Animal abuse in China

Animal abuse in China


How dogs and cats are treated in China

Man was trained to try to keep pace with the rapid advances in technology. It cannot be denied that it has provided numerous benefits to society. But what has happened to personal progress in terms of respect, feelings, consideration for our fellow men, for the environment, or what to say for the rest of living beings?

Perhaps feeling more intelligent and capable, we become more and more cold, rigid and lack emotions, like robots, unable to feel pain or love for all that mother earth has given us.

Such is the aberrant case of the indiscriminate mistreatment of dogs and cats in China. Bred in humiliating conditions, abused all their lives, even skinned to make coats, bags and toys.

Those who consider them beloved pets, our "best friends", live in overpopulated conditions in these countries, are transported in small cages, stacked and injured. The men throw the cages on the floor, kick them and introduce iron to poison them.

If we talk about culture, we can enter rough terrain. Because just as an India respects the cow, cow meats are consumed in most countries.

But they are the horrible conditions to which human beings subject them, with punishments and imprisonment, to hundreds of animals, without any mercy. These beings live in suffering all their lives because they are simply considered objects by the consumer industry which unfortunately is constantly expanding.

The dog, who has saved many of us from dying by drowning in a river, by finding and rescuing people buried under the rubble of an earthquake, who is the guide for the blind ensuring them independence and safety, the one who is simply a friend and companion of many people ... in China he is treated worse than a laboratory rat, mistreated and injured to the point of being skinned to meet the needs of those who derive satisfaction from their skin and children who play with puppets made of hair or skin of innocents .

But what can those who love these animals do?

How long will these poor living beings continue to suffer and die?

When will a world animal rights organization have enough power to save them and give them the dignity of a life without suffering? Until that time, it is everyone's responsibility to get informed and inform. By closing our eyes and plugging our ears, the evil does not disappear, we only become indifferent and complicit in their pain.

Disseminate this topic. Do not buy these Chinese products, because as we continue to do so, hundreds of animals continue to be killed.

It is everyone's duty to move forward, not only technologically but also in terms of strengthening our respect for nature and living beings.

What gives us the right to mistreat and murder the rest of the living beings on this earth? If we are really "superior beings" we defend the weak instead of mistreating them and take care of the environment around us, where all living beings must live with love and tolerance.

Marita Cornalino Rebollo
Computer science teacher, Uruguay

(1) Images taken from Anima naturalis

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