Carport designs

Carport designs

Carport for the cottage: features, materials, step-by-step instructions

In a country dacha, they usually do not build a full-fledged garage for a car. To protect it from precipitation, birds and sunlight, a simple canopy is enough. To erect a lightweight structure, you do not need a lot of effort and money. You can build a convenient carport in the country yourself in 3 days if all the necessary materials are prepared in advance and a suitable design is selected.

Carports by type of cover

Polycarbonate awnings

It is quite simple to build this shelter if you have some experience in construction, for example, you have already covered a place for rest or built a gazebo in the country from polycarbonate. Popular and very high quality material that has a lot of clear advantages, affordable and easy to do it yourself. Due to these qualities, the popularity of polycarbonate is constantly increasing and there are more and more sheds made of this building material in summer cottages. With polycarbonate, it is possible to cover a canopy made of almost any material, for example, made on the basis of metal, timber, prefabricated frame, metal forging, etc.

Polycarbonate is placed on the prepared roof frame and fixed on a special fastener that does not allow the material to crack, provides for a narrowing or increase from temperature changes, does not allow water leakage, etc. Basically, we want to recommend you one thing - do everything very professionally and correctly, since only in this case the material, on absolutely any frame, can show all its positive aspects.

Profiled sheet canopies

By and large, the same popular type of shelter, which is very common today. Average in cost, quite fast when installing with your own hands, practical in operation - in principle, these qualities are already quite enough. And if we also say that the carport for a passenger car made of profiled sheet can be done by hand, and even for any type of frame, then in general it has almost no competitors.

The profiled sheet canopy is actually practical, but it is also very good because it is lightweight. It is enough to firmly anchor on the frame and not be subject to strong gusts of wind and is just right in order not to create a large load on the base and frame, and therefore the costly part for these structural elements can be significantly reduced in material terms.

Metal roof canopies

Metal tiles are considered to be a medium-weight building material, and therefore the frame and base for this shelter must be as close as possible to capital ones. Most often, in this case (if the roof is made of metal tiles), the customers of the building choose this type of construction - a residential building with an attached carport. Thus, this is a canopy that is attached to the house, repeating its outlines, design, and the roof covering with metal tiles smoothly goes from the roof of a residential building to the roof of the canopy. This is quite convenient, especially when the shelter is being built at the same time as the residential building.

As a result, a forged or metal frame, neatly covered with metal tiles, is completely closed area on one or several sides for auto. The carport that we have obtained is single-pitched, it may well be a capital parking lot in the country, especially when it is additionally fenced off and provided with a high-quality foundation made of cement, tiles, and concrete, etc.

The simplest option that very often used, before building a more capital and high-quality building. This makes it possible not to spend a large amount of money and painlessly dismantle the awning canopy at any time.

Although, most of the owners of summer cottages prefer not to consider the awning as not impractical and cheap construction and fundamentally change everything. Imagine a reliable metal frame made of a shaped tube, a concrete base, wiring for lighting and other required appliances, and a high-quality awning firmly fixed to the frame. Moreover, it can be of high density, of any color and size, with a pattern or solid color. Perhaps this is very good, especially considering that it can be replaced with a new one every 5 years, completely changing the entire appearance of the carport.

Any shelter for a car will fit perfectly into a summer cottage if you pay attention not only to your requirements, but also to the specifics of the landscape of the site.

Project preparation

The construction of the canopy begins with the preparation of the project. It includes a drawing with basic dimensions and a description of the parameters of the future design. The design takes into account the optimal operating conditions, coating composition, base and coating characteristics.

  1. Choosing the best winter option.

All the benefits of a carport are fully revealed in winter.

When developing a project, the climatic features of the area must be considered.

It has been proven that it is better to store a car under a canopy in winter.

The structure of support pillars and roof reliably protects from precipitation, and also does not create its own microclimate. Having driven under a canopy in winter, the car gradually cools down, which means it is not covered with dew. In the garage, due to temperature changes, dew falls out, which gradually destroys the metal of the body.

In areas with cold and long winters, a more durable structure is chosen to withstand a thick layer of snow. The frame made of wood or metal is additionally reinforced to withstand a load of up to 150 kg per sq. m roof.

Among roofing materials, only polycarbonate does not change its qualities in a harsh winter.

An inexpensive and simple method of covering is backfilling with gravel. In order not to make a descent, the cover must be at ground level. The stiffness of the crushed stone is achieved by high-quality compaction.

