Information About Grappling Hook

Information About Grappling Hook

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Palmer’s Grappling-Hook Info: Learn About The Grappling-Hook Plant

By Bonnie L. Grant, Certified Urban Agriculturist

Hikers from Arizona, California, and south to Mexico may be familiar with finely haired pods clinging to their socks. The Palmer's grappling-hook plant is very tiny and may be hard to notice, but once it gets its hooks in you, it can be hard to shake off. Learn more here.

Ghost of Tsushima Combat Tips and Tricks


These Ghost of Tsushima Combat Tips and Tricks will cover information about various combat mechanics that you need to absorb in order to skillfully defeat various kinds of enemies and overcome their distinct combat strategies.

Whether its sneaking up on your foes or rushing into various combat encounters, starting from the early stages of Ghost of Tsushima you’re going to have to learn to face every kind of enemy and situation Hence, it’s a good idea to brush up on your combat mechanics to be ready for anything, both as a master samurai and a deadly ghost.

Apex Legends Pathfinder guide: strengths & weaknesses

Pathfinder is all about mobility. Key to his success and popularity is his Grappling Hook, which gives you a unique and versatile form of mobility and travel. There's a great deal to learn in particular about using the Grappling Hook correctly, but once you've mastered it, there are few options better both for escaping and initiating fights. While his Passive leaves much to be desired, his Tactical and Ultimate both should be used as often as possible to take advantage of Pathfinder's movement-based prowess.

His main downfall is the fact that you'll often find yourself split off from your teammates (which is how Pathfinder should be played, but it can lead to issues where your teammates are unable to save you if you get into trouble). The only thing you can do to make up for these weaknesses is to emphasise mobility and quickness, using your abilities as much as humanly (robotly?) possible.

Mystical Power

Once you've leveled up enough (at least to having 2 Upgrade Points), focus your in-game purchases on Mystical Abilities.

If your chief goal is annihilating other players, use the Wrath of El Dorado or the Spirit of the Djinn. The Wrath creates a totem that shoots damaging energy at your opponents, and the Spirit will temporarily turn you invisible and give you a speed boost that lets you attack faster.

If you prefer to focus on supporting your team members, the Staff of Ayar Manco will generate a pulse that makes opponents appear on your mini-map, while the Cintamani Stone will automatically revive downed allies within its radius.

Just Cause 3 Wiki Guide

This page contains IGN's walkthrough for the main mission Time For An Upgrade from Just Cause 3.

As Dimah pointed out at the end of “Welcome Home,” Rico’s grappling hook is outdated. If you stayed put where “Welcome Home” ended, simply turn around to start this mission. If you left the area, head back to Dimah.

The crazy scientist gives Rico and updated grappling hook and sends him out to test it. Follow the tutorial to learn how to use the parachute and grappling hook together to reach new heights. Use the two to reach Dimah and a group of rebels at a small DiRavello outpost. Showing off the new grappling hook to the rebels, Rico claims he can destroy the base with only the grappling hook.

Time to use tethers to blow the whole place up. To use a tether, hold the grapple button instead of pressing it. Once a tether is in place use L2/LT to pull them together. Tether the objects in red together to blow the whole place up. This includes the sphere and the vertical gas tanks in front of Rico and the power boxes on the left. With the base liberated, head to Dimah’s new location to unlock the wing suit!

With the wing suit equipped, dive off the cliff and fall with style toward the marked bridge. Place down two explosives (you have an unlimited supply of this stuff) and grapple to the nearby vantage point. Watch DiRavello’s men drive onto the bridge and then blow it up into tiny pieces. While destroying a bridge may stop ground support, it can’t stop enemy helicopters.

Use the wing suit and parachute to glide to both the nearby surface-to-air missiles (SAMs). Approach them and press Triangle/Y to hack the system. Repeat the hack with the second SAM and watch the helicopters go down in flames. After the four helicopters are in the sea, grapple and glide to Mario’s position to conclude this mission with a cutscene.

Caestus Types

Iron Fist

The iron fist caestus replaces your hand with a permanently closed iron fist, letting you punch enemies with superhuman strength but stopping your ability to pick up weapons. Further down the ‘overpowered’ range of caestus weapons, the iron fist does make you substantially more powerful than most of the other weapons on this list.

Image credited to Free Lives/Devolver Digital

Retractable Claws

The retractable claws caestus lets you keep access to grabbable objects and weapons, meanwhile granting a concealed set of claws that you can extend at will. The claws themselves are extremely powerful you can fully behead enemies, stab them, and pick them up with the strength of your grip. Like with any bladed weapon, you can use your claws to rip enemy corpses to shreds.

Grapple Hook

The grapple hook latches onto enemy weapons and limbs, allowing you to both disarm and tear apart the other gladiators whenever you have one equipped. While it’s okay to use this in one hand, you’ll find it to be more effective when you have grappling hooks equipped to both hands.

Throwing Knives

The throwing knives caestus spawns knives on your wrists that you can pick up and throw at enemies for high damage. Like the other thrown weapons, these knives stick on flesh and can be pulled out for a gruesome execution. They come in a limited quantity though, so be sparing in how you use them (or pick them up off of corpses to replenish your inventory).


The crossbow caestus winds up with a hand crank and shoots a bolt. Particularly useful as a way to get fast ranged takedowns, as it is designed for aiming and landing headshots. While not as versatile as the bow, this crossbow is a great last-ditch or surprise weapon to pull out when your options appear slim.

Crab Pincers

With the crab pincers, you can grab an enemy by the head and squeeze until it pops off. Likewise, you can also do the same thing with their limbs. Picking up and throwing enemies around with pincers is a really effective way to impale them on spike traps if that method of battle suits your fancy.

Image credited to Free Lives/Devolver Digital

Pegasus Wings (‘GORN‘ Movement Mode Only)

The pegasus wings caestus lets you fly around when you grab the world and drag it towards you in the default ‘GORN movement’ mode. You may find this way of moving around to be too extreme or too nauseating, but it offers a clear advantage in that you can quickly leap over enemies and/or escape their attacks.

GORN is a lot of fun to play for letting out stress. It’s an over-the-top brutal gladiator arena simulator, but difficult to deny as quite enjoyable and great for a workout. GORN‘s weapon selection mixed with its engrossing, visceral combat make for tons of possibilities, and I hope this guide helps you better understand the game and its arsenal.

What is your favorite GORN weapon? Let us know in the comments.

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