Flower beds from bottles

Flower beds from bottles

How to make flower beds from plastic bottles? Examples of

What tricks summer residents sometimes go to so that their garden looks well-groomed, neat and originally decorated. Creating a flower bed from plastic bottles is one of the ways to bring a new breath to your garden and make it interesting and unusual.

Ideas for flower beds from plastic bottles

In order to make a flower bed with your own hands, you must first know exactly what you want to get in the end. To do this, flip through special magazines, look at pictures with design performance and advice. Take something from designers, copy from fashion magazines, add something of your own. It will turn out original.

In any business, there are basics that are worth mastering. All work is already being built on these basics, complex things worthy of praise are obtained, masterpieces. So, in decorating a personal plot with the help of flower beds made of plastic bottles, these very basics are as follows:

  • Choose bottles by size and texture to enclose flower beds. They can be taken in different colors (two or more). Fences made of two different shapes of bottles, which will alternate (with a fence), will also look good.
  • The fences for flower beds look most beautiful from bottles of the same height. You choose the height of the fence yourself, cutting off the unnecessary (most often this is done from the side of the neck) by the desired number of centimeters.

  • For fencing the flower beds, bottles cut of the same height are placed upside down, pressing into the ground so as not to be blown away by the wind.
  • Decorate your flower beds with plastic bottle flowers. You can try to make such as suggested in the article Do-it-yourself flowers from plastic bottles. You can also dream up and come up with new original flowers yourself.
  • For example, chamomile can be made from mayonnaise buckets. They will turn out to be large and the middle can be made from a yellow lid from the bucket.
  • Use opaque food packaging to create lilies.
  • If you want to make poppy seeds, use a plastic ketchup bottle. True, dense materials are harder to work with.
  • Cut leaves for all colors from green bottles, both transparent and opaque.
  • Decorate flowers in flower beds with insects from plastic bottles. To do this, turn on your imagination and do your best.
  • A bee is easy to make from a plastic bottle from vegetable oil. It is easy to paint it in yellow and black stripes, since the outline is already there. Bee wings can be made from wire, or from pieces of transparent plastic bottles.

  • Ladybugs can be made from a red opaque plastic bottle.
  • Make beetles out of black plastic bottles.
  • Make dragonfly wings from green and blue plastic bottles, both transparent and not very transparent. And the body can be twisted from thick wire or cut from a black plastic bottle.

The scope for your imagination is huge!

DIY curtains from corks from plastic bottles

Colorful cork curtains will decorate any summer cottage

Original and bright curtains for summer cottages are another option for using corks from plastic bottles. Agree, it is better to purchase a large amount of material on a wholesale basis or order via the Internet.

It is convenient to fix the plugs in two rows on one line. To begin with, in all the covers you need to make two holes on opposite sides for the fishing line. The end of the line is tied in two knots and melted with a match to prevent it from getting loose.

The lids are strung on the fishing line in the right order. After the set of the covers of one row, make a mark and put on the covers of the second row in the reverse order. The end of the line is tied and melted. The two rows of curtain will be attached to the middle of the line we previously marked. This prepares the required number of rows.

Option of curtains light and with imagination

On the doorway box, markings are made and nails with covers for fastening curtains are hammered (not completely). After hanging out paired rows on each nail, the latter are hammered to the end to securely attach the fishing line.

Of course, the curtains can be made translucent and spend much less material. In this case, the double row of plugs must be hung on two adjacent nails driven in at the required pitch.

Useful Tips

  1. It is most convenient to mark the flower bed with twine.
  2. To make the garden plastic bottle bed brighter, you can use dyed bottles. At the same time, it is best to paint from the inside - with the external method of processing, the bottle will sooner or later lose its color.
  3. When using containers of different shapes and volumes, it is most desirable to distribute them symmetrically around the perimeter of the future flower bed.
  4. In addition to the vertical arrangement, bottles can also be placed horizontally - in this case, some kind of base will be needed, on which it will be possible to fix the bottles with the help of cement mortar.
  5. In order for the border of plastic containers to look appropriate, you need to take care of it - wash off the dirt from the bottles.

That's the whole answer to the question of how to make a flower bed from plastic bottles with your own hands. Wisdom is not great, the main thing is the presence of imagination, patience and desire. And everything will certainly work out!

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