Ampel plants for the garden: examples of the best varieties and some design ideas

Ampel plants for the garden: examples of the best varieties and some design ideas

Ornamental plants that have a long flexible stem and look beautiful in hanging pots are called ampelous. The stem of the ampelous, as a rule, is not able to support itself, it needs to either rely on something or hang down. It is this property that makes ampelous garden plants very popular among amateur gardeners. Such decorative crops - in our conditions, are mainly annuals, they grow rapidly, bloom almost all summer, and in a short time they are able to turn the territory adjacent to the house and individual corners of the garden into places of amazing beauty, beckoning to relax among the splendor of the colors of nature.

The garden around the house was created using ampelous plants - they are placed around the perimeter, suspended from the veranda. Their luxurious bloom can completely change the appearance of the site.

What varieties of ampelous are better to plant on the site?

Consider some garden ampelous plants that bloom beautifully and are unpretentious to care for.

Option # 1 - hanging begonia

A wonderful plant with small scarlet or bright red flowers on delicate, flexible and long stems. The flowers resemble small chrysanthemums. This is a rather whimsical plant that does not tolerate heat at all and needs frequent watering. You should not place begonias in the bright sun; you need to choose a shaded corner for it. If the summer is too hot in your area, this plant will not work for the garden.

If ampelous begonia feels good in your garden, it will delight you with abundant flowering. Even one pot with such a beauty will decorate a gazebo, veranda or terrace. Try to keep the plant out of direct sunlight

Option # 2 - pelargonium

One of the most unpretentious plants is pelargonium (or geranium). Geranium loves the sun, warmth, is not afraid of drought. The plant will not disappear if you are absent for a long time, and there will be no one to water it.

There are many types of pelargonium that grow well outdoors and indoors. The boxes with blooming pelargonium can be placed in any sunny place in the garden, under the windows. This plant also looks good in flower beds.

Option # 3 - lobelia

Lobelia is an ampelous plant that is also well suited for the garden, can grow in the sun and in slightly shaded areas. Lobelia should grow in moist, humus-rich soil.

With the help of lobelia, you can make a kind of "edging" for some garden buildings, or, for example, a fence

Option # 4 - ampelous petunia

Ampel petunia is known to everyone. Its bright, beautiful flowers of lilac, lilac and red in summer can be found not only in gardens, but also as a decoration for city balconies and café terraces. Petunias need regular watering, a well-lit, warm place and fertile soil. She will delight you with her flowering before the onset of cold weather.

A variant of the decor of the track using ampelous petunia. Such two-tier pots on beautiful wrought-iron stands are sold in flower shops, and the flowers of multi-colored flowers in them look simply luxurious.

Option # 5 - Bacopa

Bacopa is a perennial, but in our country it is more often used as an annual plant. It blooms throughout the warm period, grows in the sun or in partial shade. The soil should be watered sparingly so that it does not dry out and is not overly moist.

Bacopa is known for its unpretentious care. There are varieties with white flowers - as in this photo, as well as with purple and purple colors.

Blooming ampelous plants are, of course, favorites among those who like to decorate their garden. But there are also non-flowering ampel varieties that can transform any unremarkable or even dull place into a pleasant place to relax.

Option # 6 - dichondra

Ampel dichondra is a novelty in our flower market. It is a deciduous plant whose shoots can be up to one and a half meters in length. The leaves of the dichondra are small, rounded. They can be green or silver. The plant is perfect for both vertical gardening and carpet making on the ground.

Such a carpet can form a dichondra on the ground. You can arrange the shoots symmetrically, guiding them along the tile line

Dichondra, hanging from the pots, looks rather unusual. This cascade of green or silvery lush greenery will add charm to any place in the garden.

There are many types of ampelous plants, this is only a small part of them. All of the above plants grow well in our gardens, they do not need special care, but turning the site into a wonderful corner with their help is not difficult at all. You just need to pay attention to them, take care of them, water them in a timely manner.

Also, in hanging pots and wide flowerpots, limnantes is grown as an ampelous crop. Read more about this plant:

Examples of garden decoration using ampelous

The beauty of ampels is that it is easy to grow them, or you may not even grow them yourself, but buy already flowering plants in pots, or purchase beautiful decorative pots and transplant seedlings into them - petunia, pelargonium, fuchsia, begonia.

A beautiful wall of ampelous plants arranged in several tiers

Garden composition of ampelous country style. If there is no cart, you can use a decorative well, wattle

By placing ampels against the walls, you can create a cozy little courtyard.

With the help of ampelous plants, you can beautifully decorate the patio, gazebo, terrace. They will be good planted in tubs along the garden paths. Ampelous plants and vines can form a beautiful combination. Vines can twine around a fence, the wall of a house or other building and be a spectacular green background for ampels. If you don’t have enough time to grow plants in your garden, decorate your garden with ampelous plants, placing them in hanging pots and decorative planters everywhere, and you will see that your garden turns into a piece of paradise.

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How to choose a pot for ampelous plants

The variety of hanging planters, balcony boxes and garden vases is amazing and will allow you to find an acceptable option for any garden. The containers are large and small, stationary and portable, made of plastic, ceramics, wood, metal, mesh (with an inner bowl made of natural plant fibers), included in the architectural ensemble or standing separately. If the pots are suspended, then the most important thing in them is the reliability of the fastening. Please note that he will have to withstand the weight of the container itself, soil and plant for a long time.

Non-standard solutions are always interesting. And if the owner of the dacha wishes, unexpected objects can act as a landing container - look at the publication Original, you will not say anything! Unusual hanging planter ideas, you will see a lot of interesting things.

Ampel ivy in a stationary design for decorating a summer cafe in Yalta. Photo by the author

Practical advice. In order not to overheat the roots, the containers should be thick-walled and light. Recently, more and more so-called smart pots or the "pot-in-pot" system have been used.

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