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Plants on U

Dill (lat. Anethum) is a monotypic genus of herbaceous annuals of the Umbrella family, which is represented by the species odorous dill, or garden dill. In the wild, the species is found in the central and southwestern regions of Asia, in the Himalayas and in northern Africa, and in culture it is grown all over the world. Just like its relative parsley, dill has been known to mankind since the time of Ancient Egypt, but dill began to be used as a spice in Europe only in the 16th century.

Useful drugs against fusarium: the best for plant disease

At their summer cottage, it is recommended to use biological fungicides that do not have a negative impact on the environment and product quality.

  • Fitosporin-M is an indispensable tool for processing soil and seeds immediately before planting or before laying for storage.
  • Vitaros is a water-suspension concentrate designed for etching planting material. Suppresses the development of fungal diseases. It has a protective effect for several months. To obtain a concentrate, a proportion of 6 drops per glass is needed.
  • Baktofit is another drug that can cope with plant parasites. Despite its low cost, it has a number of advantages: it strengthens the immunity of organisms, helps the development of healthy microflora, and increases productivity by 10-20%.
  • Trichodermin is a reliable remedy for combating infectious diseases of flowers and plants. Available in powder or tablet form. When treating plants, prepare an aqueous solution (5 g of the drug per 5 L of water). Free the diseased plant from the soil, remove the darkened roots, rinse in a solution and transplant into another container with fresh soil.

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