6 beautiful varieties of spuria irises that practically do not get sick

 6 beautiful varieties of spuria irises that practically do not get sick

Spuria irises are considered the most beautiful and inimitable in their flowering. They are able to create an exotic ensemble in any group of plants, in a flower garden or a front garden. They resemble orchids in appearance, and the flowering is long and effective.


The variety is great for garden decoration. Tall white inflorescences are large enough. Phrygia blooms profusely even in the shade, but still prefers sunny places. Easily fits into the garden design, combined with other flower crops. It is unpretentious for cultivation, does not like excessive moisture.


The original species of the iris family, its height can reach one meter. Flowering begins in mid-summer and lasts a long time. He does not like transplants, can grow in one place for 10-15 years. In large, spectacular inflorescences, deep lavender, reddish-purple and creamy yellow colors are combined. The innovator looks great in ridges, borders and in the foreground of flower beds.

Archie Owen

The variety is excellent for temperate climates. Its large yellow buds have a pronounced corrugated edge. The foliage is also decorative, it is bright green, spiky. Archie Owen looks great when cut. It is considered one of the best varieties of crops to grow in the garden. It is best to plant it in partial shade or in diffused lighting.

Clara Ellen

The flowers of this variety are distinguished by their original colors: the upper petals are blue-violet, and on the lower foil there is a huge bright yellow spot. The plant is tall, powerful, drought-resistant. Almost not affected by diseases, decorative until late autumn. Looks spectacular in both single and group plantings.

Highline Coral

One of the most famous and striking types of garden irises. Blooms in mid-July. Coral buds with a corrugated edge. A plant of sufficient height, looks very beautiful in the middle of flower arrangements or in single plantings. Highline Coral is great in cut. Flowers do not fade for a long time. The variety is quite resistant to frost and disease. Prefers diffused sunlight, adequate moisture.

Missouri Orange

Iris a little over a meter high, with interesting bright inflorescences. They are golden-orange in color with lighter spots. The plant is drought-resistant, loves light, is not afraid of wind and drafts, almost does not get sick. It goes well with other crops in the flower garden. Watering is necessary only during dry periods or during flowering.

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