Hashish is the resin that is obtained mainly from the female inflorescences of the plantCannabis, in particular from the Cannabis indica.

The active ingredient responsible for its psychoactive properties is THC (delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol), which is found mainly in the resin that covers the female inflorescences. In hashish, the percentage of THC varies between 2 and 10%.

It can be obtained in different ways depending on the country of production:

  1. in Asian countries and mainly in Afghanistan, Nepal, India, Pakistan and countries around the Himalayas, it is obtained by rubbing the hands on the inflorescence, thus adhering the resin and then recovering it by scraping it off. It is then mixed (usually with you or water) and pressed to obtain loaves and then at quelpunto it is ready to be placed on the market. It is dark brown on the outside while inside it is lighter in color;
  2. in the Middle East, that is to say in Turkey, Morocco and Lebanon, it is obtained in a different way, by sieving the dried flowers. In this way a powdery resin is obtained which is then heated and compressed to obtain loaves. It has a variable color from yellow to red to brown and remains drier than the previous one.In this case the quality obviously depends on how many times the plant has been sieved: the best quality is obtained with the first sieving.
There are several substances that are used to cut it such as henna, sand, tar, various oils including palm or coconut oils.

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