Gaea - Greek mythology and Latin mythology

Gaea - Greek mythology and Latin mythology


Representation of Gaea between Air and Water
Roman relief I sec. B.C.

He wants the Greek mythology that Gaea, the earth, a pre-Olympic divinity, at the beginning of creation was born from the primordial Chaos and would have given rise to the entire lineage of immortals and to the earth (see Myth of the birth of the world).

Gaea was venerated in many cities of Greece and in Athena she was honored with the name of Kurotrófos (breeder of children). In addition to this she was also considered to be of the dead and of the afterlife.

The feasts G were celebrated in his honorenesie.

There Latin mythology identifies it with Tellure or Tellus, goddess of vegetation also considered protector of marriage and the dead and invoked as a rescuer in earthquakes with the name of Tellus Stabilata.

It is often confused with Cybele and Demeter.

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