Aficida: definition and meaning

Aficida: definition and meaning

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1 Of the family: family events life f. family allowances
|| Family genius, in Roman mythology, domestic deity
|| Family work, performed in favor of a spouse or relative

2 extens. Known, intimate, customary, habitual: a place f. a face f., an expression f.
SIN. known
CONT. stranger

3 extens. Simple, straightforward, confidential: conversation f. a tone, an attitude f.
|| To the family, in a confidential way
|| Being familiar with someone, having a confidential relationship with someone
SIN. easy going
CONT. haughty

1 Person in the family or who lives in the family and is considered an integral part of it: he declared this in the presence of all the family members

3 ant. Counselor, minister of prince or prelate

AUTOMOB Car whose dimensions are designed for the needs of a family

Company vision EXAMPLES

The vision is therefore the differentiating factor of a company, the entrepreneur's idea and what the company intends to pursue. In developing a vision, there are many aspects to consider and each company chooses which ones to focus on based on its differentiation factor. Here are some famous examples:

  • Nestlé: "Good food, good life"
  • Ikea: "Creating a better everyday life for the majority of people"
  • Illy: "We want to be points of reference in the world for coffee culture and excellence. An innovative company that offers the best products and places of consumption and that, thanks to this, grows and becomes a leader in the high range "
  • Samsung: «Inspire the world, shape the future».

A different example is that of Coca-Cola which on the site reports differentiated visions based on different targets and different objectives. For example, the vision with respect to people is "be an ideal workplace, where people are inspired to give their best"In terms of productivity, however, the vision is"be an effective, lean and dynamic organization»For partners«feed a winning network of customers and suppliers and create mutual and lasting value together».

As can be seen from the examples, the vision of a company it is not a simple fictional statement, generic and unattainable, but it embodies the perspective for which a company was created.


Pelagius, an ascetic monk and English theologian, arrived in Rome around 390 and enjoyed great prestige in the circles of the Roman aristocracy that had become Christian. He wrote numerous works including a Commentary on the letters of St. Paul, becoming the promoter of an ideal of a rigorous Christian life and a strong moral commitment. According to his theories, human nature, as endowed with free will, can fulfill God's commandments because original sin was actually a personal sin of Adam alone, a sin that exerts its influence on mankind only as evil. example.

Man, if he wished, could avoid sin even without the support of grace. It follows that baptism, which only takes away personal guilt, is not necessary for unwitting infants. Pelagius's theses were hardly fought by Saint Augustine, but they spread to Italy, Africa and the Christian East. Pelagianism was condemned by the Council of Carthage in 418.

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