Swimming pool accessories

Swimming pool accessories

What are

The accessories complete the pool and make it more attractive from an aesthetic point of view and for those who will use it. Often, when you decide to build an inground pool, which certainly has a higher cost than an above ground pool, you prefer to limit yourself to what is necessary, perhaps buying the accessories later.


When we talk about accessories for swimming pools we are not referring only to the elements that create greater comfort, for example the ladder, which is not included and which must also be purchased separately in above ground pools. In this sector, the choice is really wide. There are those who prefer to make it in plastic, others in steel: in this case they are ladders that are located inside the pool in the case of the underground version, or externally in the case of the above ground pool. Those who have a swimming pool in the garden then realize the need for a path that allows them to reach the pool. For this reason, a path with outdoor flooring is created, so that it reaches the pool perfectly clean. In the case of rather small pools, it is generally preferred to rinse only the feet before entering the pool; for those who can also install a shower, it is advisable to make a quick passage under the water jet. Today the swimming pool shower is a fundamental element, so much so that in recent years the same design of the swimming pool shower has changed considerably, transforming itself from a simple place where you can wash outdoors into a rather refined space, with unusual shapes. Another accessory that can be chosen for your swimming pool is the diving board (of course only in reference to those swimming pools that allow it to be installed, as it is essential that there is a depth of the pool that allows for dives). To know the required depth, it is good to collect all this information when designing the pool. However, a pool that has a diving board is always quite large and is also often used for swimming. Two elements that have been achieving great success in recent years are hydromassage and counter-current swimming. Both are optional that make the pool perfectly complete and usable not only for the purpose of regenerating during a hot day, but also for greater body comfort.

Pool games

Those who love having fun in the pool with friends can certainly not have water games: these are structures designed specifically for the pool, made with rather resistant materials. In most cases they are inflatable, to be stored away during the winter period with a certain ease. In the water you can play volleyball, water polo, and have fun for a long time. Naturally, they are water games not suitable for children, but for people who have the opportunity to swim or to touch the bottom of the pool at the point where the net is installed. The games for the little ones are generally inflatable ones, which allow the child to have fun in safety, obviously always with the presence of the parent. Other accessories that are introduced in the category of pool fun are slides, in plastic or inflatable. In both cases it is a game capable of entertaining children for a long time: in the case of inflatable slides, they are also small for the child to have fun, while those in plastic require adequate installation and good testing by the side. of who installed them. In the event of malfunctions relating to operation, you must immediately contact the retailer where the chute was purchased.

Where to buy

The pool accessories can be found in the same shops where the pool was purchased, the choice is quite wide to satisfy the requests of each customer. For both inflatable and plastic accessories, of course, the choice must always be relative to the size of the pool. To be sure that that particular accessory is suitable, it is advisable to ask the retailer for advice and opinion directly.

Swimming pool accessories: Costs

The cost of swimming pool accessories varies according to the model chosen; those for children have a lower cost than standard accessories. For this reason, the customer must personally go to the shop and check which is the most appropriate accessory to buy, in reference to both the price and his needs.

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