary to monitor plants in greenhouses, there is a high probability that they can burn out.

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