Sounds and verses emitted by the long-eared owl

Sounds and verses emitted by the long-eared owl


The sounds made by the long-eared owl

The long-eared owl, scientific name Asio otus of the family Strigidaeit is a bird of prey audible at night (immediately after sunset and until midnight and then resumed at the first light of dawn), with its song repeated especially during the mating season while during the rest of the year it remains silent. Most of the sounds it emits are heard only at a short distance while the territorial songs, that is to say those emitted to delimit the territory, are heard in the distance (within a kilometer). They are the classics hu hu that we all know emitted by males while the female's sounds are more nasal and audible only a few tens of meters, articulated mostly to duet with the male. beak making a characteristic noise.
The chicks in the nest also emit very high-pitched sounds similar to trumpets, audible at a great distance to call their parents.

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