More costly methods are laying concrete or paving slabs. In any case, before laying, the site is prepared: they remove the soil layer, do the filling with crushed stone and sand, tamp it.

  1. The choice of the size of the structure.

Sizes are chosen depending on the number of machines.

The standards establish that for one car, the canopy should be one meter longer than the car, and up to two meters wide.

For two cars, the width of the canopy is calculated by the formula: W = W1 + W2 + 2 m + 0.8 m, where:

  • W1 and W2 - machine width
  • 2 m - stock of 1 m from the outer sides of vehicles
  • 0.8 m - distance between cars.

The height is selected taking into account the dimensions of the car with a load on the trunk. With a very high canopy, slanting precipitation falls into the interior of the structure. The optimum height is 2.3 meters.

The following sizes are considered universal:

  • Medium car with a small area - 6.0 x 3.0 m
  • Minibus, SUV - 6.5 x 3.5 m
  • Two cars - 6.5 x 6.0 m.
  1. Selection of support materials.

Suitable building materials for racks are metal, wood, concrete, brick, stone.

Supports are usually built from metal or wood. They are easy to install, and most importantly, they are cheaper than other building materials.

  • Metal racks.

The main requirement for prefabricated metal poles is strength. To withstand the load of a snow-covered roof, you will need 100 mm metal pipes. The diameter depends on the pitch of the installation. The minimum pipe size is allowed if there are many racks. But for a single-pitched roof with four pillars, pipes of the maximum diameter will be required.

Special requirements are imposed on wooden supports. First of all, this is due to possible rotting due to moisture. Supports made of quality wood, treated before installation, will last up to 15 years.

Sufficient reliability is provided by 200 mm rounded logs and beams in size 150 mm.

Before buying material, you need to count the number of racks. Depending on the step, a different number of them is required. Each rack must be able to withstand pressures of up to 250 kg.

It is estimated that 6 racks would be required for an average car with a small area. A distance of up to 3 m is selected between the supports. Racks are necessarily placed at the corners of the structure.

As a covering for a freestanding building, corrugated board or ondulin is best suited. They have high reliability and durability, therefore they serve for more than 20 years. Only metal roofing lasts longer, but it is more expensive, and most importantly, it delays the snow melting. These coatings do not transmit light, so there is always a shadow under them.

Polycarbonate is the best choice for awnings. The main attention is paid to the choice of the quality of the material. In hot weather, a three-layer polycarbonate with a high absorption of sunlight creates a good shade.

At the shed attached to the house, it is logical to make a roofing of the same type as the house.

The main parameters of the roofs are established by the “Building codes and regulations”. They are used in the design of roofs with any coating. The slope in degrees or percentage is determined by the horizon level. The type of roofing material is of great importance for the choice of slope.

For all roofs on pillars, the slope of the slope is considered optimal from 15 to 25 degrees.

The amount of materials is determined by the area of ​​the roof. They are purchased with a margin: 5% more than the calculated area.


The frame is made forged or welded from metal profiles. For the construction, you will need welded equipment and some experience, otherwise it is better to entrust it to professionals.

The downside of a metal structure is that it corrodes, which means that additional protection from moisture is required.

Sheds in the courtyard of a private house: photos of functional structures

Thanks to the simple construction, lightweight awnings can be installed within one to two days off. It is possible to purchase ready-made structural elements, which should simply be assembled according to the manufacturer's instructions. The awnings are a structure that absolutely does not clutter up the yard space, but at the same time they are extremely functional.

A canopy in the courtyard of a private house will protect from both rain and bright sun

Do-it-yourself canopy from a profile pipe. Photos of interesting designs

The canopies made of shaped pipes give the structure strength, reliability and durability. When choosing the shape of the future canopy, it should be remembered: the more intricate the structure will be, the more attention will need to be paid to the development of the drawing of the canopy from the profile pipe. For self-construction of a canopy, a structure with a pitched roof is suitable, which can be erected either attached to the house or in a separate place. The arched structure is more complex, but such a canopy looks more modern and attractive.

A canopy with a frame made of a profile pipe attached to the wall of the house

Helpful advice! If the canopy is planned as a free-standing structure, it is necessary to take care in advance that engineering communications do not pass in this place. There is a risk of damage during excavation work.

Frames made of shaped pipes provide the structure with strength and durability

The frame of the canopy is made of pipes with different cross-sections, connected to each other by fixing bolts or welding. For support posts, a profiled pipe 60x60 mm is suitable. The section of the profile pipe is selected based on the dimensions of the structure itself.

The height of the posts is determined individually, depending on the purpose of the shed: whether the structure will protect the car, small benches or the entire yard. When preparing the racks, the length of their burial into the ground is taken into account, as a rule, it is 50-60 cm.If the support is mounted to an existing base, a square metal plate with a side of 25-30 cm is welded to its lower edge, in which four holes for connection are arranged with a base.

A canopy in the courtyard of a private house, covered with an awning

Reinforce the structure of the canopy from the profile pipe using arches. They are made from a pipe with a smaller section. The distance between the arches is determined based on the used roofing and the length of the canopy: the thickness of the roof obliges to reduce the gap between the arches.

Elegant canopy with a frame made of a shaped tube and forged elements

To give the structure additional rigidity, trusses made of shaped pipes are attached perpendicular to the arches. Their section is selected taking into account the length of the product. For a small canopy up to 4 m long, a 25x25 mm pipe is used. For structures over 4 m long, the truss should be made of a profile with a section of 40x25 mm. Fix the truss with bolted connections.

A pipe with a section of 20x20 mm is used as guides. Sometimes, instead of guides, a wooden crate is arranged.

The roof of the shed in the courtyard of a private house is covered with transparent polycarbonate

Sheds made of corrugated board in the courtyard of a private house. Photos of original ideas

Sheds made of metal profiles in the courtyard of a private house (photos available on the network clearly show this) can be used for various purposes, but the main thing is to protect the space under them from rain and the midday sun.

A canopy in the courtyard of a private house covered with corrugated board

Decking is a topical roofing material. It is also successfully used to cover canopies, due to a number of advantages:

  • the service life of the polymeric coated profiled sheet reaches 50 years
  • variety of colors - over 30 colors are offered by manufacturers
  • the length of the material can be selected individually, given that the corrugated board is made from rolled raw materials

Profiled sheets were used as roofing for the shed in the yard

  • has a different thickness, which is chosen taking into account the resistance to possible damage
  • invulnerable to temperature extremes
  • does not fade in the sun, does not emit harmful substances during operation
  • not subject to combustion
  • is lightweight and easy to install.

Under a canopy in the courtyard of a private house, you can equip a summer kitchen

Helpful advice! When choosing a corrugated board to cover a canopy, you should give preference to proven manufacturing companies in order to be sure of purchasing high-quality material.

Wooden canopy in the courtyard of a private house

When equipping the local area with a canopy, you should select the color of the material that is in harmony with the structures already in the yard. On the Internet, you can find photos of corrugated canopies that demonstrate the combination of the color of the coating with an identical shade of the corrugated sheet fence.

Due to its unique properties, corrugated board is a popular material for roofing

Sheets of corrugated board are overlapped on the canopy frame, covering the previous ones by the width of one wave. It is recommended to pre-make holes for fasteners, which are used as self-tapping screws for corrugated board with colored polymer coating.

Shed with timber frame and gable roof covered with tiles

Carport. Photos of covered parking lots

The simplicity of some structures allows you to build a carport with your own hands. Photos of various awnings presented on the Internet can be a good example for translating into reality the option you like.

Scheme of the device of a carport for cars from a profile pipe and polycarbonate

The carport can be made either free-standing or attached to one of the walls of the house. For the first, the arrangement of the site for arrival is required. Despite the fact that sheds, in comparison with a major garage, are quite economical structures, their functions are extensive:

  • The canopies equipped with polycarbonate cover protect the car from the effects of sunlight, keeping the paintwork in perfect condition
  • protect cars from precipitation. You do not have to waste time clearing ice and snow from a car left under a canopy

Carport in the courtyard of a private house

  • prevent small debris from falling on the body
  • the car standing under a canopy is well ventilated, which protects it from corrosion
  • allow to carry out maintenance and repair of the car in any weather.

A canopy will come in handy, even if there is a major garage on the site. For example, when you are arriving for a short time and there is no time to park your car in the garage.

A carport can be a worthy alternative to a full-fledged garage

Helpful advice! If the resting place is not yet equipped, the carport built next to the house can be used to shelter from the weather when visiting guests or family gatherings in the fresh air.

A canopy in the courtyard of a private house with a bright multi-colored roof

Having decided on the device of a canopy in the courtyard of the house, try to adhere to the correspondence of the dimensions and style of the structure to the main structure. Original awnings of various shapes should not stand out too much against the background of the facade, but only emphasize its design.

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